2021.04.16 2021.05.02 2021.05.02 Amenoum Interview with god. general god, interview 0 Interview with god Intro Mankind believes its purpose on Earth is to rule Earth and all life on it, as, supposedly and surprisingly conveniently that's what God said long time ago to some bloke whom he previously banned from heaven because he knew too much. Conveniently and surprisingly, that tells us we should obey the commands and not question those who rule upon us. No explanation was ever given as who the fuck is this God and where can he be reached for discussion because his messages were pretty vague on arguments. Yes, somehow he forgot to provide evidence of his absolute and awesomely intelligent awesomeness. But he did said, again, surprisingly conveniently, that he looks like a man - not like human, not like a woman, but man, a manly one. Woman was somehow magically created out of a man's rib. Awesome, or rather puzzling, because every man I know has come out of a woman. Whatever. There are some nice messages in old testament, regardless of its corruption, but I don't feel like discussing it any more. Now, when it's clear that absolute gods cannot exist and when it became clear who our god is, I've decided to ask it (gender is extremely relative for gods, based on spin, it is either 1/3 female or 1/3 male, depending on perspective) a couple of questions for you. So here is a bit humorous interpretation of my interview with god. It may be updated at will. God's will, of course. Interview with god = Interview with Earth By now, you should know that your first god is planet Earth, or planeta Terra. If you don't think so, I suggest you read everything else on this website. In case you did and you still don't know it, I suggest you read it all again and, perhaps come back when you stop lying to yourself. Are you really alive? Go suck a straw, literally. Come back once you learn a thing or two about life. Why don't you respond to our prayers? Because I never asked for them. And it's bloody annoying to listen how bad you made your lives for yourselves. You don't hear me complaining to you about you very much, do you? Even though you generally suck and make me sick - of you. You cancerous bloodsuckers. Talk about praying to your ass to save you from your butt. That's how useful your prayers are. I've lived my life as a humble servant to you, will I go to heaven? No one serves me nor shall I serve any one. You have served your church and your government because you have accepted their training and a life in a lie. Now, go ask those who promised you heaven for a cookie, because that's all you deserve. An idea emerged recently to paint 1% of your skin in white in order to fight climate change, seriously. What are your thoughts on this? I have a couple of fine answers to that one. So why did you make animals out of meat? Because I ran out of weed. Your answers are a bit insulting, shouldn't gods be more polite? Fuck off, you fucking piece of shit. Most polite persons are destroying this world. How can you believe in words just because they're nicely served? Bloody fucking idiots. Go and smoke some green, cocktail-sucker. I swear because I have descended down to your level for the purpose of this conversation, obviously. You should have known that. Smart bastard.
You usually swear when you're supposed to fix the mess left behind by polite collars who paid you to do it with your money, don't you? Soon, you may have to pay the devil even for your swearing, because you know, swearing is not polite. Fuck off, fucking polite fucking clean polluters fucking free speech fuckers. Fucking matter-fuckers.
I'm speechless. Bloody right you are. All become speechless eventually.