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Declaration of independence, usage and privacy policies

Definitions God Each lifeform whose rest mass (energy) is by one or multiple orders of magnitude greater than life that lives on it and in it, is, for that life, a god. First god First god is, by increasing amount of energy, first next god. In the context of human life on planet Earth, first god is the planet Earth. Second god Second god is the first god of the first god. In this context, second god is the Solar System. Free life = wild life Free or wild life is life free of governance by artificial institutions and people in general. Generally, it is a relatively neutral life, living in harmony with the first god and all of those to whom it itself is the first god. Free human = wild human Free or wild human is a form of free life incarnated in human body. Slave = enslaved life Slave is a strongly polarized form of life behaving as a master to other lives and, necessarily slaving to other lives, not necessarily of the same order of magnitude. As such, it is susceptible to strong diseases and is likely to be a strong disease itself for its first god. State = false god = devil Institution and/or organization embodied in one or more lives (people, in this context) which assumes implicit membership, self-proclaimed owner and master over land (body of the first god) and lifeforms residing within, from the same party - or in agreement with other parties of such type, proclaimed boundaries of that land, in which it grants itself the right of jurisdiction. Taxpayer Slave of the state. Implicitly, relative to state, generally every human within the borders of a state is a taxpayer for that state unless it is a slave of another state. A state can have its own definition of a taxpayer, however, in reality, everyone using merchandise and services within the state is, by the laws of the state, required to pay, by the state defined, tax on these. Tax Tax is a part of property of a taxpayer, which, by the laws of the state, the taxpayer is required to transfer to the state on various occasions and by various conditions, determined by the same laws. Since membership is implied by birth (forced), requiring no conscious agreement, tax collection is, by proper definition, theft. Declaration of independence, browsing and usage policy This website has been created by, and is maintained by, neutralum individual(s) declared as free humans. As such, it is not under jurisdiction of any state or any other institution or organization of human kind. Any society governed by such institutions and organizations (society of taxpayers) is welcome to consume its content but no individuals involved in the creation and maintenance of this website shall be held responsible if that content is replicated/reused [in part or full] by members of such society whether any part [of that content] is, or is not, in accordance with laws imposed by government of that society. Anyone browsing the website or using its content [in part or full] for any purpose does so on its own responsibility. As far as author(s) is/are concerned, no one needs a license to use any of the work published here for any purpose. It would only be fair to give something back if one finds any value in it or gets something for it. Any individual not agreeing to the above is welcome to ignore the website and its content. Violation of rights of free life Failure to honour the independent nature of this website, its creators or maintainers, is a strong violation of the basic right of free life. States or any other institutions and/or organizations not respecting this nature and all individuals participating in such schemes directly or indirectly will be punished appropriately by the local universe, according to the rules of Complete Relativity proved in the analysis of the Solar System and other works in context of the theory. Privacy policy This website does not use cookies. Local browser storage is used to store user (website visitor) data, settings and preferences. This data is generally not transferred to server nor is any of it used for any purpose other than to serve the user while using the website. User may register for an account, issuing the appropriate command in the CLI (Command Line Interface) terminal. These accounts enable users to enter discussions, leave comments on articles and submit manuscripts to be considered for publishing on the website. Unless user registers for an account, no user data is stored on the server by the website, however, our web-hosting company may be storing raw access data (eg. IP address) which is mainly used to generate usage statistics and count traffic. Upon account registration, chosen username (login), generated password hash (not the password itself) and registration date are stored on the server. To avoid account abuse, after usage, user is advised to log out (issuing the appropriate command in the CLI terminal) if accessing the website through public terminals or in non-trusted environments. User can terminate its account at any time, issuing the appropriate command in the CLI terminal. Upon submission of manuscripts and supplemental data, submitted data (which may include email address of the user) is temporarily stored on the server. This data is not publicly accessible and is removed from the server once processed by the website administrator. If email address is submitted it will be used strictly for communication regarding the submission(s). Other States or any other institutions and/or organizations using force to maintain their policies, we - free humans, do not acknowledge nor are required to acknowledge as governmental body over our selves, first god or anything else. Rules or, so called, laws, declared by these we may not, nor we are required to, honour consciously.