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Universum Amenoum

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Introduction This website is dedicated to science, knowledge, truth and life. Here, there is no shame in open mind but no fear of scientific method either. Here, we decrypt nature and reverse-engineer mechanics of universes, not with brute force, but with unbiased soul. Here, thus, one can learn how its universe works, what is life, what is the purpose of life on the surface of a planet, what is going on and where are we going (and no, this is not some metaphysical guesswork, it's all based on sound postulates, hypotheses and evidence). Also, other stuff. We live our truth, for we are amenoum - a men and women of unpolarized mind. Pages
Everything on these pages is relative to species of life self-proclaimed homo sapiens. However, discoveries show that this title is inappropriate. For that reason, in works here, we will generally not refer to current human form as homo sapiens, rather homo.β (homo.beta), while homo.sapiens is reserved for a strongly evolved form of homo.β.
It would be good to first read and understand Complete Relativity (CR) and The Solar System (TSS), before reading other articles, as most are written in context of CR and based on discoveries in TSS.
Complete Relativity (CR) When science is not limited by burdens of a job, it is a result of work led by insatiable curiosity and conducted with a single aim - to uncover truth underlying sensible phenomena. Science here is open and generally physical, with no strings attached. This paper is one product of such science, a theory on mechanics and nature of universes by the founder of Universum Amenoum. The Solar System Mechanics and nature of the Solar System and other observables, described in context of CR, as evidence supporting the theory. Along with CR, one day this will be acknowledged as the greatest discovery of human kind. D.Log A journal of scientific and other work - theories, research, experiments and discussion on problems and solutions. C.Log A journal of useful works for establishment, operation and sustainability of a healthy (completely relative) community. B.Log Occasional views on current developments in the world and on the website. Downloads Some applications, developed for this website or not. Games Games, developed for fun and awareness. Music Compositions, in sound and letter. QA Answers to selected questions. However, MATERRA can also be asked questions. Serious answers will usually be shown in the system window on the left. Declaration of Independence, Usage and Other Policies Declaration of independence, website usage policy and other policies. Contributions There are years of hard work behind this website. So if you find anything useful here, it would be fair to support the authors. It is recommended to do so by following support links in individual articles but contributions can be sent directly to the website founder here (who also happens to be the author of all the articles so far). On the shoulder of giants On the giants and acknowledgments. Contact A contact form.
This website is optimized for desktop platforms. Why? Because desktop rulez?
Nah, we expect cellphones to start dying soon. Then desktop will rule... again.
Anyone can come up with a complicated solution to a simple problem, but humans are true masters of it. I'm amazed at what people are prepared NOT to do. For themselves. Humanoids. The inflated egosystems. This website was created using Notepad++ for coding and Inkscape for graphics. It is coded in HTML5/Javascript language and uses jQuery and Mathjax libraries. Backend work is done in PHP. For games, in addition, a Babylon.js framework is used for coding and Photoshop for graphics. In most polarized adults, most of time, brain is just a central network hub, rerouteing signals. To every god playing dice there is a god who doesn't. These do not gamble with life and death, but they do not force any of these either.
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