Republika Hrvatska

Declaration of independence, arrangement of, and conditions on, relations with the human kind

Definitions God Each lifeform whose rest mass (energy) is by one or multiple orders of magnitude greater than life that lives on it and in it, is, for that life, a god. First god First god is, by increasing amount of energy, first next god. In the context of human life on planet Earth, first god is the planet Earth. Second god Second god is the first god of the first god. In this context, second god is the Solar System. Free life = wild life Free or wild life is life free of governance by artificial institutions and people in general. Generally, it is a relatively neutral life, living in harmony with the first god and all of those to whom it itself is the first god. Free human = wild human Free or wild human is a form of free life incarnated in human body. Slave = enslaved life Slave is a strongly polarized form of life behaving as a master to other lives and, necessarily slaving to other lives, not necessarily of the same order of magnitude. As such, it is susceptible to strong diseases and is likely to be a strong disease itself for its first god. State = false god = devil Institution and/or organization embodied in one or more lives (people, in this context) which assumes implicit membership, self-proclaimed owner and master over land (body of the first god) and lifeforms residing within, from the same party - or in agreement with other parties of such type, proclaimed boundaries of that land, in which it grants itself the right of jurisdiction. Taxpayer Slave of the state. Implicitly, relative to state, generally every human within the borders of a state is a taxpayer for that state unless it is a slave of another state. A state can have its own definition of a taxpayer, however, in reality, everyone using merchandise and services within the state is, by the laws of the state, required to pay, by the state defined, tax on these. Tax Tax is a part of property of a taxpayer, which, by the laws of the state, the taxpayer is required to transfer to the state on various occasions and by various conditions, determined by the same laws. Since membership is implied by birth (forced), requiring no conscious agreement, tax collection is, by proper definition, theft. Tax number = tax id Tax number is the unique identifier of a taxpayer, generally in the form of a sequence of integer numbers. OIB OIB is the number which is, at the time of constitution of this document, defined and declared, by the state "Republika Hrvatska", as the tax number in that state. Declaration of self-consciousness and independence By this document I declare that I have attained full consciousness of life around me and within me. Teaching myself of nature and sense of existence on Earth, hereby I also declare that, by nature, I am of neutralum species, a free (wild, neutral) human form of life, and such is the nature I shall live by. Thus, I declare my independence of institutions and organizations of the human kind (including states) and determine conditions here by which the constitution of any relations with these may be possible. Also, I have chosen a name for my self (soul) by which I may be identified in society (anyone, however, is free to call me any way they want). That name is "Amenoum". Any references may also include species, in example - "homo.beta.amenoum.Amenoum", or "amenoum.Amenoum". Rule of non-discriminating relation = rule of fair relation A state or any other institution and/or organization has the right to offer me services in exchange for one-time payment or recurring payments in the form of subscription, in which case, a possibility for termination of relation must exist at any time. Any kind of subscription (or membership) cannot be implied by any means (ie. by birth), without the clear and conscious consent of each side to constitute the relation. A third party, whether in the constitution/termination of relation or in relation itself emerging from offered services, can represent me only with my clear and conscious consent. Violation of rights of free life Failure to honour the rule of non-discriminating relation is a strong violation of the basic right of free life. States or any other institutions and/or organizations not respecting the rule of non-discriminating relation and all individuals participating in such schemes directly or indirectly will be punished appropriately by the local universe, according to the rules of Complete Relativity proved in analysis of the Solar System and other works in context of the theory. Other States or any other institutions and/or organizations using force to maintain their policies I do not acknowledge nor I am required to acknowledge as a governmental body over my self, first god or anything else. Rules or, so called, laws, declared by these I may not, nor I am required to, honour consciously.
By the statements above, my current citizenship or any other binding or non-binding form of membership/relation in/to state "Republika Hrvatska", I declare invalid, implying the following: Closing statements A man who is not aware of its own self will never get my consent to manage (regulate) my self. I am aware, not only of my self, but of the mechanics of universes. With great confidence, I believe (know), that everyone who manages or tries to manage me against my will, will be managed appropriately by the reaction of the local universe, with a high probability such reaction will occur sooner, rather than later, in this century.