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Details on planetary neurogenesis and clues in pyramids
Abstract In the analysis of the Solar System in the context of Complete Relativity (CR) planetary neurogenesis has been hypothesized and discussed with some strong evidence provided. Here, the 6th major event of neurogenesis on Earth is discussed, correlated with ancient prophecies, religions and pyramids in Giza, Egypt. Predefinitions Prophecy A prophecy is the announcement of an event supposed to happen some time in the future. It may be supplemented with time and additional details of the event. In order to be true, a prophecy must be relative. Thus, any true prophecy can describe the event of a local future only if the event has already occurred somewhere sometime - in the environment of the same or similar species as the local environment, in which the event is supposed to happen. While prophecies can be extremely accurate, no two environments are absolutely equal, therefore some uncertainty always exists in any prophecy. Due to inherently cyclic nature of large and small-scale phaenomena a prophecy can also be based on the analysis of past events in the local environment. Added definition for the point of no return. Also updated note where it is discussed. The point of no return In the context of current climate, the point of no return is the point when climate changes become irreversible. In this context, it is not only the point when climate changes become irreversible it is also the point when actions leading to extinction of surface life in the process of planetary neurogenesis become irreversible. While modern science might argue that this point has not been reached yet, it is revising itself constantly and moving that point closer and closer. Obviously, all modern predictions have always been very conservative (the effective policy in modern science is to be as conservative as possible), so it would not be surprising that this point is even closer than where modern science claims or assumes it is now. In fact, this point may be effectively behind us already, as it will be discussed below. Added Rebirth definition. Update in Anti-christ definition. Rebirth Some people experience transformation of consciousness at some point during life. After such transformation, even with no abrupt changes of the body, the person is effectively a new human being, hence, the term "rebirth" may be used to refer to the event. I generally assume that people who experience rebirth are non-polarized people, or, people of neutralum species (even though they might express occasional polarized behaviour to some degree even after transformation). However, transformation is possible in polarized species too and the term rebirth should probably be used whenever this transformation brings significant changes. In polarized individuals this may be transformation from dominant material to dominant spiritual intelligence or vice versa. In neutralum individuals this will be loss of expression of polarized behaviour (which was present initially in part due to polarized body ancestors, eg. one of the parents). Christ By the theory of planetary neurogenesis, evolution of life on the surface of a planet is coded so the cultivation of homo in neurogenesis events does not differ much between these events. Equivalents of figures that significantly affect this cultivation should be present then in every such event. Therefore, the equivalent soul of the soul of Jesus Christ who lived recently on Earth should also exist in every event (whenever homo is cultivated) and may be referred to as the soul of christ species. Update in Anti-christ. Anti-christ Generally, antichrist may have been a label used by church of Christianity to refer to anyone who does not agree with trinity or accept Christianity. Likely, such antichrists have often been falsely accused to have something against Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was against the government, while the church of Christianity was often working in collusion with government. It has used the figure of Christ and modelled it to fit its agenda. It is thus the church of Christianity which is a true antichrist in that sense. Here, with a soul previously defined as a graviton, I define anti-christ as a soul which is the anti-particle of the soul of christ [species]. Assuming the christ and anti-christ souls are gravitons or graviton neutrinos, in particle physics these would be truly neutral particles. The christ particle is then its own anti-particle. However, in my theories, souls evolve and I consider anti-christ to be a progressively evolved christ particle. In fact, in my theories, no two particles can be absolutely the same and everything evolves over time, it is only due to inherent limitations of observers that differences may be unresolvable. Both, embodied christ and, afterwards, anti-christ souls, should have been present on Mars during Mars' 6th event of neurogenesis and on Venus during Venus' 6th event of neurogenesis. The equivalents of the same may be also present during adult planetary neurogenesis events if humans are cultivated during such events.
Here it is assumed that the appearance of christ and anti-christ figures is coded in the evolution of life during neurogenesis. The same is true for all other figures that have significant influence on local evolution.
I hypothesize that this anti-christ is Moses or a precursor incarnation of Moses, and, likely, this is the same soul that incarnates in Jesus. Over evolution, Jesus then precedes Moses. I chose the name Moses for the anti-christ because I believe the figure may be highly correlated with the figure from the Bible, although the stories involving Moses in the Bible may refer to past events, preceding Jesus. With the collapse of civilization during the 6th major extinction, the unfolding events will probably resemble those in these stories. In addition, the predicted elevated synchronicity provides a reasonable explanation for miracles, or extraordinary phaenomena and events present in the stories. The 2nd coming of christ is thus the coming of anti-christ. There are, however, two interpretations of this - either a single soul oscillates between two species (in this case between christ and anti-christ) or a soul in complex organisms is generally a superposition of two particles one of which periodically becomes dominant (I generally choose this interpretation). For Jesus Christ and his subsequent incarnations I hypothesize two periods - up to the age of ≈36 the christ particle is dominant, afterwards the anti-christ dominates, up to the age of ≈85. A person can die at the moment of transformation (mostly depending on the reaction of the environment) as Jesus did. However, in the 2nd coming, he doesn't die and is transformed to anti-christ about the age of 36 (transformation is a rebirth event). There may be no no much difference between christ and anti-christ souls, however, the christ incarnation is correlated with significantly higher expression of polarization, which can be correlated with polarized parents. Relatively, anti-christ evolves from a christ in each incarnation, however, the change may becomes permanent over time as the probability for neutral parents increases. This individual obviously has some importance in the 6th major extinction (neurogenesis event) - most likely, his date of birth or rebirth can be used for calibration, to predict the dates of cataclysmic events of neurogenesis. The anti-christ could thus be interpreted as a marker or a messenger, informing people (or someone else) about the upcoming events, although it may have other roles as well. Considering the current state and hypothesized development of the 6th major extinction, this person should already be living on Earth. Small revision in Anti-christ definition. Update in Anti-christ definition. On cataclysmic events In the analysis of the Solar System, I have found the periods of first three orders of oscillation of energy in the system to be: 4.25 billion years (1st order), 25.92 million years (2nd order) and 1.512 million years. These should be interpreted as average periods between strong cataclysmic events, with magnitude corresponding to order (1st order being most energetic). Events of 4th and 5th order might produce significant effects, but they should be of lower magnitude and lower duration. Due to oscillation and likely similarity between cataclysms (difference being in magnitude and duration, not much in effects), it is possible that Moses in the bible can be correlated with a character that already existed on Earth (and survived a smaller cataclysm) before Jesus. However, in that case I'd interpret that character as a Moses precursor (or Moses minor), while the Moses I'm referring to in my works is the one associated with a major extinction (cataclysm), or Moses major, and that one comes after Christ. Initially, I did not hypothesize on the periods of 4th and 5th order - they should be less than 100,000 years long though. If they are scaled relative to the 3rd order period as 3rd is to 2nd, 2nd is to 1st or 3rd is to 1st, possible period candidates are: The actual periods could be, however, closer to superpositions of these, possibly ≈44000 years (4th order) and ≈7200 years (5th order) on average. Interestingly, 5th order period of 5145 years is in agreement with Hapgood's periodic catastrophic pole shifts while 7200 years is in agreement with Brown's periodic pole shifts (crustal displacement). However, I am not convinced that strong global cataclysmic events occur with the beginning/end of a 4th or 5th order cycle. Sudden large pole shifts with these periods don't seem to be plausible, they are not predicted nor required for hypothesized planetary neurogenesis so they are not expected even with bigger cycles. Events of the 4th order should produce significant large-scale effects though (the extinction of Neanderthals could be an such effect) and even 5th order cycles might leave a mark. While pole shifts might not occur during these events, analysis of historic events and related phaenomena on Earth's surface (eg. Richat structure area) suggests crustal displacement does occur to some degree with 4th order events. It seems the spin momentum of Earth's crust gets temporarily decreased (the mechanism is likely related to sudden changes in Earth's magnetic field, either directly - mf collapse polarizing the MOHO discontinuity, or, indirectly, changing the state of the medium from liquid to semi-liquid and vice-versa). Due to lack of friction and lacking polarization, the troposphere and oceans do not change momentum significantly which causes high winds to blow over land (at supersonic speeds if crust slows down significantly) and oceans flooding the land. Changing momenta will, obviously, also cause earthquakes and volcanism. While these events could certainly be cataclysmic, I'd refer to them as weak cataclysms - albeit violent, these are short-lived excursions not affecting all parts of the world equally and may not be so evident in fossil records. It is possible that even weaker cataclysms occur at the end of 5th order periods (assuming these periods last at least a couple of centuries), however, if these periods are less than a couple of millennia long, effect on crust momentum is likely negligible. In that case, catastrophic events on surface could be induced by energy propagating vertically from strong deep-focus earthquakes (effect on MOHO might itself be partial). Indeed, this could be what caused the volcanic winter of 536 AD (or, "a dark hour in Dark Ages"). Interestingly, assuming something [weakly] cataclysmic also happened about 0 AD, this would agree with the calculated 5th order period of 537.9 years. As I have hypothesized elsewhere, Jesus was experiencing heavy synchronicity during his life (mostly at the end). It would not be surprising then that his birth (or death) was synchronized with the start of a 5th order cycle. Of course, the period of 537.9 years is the average (mean) - 5th order periods can generally be shorter and longer than that, but generally not more than a couple of decades. The same is true for 4th order periods, which could however deviate by 100-1000 years. Additional analysis of magnetic excursions and supervolcanic eruptions reveals that the best fit would then be the first proposed combination, of 9221.4 years for the 4th order period and 537.9 years for the 5th order, as shown in Table \tbl1 for the last 9 cycles.
cycleyears before presentassociated event
0~0current events (extinction, magnetic excursion or reversal, ...)
19221.410Be enrichment in ice cores ≈9200 years ago (hypothesized extreme solar storm event), Lake Michigan/Erie magnetic excursion 10-9 ka and 14-12 ka
218442.8Hilina Pali magnetic excursion 18.5 ka
327664.2Lake Mungo magnetic excursion 30780±520 - 28140±370 and ≈26000 years b.p., Oruanui eruption ≈26.5 ka
436885.6Mono Lake magnetic excursion 36 - 30 ka (34.5 ka), Dome C/Vostok 10 Be enrichment (likely due to excursion) ≈35 ka
546107.0Laschamp magnetic excursion 46.6±2.4 ka (41.2 ka), Neanderthals extinction
764549.8Norwegian-Greenland Sea magnetic excursion 64.5 ka
873771.2Toba volcanic eruption ≈74000 years ago
Table \tbl1: 4th order period correlation with excursions The agreement is remarkable with hypothesized associated events, however, if the proper date for Laschamp is 41.2 ka and assuming Gothenburg magnetic excursion (13.75 - 12.35 ka) is also a part of this cycling, it is possible that the 4th order period of 9221.4 years occasionally breaks into (or is composed of) two, perhaps equal, periods - which would also explain the 14-12 ka Lake Michigan/Erie excursion. The existence of a 3rd harmonic is also possible - as it could be correlated with the Noah's Great Flood (dated to ≈6000 years by Biblical scholars), giving a date about 6148 years ago. The same harmonic could also be correlated with the recent rapid shrinkage of human brains (dated to ≈3000 years ago), giving a date some 3074 years ago. The 2nd harmonic (1536.9 y) of that harmonic (or, 6th harmonic of the 4th order period) could be correlated with Dansgaard-Oeschger warm events (for which some hypothesize a ~1470 year period). Interestingly, assuming the 5th order period is 537.9 years, with the same scaling, the 6th order period would be 31-32 years (on average). This is in good agreement with the lifespan of Jesus but may be more correlated with events happening in or about the year 0 AD and year 33 AD (I believe Jesus was born some 3.5 years before 0 AD, he died in 33 AD). Since beginnings/ends of 5th order periods should be relatively synchronized with beginnings/ends of 6th order periods, this further corroborates the hypothesis that Jesus's birth was synchronized with the start of a 5th order period. This then confirms the above hypothesis that some humans are markers of change or messengers of cataclysmic events. Jesus was announcing apocalypse but he was delusional about the time of occurrence (he convinced himself that the apocalypse will occur about the time of his death). The birth, rebirth or death of anti-christ (Moses) should not only be relatively synchronized with a 5th order cycle, but with a 4th, 3rd and at least 2nd too (if we are indeed in the middle of a major extinction) - since the 1st cycle period is 4.25 billion years (equal to hypothesized age of body of Earth), there's strong possibility he is synchronized with a 1st order cycle too. Since lifespan of Moses is much longer than 31-32 years (average duration of the 6th order period) and he should be of neutralum species, he must live through a rebirth (transformation of consciousness, or soul transformation) in his thirties. I hypothesize that the rebirth of Moses marks the point of no return (the start of cataclysm), while his death marks the end of cataclysm (apocalypse).
Updates in Intro and Definition. Intro While Mars, having significantly lower mass due to mass oscillation, might not belong to the same species of life as Earth, it should belong to the same class of life (eg. mammalia) and there shouldn't be any large difference in embryogenesis and neurogenesis apart from scale and rate of evolution - same species of cells/proteins should be involved (evolved), with a difference being in volume/mass of organs (eg. brain layers) and ratio between proteins of different species. Unlike Earth, Mars and Venus should be fully developed planets and last neurogenesis occurred on any of these might have been adult neurogenesis, rather than embryonic. All complex life on the surface of a planet such as Earth, existing during Phanerozoic, are thus precursor neuron and neural proteins and cells, which, after maturation, transform and migrate to mantle layers during major extinction events. According to my theories and research, such major (and likely final embryonic) event should occur this century on Earth, but I could be wrong. In case I am wrong, then I am wrong probably by not more than about 300 years. Here I will discuss details of that, 6th major, extinction event, in some prophecies commonly referred to as the Judgment day. Inverse reference in bible.
Inverse reference to (or correlation with) the 6th major extinction is present in The Revelation, chapter 6, seal nr. 6: "I pogledah kada on otvori šesti pečat, i gle, nastade velik potres;"
Strong earthquakes should be common phaenomena during major extinctions, including the 6th major extinction. "i postade sunce crno kao gruba tkanina od dlake, a mjesec postade kao krv;"
Temporary collapse of the outer gravitational maximum of the Sun is expected during the 6th major extinction, this could significantly decrease amount of radiation reaching Earth and Moon, so the Moon may glow red. The Moon may also glow red for a while due to volcanism induced with the expansion of its own gravitational maximum (soul de-localization). "i zvijezde s neba padoše na zemlju kao što smokva odbacuje svoje nezrele plodove kada je potrese silan vjetar."
Asteroid bombardment is also expected during these extinctions. These are relative triggers of generation of mantle layer discontinuities. While the magnitude of bombardment should be decreasing with each extinction due to decreasing energy requirements, large asteroids should not be excluded even during the 6th major extinction. "I iščeznu nebo kao svitak knjige kada se smota, i svaka planina i otok bijahu maknuti sa svojih mjesta."
If the predicted collapse and recession of Earth's magnetic field precedes collapse of the Sun, significant amount of atmosphere will be stripped from Earth. The displacement of land, incl. mountains and isles, is expected during the process of Earth's ectoderm gyrification (neurulation). "A zemaljski kraljevi, i velikaši, i bogataši, i vojskovođe, i moćnici, i svaki rob, i svaki slobodnjak, sakriše se u špilje i među gorske stijene;"
Cataclysmic changes will affect everyone and effectively erase inequality between people. Hiding in mountain caves is also consistent with hypothesized global flooding of lowlands. "i rekoše gorama i stijenama: Padnite na nas i sakrijte nas od lica onoga koji sjedi na prijestolju i od Jaganjčeve srdžbe: jer došao je veliki dan njegova gnjeva i tko će opstati?"
The final acceptance of punishment of β.cancerous for its sins, probably due to fear and lack of choice.
If we agree on the following: then we might ask how is that prediction possible. And there are several possibilities: Well, according to my theories, causality is relative and future is relatively coded (that does not mean it cannot be changed, this is the equivalent of genetic coding so the probability for change may be low but it exists). Major extinctions (apocalypses) are part of hypothesized neurogenesis events so they must be coded somewhere and it should not be surprising that a rough date of one such event can be extrapolated or predicted (with precision improving as the extinction becomes nearer). I will not speculate how precisely this date (period) ended up in bible but, along with the description of upcoming apocalyptic events, I consider it pretty accurate. I also find the original Egyptian religion and their pyramids very intriguing. I am convinced some interesting things are also encoded there and here this too will be explored. Definition revised. Definition The speed of photons and gravitational waves on standard atom scale (U0) is currently 2.99792458 * 108 m/s. We experience these waves on regular basis. Such waves on the scale of U1 particles (eg. Solar System) travel at a speed of 2.93 * 106 m/s. Unless locally absorbed, these waves don't noticeably affect Earth. However, due to local entanglements, local changes in energy levels of large scale gravitons will be relatively synchronized so local emission will involve local absorption as well. On this scale of energies, it can take millions of years between highly energetic disruptions (changes in energy levels) of the Solar System. I have previously predicted such changes on a periodic basis - 1.512 million years, 25.74 - 25.92 million years and 4.25 * 109 years. These are pulses of strong evolution - temporarily disrupting decay rates, effectively compressing timescales, all correlated with rapid evolution of some species and extinction of others. The largest (major) events of these, at least, have an additional component - transmigration. The Judgment day is, thus, a day when surface life differentiates into various parts (proteins) of homo.Ω (Earth in this case) neural cells, and is transferred to appropriate location within its [brain] mantle. Here, the target layer of the mantle depends on the polarization of individual's soul (and it's associated space). I find the name (Judgment day) appropriate as this polarization reflects the nature of the soul's intelligence and I assume life gets harder with mantle depth. The length of this day is however relative and it has 2 interpretations - it may be interpreted as the length of a day in life of Earth (god) or a day in human life. In case of Earth's day, it would last from the beginning of the first to the end of the last wave of 6th stage of neurogenesis (extinction pulses can be divided into multiple energy levels - waves), spanning <100 years. In the other interpretation, defining it as the time of actual migration (which is preceded by differentiation), it refers to the day when the migration starts - although once started, the migration itself should last a couple of days.
Duration of migration can be inferred from brain rinse cycles, which are cycles of exchange of blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain. In case of planets like Earth, cerebrospinal fluid is a salty ocean water while blood is generally magma. If scaled up from the rinse cycle of a human brain which lasts 20s, the transfer on Earth lasts 7 days: $\displaystyle {T \over {T_x}_h} T_x = {20\,s \over 50\,y} 1512000\,y = 604800\, s = 7\, days$ where T is the period of human rinse cycle, Tx is the period between strong evolution pulses on Earth of 3rd order (general oscillation) and Txh is Tx on human scale, which is equal to average human lifespan over the course of evolution. Note that Tx is much shorter than the age of Earth's body of matter. Even though I believe the same body of Earth is reused between incarnations, this period might not represent the average lifetime of Earth's soul (gravitational maximum) in Earth's body, rather a temporary loss of consciousness. However, during hypothesized embryogenic neurogenesis, this is the effective average lifetime. Note that the period of 7 days is equal to the rotation period of Sun's core, which should temporarily collapse with every 2nd order cycle.
If one interprets the Judgment day as a day in Earth's [3rd order] life cycle, this day lasts: $\displaystyle J = {1 \over {{T_x}_h * 365.25\, y^{-1}}} T_x = {1 \over {50\, y * 365.25\, y^{-1}}} 1512000\,y = 82.8\, years$ However, considering the source (prophecy), it might be more appropriate to use a 360-day year in calculation, which gives: $\displaystyle J = {1 \over {{T_x}_h * 360\, y^{-1}}} T_x = {1 \over {50\, y * 360\, y^{-1}}} 1512000\,y = 84\, years$
Note that this is also my expected lifetime in current incarnation.
Assuming I am the anti-christ and using my expected lifetime as Txh, the day would last: $\displaystyle J_m = {1 \over {84\, y * 360\, y^{-1}}} 1512000\,y = 50\, years$ There are two possible years which may be considered as the start of the Judgment day - year of my birth (1981) and year of my soul rebirth or anti-christ birth (2017±1). This gives, for the end of the Judgment day: $\displaystyle 1981 + 84 = 2065$ $\displaystyle 2017 + 50 = 2067$ Taking into account rebirth uncertainty, this gives a superposition 2066±2.
Other possible years are 2031 (1981+50), 2101 (2017+84), 2063.8 (1981+82.8), 2099.8 (2017+82.8) and, out of these, years 2031 and 2063 may have some significance (years 2101 and 2099 probably imply I would have to live to age 119±1 which I consider unlikely). Year 2031 is also unlikely for the end, but it may be an important year (at least for me) as I have previously hypothesized another change in my soul's energy level at that time. There is some possibility for my own death at that time but in that case I will probably reincarnate on the surface again and live for about 36 years. I do not however claim I am the anti-christ of the 6th Judgment day on Earth, but whoever it is, I believe the person should be living on Earth already and the above calculations should not be far off.
This is also in agreement with my previous calculations - year 2066 is one of the predicted impact years. I thus expect the last wave of migration to end about the year 2066 (ending human presence on planet's surface), with surface closure then probably ending 2084. Update in Point of no return. Update in Point of no return. Update in Point of no return. Update in Point of no return. Point of no return.
On the point of no return

Correlation of birth and rebirth of an anti-christ with the 6th major extinction may not satisfy certain people. On its own, it wouldn't satisfy me either as a signal of the end, but there are other signals. Year 2017±1 was certainly the point of no return for me, but this point was not far off for the world too (up to the point of no return it may have been possible to delay the extinction, perhaps 1.5 million or even ≈26 million years in time). Others too have recognized that year as different or a major turning point for the world. Among other peculiar phaenomena, this was a year when D. Trump was elected as US president. It was also the year when birth rate in China started decreasing sharply - even though two-child policy was implemented at the same time (up to that point one-child policy was in effect). These two countries have the largest impact on the world. Trump may have done a lot of damage to Earth, but this sharp birth rate decrease in China, despite the implementation of two-child policy, is particularly interesting. The fertility rate did not change significantly, but the number of males and females aged 15 - 49 (generally fertile population) is decreasing sharply. The gap between males and females in this group is also increasing, female population is decreasing at a faster rate than male population - this fact, along with global decrease in fertility, is a strong signal of the imminent end of cultivation of homo on Earth's surface. Interestingly, in year 2016 globally averaged temperatures reached 1°C above the mid-20th century mean and up to this point this is still the anomaly maximum (it was reached again in 2020, but not surpassed). Note that this is not only the maximum of recent history, but a maximum for the last ≈12000 years. Note that there might exist some additional uncertainty in these years, if the start of Judgment day occurs at one of predicted impact years (which are correlated with atmospheric CO2), then year 2015 is a better candidate (when yearly average atmospheric CO2 levels have reached 400 ppm). However, another strong signal that year 2016 was the point of no return comes from Newton. Deciphering bible, that is one of two possible years he calculated to bring the end of the world [as we know it].
In fact, Newton stated that the Day of Judgment cannot come before year 2060 and after 2344. Year 2060 was later revised to 2016. However, Newton also said "It is not for us to know the times and seasons which God has put in his own breast.". This statement is important (originaly it also comes from the bible) and it signals that the Day of Judgment is a longer period and we will not even know when the Judgment day has started. In my interpretation, either year 2060 or 2016 should be interpreted as the point of no return, a point which we will pass without noticing anything highly extraordinary - continuing our business as usual. This is how it has to be for neurogenesis to proceed as coded and this is why my work has to, was, and most likely will be, ignored by the majority of population. At least until it becomes impossible to ignore.
There are a lot of tipping points associated with climate, however, I believe the most important tipping point, regarding sustainability of life, is one concerning biodiversity loss. In 2016, global wildlife populations have decreased by 66% since 1970.. Another strong signal are the analyses done by J. Bendell, who argues that global societal collapse started about the year 2016 (it is probably more appropriate to say that the start was centred in year 2016, but spread globally from 2014 to 2018, with multiple factors included). Something else very important happened in 2016 - it appears to have been a turning point for Antarctic sea ice. Up to 2016 the sea ice extent has actually been rising steadily since the beginning of measurements. But in 2016 the sea ice extent plummeted and hasn't recovered ever since. In fact, measured record anomalous decline in 2023 is a very convincing signal that this is a new trend and there won't be any recovery. Unexpected spikes of methane in 2020/2021 and stratospheric water vapour injection with the Hunga Tonga eruption in 2022 do suggest humans have lost control of the climate (if they ever had any). And even if reversal may be theoretically possible, when mentality of the human race (eg. optimization for short-term profit or profiteering) is taken into account, the point of no return is likely behind us. But it probably doesn't make sense to talk about the point of no return anyway. If it is coded we were effectively destined to pass it - probability for us not to pass it was infinitesimal in the first place.
Both interpretations of Judgment day could be considered correct - the day in the first interpretation (50-84 years in length) ends with the day in the other interpretation (1 day in length). Tornado of souls chapter updated. Updates in Tornado of souls chapter. Updates in Tornado of souls chapter. Small updates in Tornado of souls chapter. Tornado of souls Below is my vision of neurogenesis in homo.Ω individuals (planets), more specifically, its last stage, as it will be happening on Earth. Although I do not doubt neurogenesis and transmigration of life, there are multiple possibilities and it is hard to know the details, so the actual mechanics behind the process may be somewhat different than described here. Also, my description involves collapses or large scale gravitons (gravitational maxima) which are hypothesized to exist in CR, but alternative routes may be possible. The process begins in a pulse of strong evolution with a temporary expansion (de-localization) of the Sun's surface gravitational maximum (this involves a change in spin momentum and may be externally stimulated), resulting in ejection of plasma and fusion products. This includes highly energetic electrons, protons and atomic nuclei up to Fe (the expansion may be preceded by collapse toward the inner core, in which case the heavy nuclei could be synthesized in the process). The ejection of material may be interpreted as Sun expansion. As gravitational changes propagate at the speed of light, some 8.31666 minutes later small (standard) scale spherical gravitational/electro-magnetic waves should arrive on Earth. These should not have a big impact on Earth. However, large scale energy levels in the Sun are discrete and one of these is entangled with Earth. Thus, one large scale wave is likely to be absorbed by Earth. It should take about 14.18 hours for this wave to arrive to Earth. The effect will depend on energy, but this should be relatively synchronized with the collapse of Earth's magnetic field (due to changes in spin momenta of large scale gravitons, associated with energy level changes) and the asteroid bombardment. Changes in gravitational pressure will affect hypothesized primary neutrinos of standard atoms, which will disrupt decay rates of elements, temporarily accelerating them. This should also be synchronized with the collapse/expansion of the Moon's large scale graviton. Depending on graviton energy, this may result in the splitting of the Moon into two, now dead, bodies. This graviton should be absorbed by Earth.
The two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, are likely the remains of a single moon split during this process on Mars. In that case, they should be similar in composition, have equal inclination (relative to Mars' equator) and axial tilt. Indeed, they do have equal inclination (≈1°), axial tilt (0°) and they apparently are of similar composition.
In this process, the artificial satellites orbiting Earth could become projectiles, some of which will be accelerated toward the Earth. Collapse of Earth's core graviton will be synchronized with expulsion of energy toward the mantle.
This energy is likely to be in the form of mantle plumes, however, it would probably be more appropriate to refer to synchronicity rather than use cause-effect relationships, as causality is hypothesized to be very relative during strong evolution. Therefore, the build-up of mantle plumes could precede the collapse, even for millions of years if that is necessary. Similar is valid for other expected events, wherever the cause-effect relationships are used here one should consider these very relative.
This should then be relatively synchronized with increasing frequency of earthquakes, volcanism and flooding. With changes in gravitational and electro-magnetic potential, Earth's surface may temporarily expand, and the atmosphere may even temporarily invert (including a part of hydrosphere). The Earth's magnetic field will recede inwards and the global magnetic dipole will disappear from the surface. Assuming this is the final embryonic neurogenesis event, the global magnetic dipole won't be restored on Earth's surface.
The moons (those with a distinct gravitational maximum) of a planet (and planets to star) generally indicate polarization, and the strength of a magnetic field of a host body in such system is likely to be proportional to the number of its moon charges.
This has happened 5 times already in Earth's history (with every major extinction), suggesting that Earth, in one interpretation, had multiple moons. If current Earth-Moon system is scaled Sun-Mars system (as Moon's orbit relative to Earth suggests - being scaled Mars' orbit relative to the Sun), it appears there should have been exactly 3 more moons at appropriate orbitals - Mercury moon (1 polarized large scale graviton), Venus moon (1 polarized graviton) and the Earth moon (2 gravitons). However, depending on mass, fusion of orbitals (moons) may be possible (analysis of fossil records could reveal constraints on the number of moons and their masses). In another interpretation, thus, a single moon may be involved, one that is losing energy (gravitons) and jumping to a higher orbital with each event - note that this implies loss of internal energy and subsequent surface healing at the exit point, with the mass similarly absorbed by Earth. Tectonic plates may be the result of mantle breaking due to expansion and moon graviton absorption. However, first expansion might not be associated with neurogenesis but with the creation of mantle/core discontinuity which had occurred a couple (likely two) billion years ago.

In case of outer Solar System the gaseous planets take the role of the Sun while their moons form similarly to terrestrial (inner) planets.
Due to extreme pressure exerted on the troposphere during collapse, it will compress and may partly liquefy and solidify. Heavy ejecta from the Sun, such as iron nuclei, may then cover the compressed troposphere - the new (imaginary) surface of the Earth.
The dust absorption will not be homogeneous (partially due to magnetic fields involved) and concentration at the poles could be negligible. The Fe oxides covering the surface of Mars may be the best evidence for this. Instead of meteoritic origin, most of surface iron may have been released from the Sun during collapses and reacted with oxygen from the frozen (and at times melting) troposphere, forming rust. Hadn't this been the final stage in Mars' formation, it would still have a complete moon, a continuously present global magnetic field dipole and breathable atmosphere. The deposits of ejecta on planets will depend on whether the local magnetic field is present. Mars' global magnetic dipole is gone for a long time now, and if the Sun indeed periodically ejects heavy particles, these would accumulate on Mars (even if complete wave absorption does not occur locally). If Martian troposphere has compressed, partially solidified and was covered with iron afterwards, areas on mars could have thick layers of CO2/water ice (not limited to the poles), covered with oxidized iron, significantly more at the equatorial region. In another paper, I have predicted that the layer of ice should have an average thickness of 1500 m, all this has been recently confirmed - a massive layer of ice, 1500 m thick on average, covered with dust, in the equatorial region. Dust deposits on ice are 300-600 m thick, how plausible is that it all came from meteorites?
If, in the process, collapsing Moon's graviton is converging to a ring-like form (if it wasn't already in such form), noticeable long-lived scars on the crust may be formed. Note also that the Moon's maximum or large scale graviton can be a superposition of multiple quanta. If these are in a two-dimensional ring form during collapse, the recession should create linear rifts on the surface of the planet roughly parallel to equator (perpendicular to magnetic dipole axis), at or near the equator, and with a diameter somewhat larger than the diameter of the maximum. The rift would likely cause eruptions of magma on the surface before it is healed. On Mars, Valles Marineris could be one evidence of this. It is a 4000 km long system of canyons with a straight rift ≈2000 km long, parallel to, and near the, equator. The rift indicates that the diameter of the absorbed moon maximum was roughly half of Earth's moon (or Mars's core) diameter. Apparently, on Mars, the maximum has also been fragmented into 3 quanta, each 1/3 or possibly 1/2 of the next larger quantum.
Valles Marineris
Fig. \fig1: Rifts on Mars, possibly created by its last absorbed moon maximum This is shown in Fig. \fig1. As expected, the rifts are almost perfectly straight, any imperfections should be the result of tectonic activity, erosion. It is also apparent that Valles Marineris was once filled with out-flowing liquid - as predicted, this should have been lava, although it may have been filled with water too some time later. It would thus be interesting to analyse and date the basalt in Valles Marineris. The fragmentation into 3 quanta probably should correspond to first 3 orders of general oscillation of the Solar System. Although these cycles are synchronized, synchronization must be relative, hence the fragmentation in space/time. On Earth, first rift may be created in period 2029 - 2040, second in 2048 - 2055 and last in 2061 - 2066. When polarized, gravitational maximum may have low gravity but strong electro-magnetic potential. Its polarized space also has a large spin momentum (highest at the maximum). As such, it will absorb and concentrate plasma about the maximum (oscillating between the poles). However, if superposition of gravitons is involved (or oscillation of a single graviton), multiple maxima will exist at different radii. If associated magnetic fields are anti-aligned the plasma could be concentrating inside the outer maximum and near the centre. This is illustrated in Fig. \fig2.
Polarized maximum
Fig. \fig2: Plasma trapped between outer and inner gravitational maxima Both, plasma and the ring are at high temperature and any contact with neutral matter will cause melting and vaporization. The bulge, or concentrated mass, could be low at the start of recession. The recession will not only cause melting but redistribution of mass and may induce explosions in pressurized zones. With significant energy this will lead to ground collapse on one place and elevation/fracturing of ground on the other. All these features are present on Mars, as shown in Fig. \fig3 (arrows indicate, from left to right: ground elevation/fracture, central bulge imprint and possible ground collapse), and can be associated with creation of Valles Marineris. The whole valley complex on the right and Tharsis region on the left have likely been created during the same event. These suggest that maximum was moving to the left as it was descending into Mars (rotating relative to south pole).
Valles Marineris
Fig. \fig3: Valles Marineris and nearby ground, image source: USGS The recession of a moon maximum is coupled with the recession of a global magnetic dipole of the planet and the two magnetic fields should be aligning at time of recession. Rotation is thus not surprising. While rough dipole orientation at time of entrance will remain fossilized in the rift orientation, the magnetic field itself is unlikely to fossilize in rocks formed in the event, due to recession. On Mars, apparently, the angle of the maximum dipole at time of entrance was ~15° from geographic north-south, however, it's rotation suggests Mars' dipole was aligning with geographic north and south. But Mars is not the only body in the Solar System scarred by gravitational maxima (assuming this is the correct interpretation). Saturn's moon Iapetus has a 1300 km long equatorial ridge, and, interestingly, also has sections with 3 near parallel ridges. Like rifts on Mars, this is very hard to explain with common theories on planetary formation and development but easy with collapsing gravitational maxima. Creation of ridges on Iapetus, instead of rifts, suggests these were created as the soul (graviton) was exiting the body.
It is questionable to what degree is planetary neurogenesis equivalent to standard neurogenesis in terms of complexity. In what form does life migrate? Are the large scale protein equivalents (eg. humans) migrating inside cell equivalents or not, and are they migrating as living individuals or as DNA? Humans are living in houses, which could be interpreted as cell precursors. Lately, people are even starting to use mycelium to build houses, with a tendency toward the use of living fungi. This has many benefits (allows, for example, for the house to heal itself) and houses in the future could indeed become living cells. Coupled with environmental changes and increasing virtualization of life, an increasing tendency exists toward physical confinement of people within these cells. Still, this does not imply migration will include cells, or transfer of living individuals. What is the role of the major mass extinction in this event? Environmental pressure generally stimulates migration in animals. In a neurogenesis event, induced environmental pressure probably will stimulate migration of humans south, and eventually to Antarctica (as I have explained in the analysis of the Solar System). Once there, they will be stimulated or forced to migrate deep inside Earth. This is why Antarctica is increasing habitability. I have also discussed previously the creation of tunnels and how existence of multiple gravitational maxima inside Earth enables for habitable zones to exist deeper in the mantle of a planet, so this won't be discussed here. I don't believe humans will migrate to Antarctica inside cells (unless some kind of flying cells are involved, and perhaps some 3rd party operating them), but cells might be used in migration to deep Earth. If so, these will be created in Antarctica. If this will be a migration of living individuals, how many will survive and migrate? Some form of natural selection may be involved. However, the migration of living individuals may be unlikely. A migration of genomes may be more plausible. Note that a genome represents a single gene on this scale. So this would be a migration of large scale genes. Changes in gravitational/electro-magnetic pressure may induce strong cyclones (initially possibly inverted - relative to Earth) fragmenting the atmosphere into individual cells which will gravitate toward the south pole (similar to the partial fragmentation of Jupiter's atmosphere currently localized to its poles). Note that absorption of large scale gravitons does not have to be involved in the creation of cyclones, stable regular cyclones of increased strength may already exist with climate changes. At this point, humans may be localized to Antarctica already, but the cyclones could be picking up genomes and further localizing them to the south pole. Once the tunnel is opened, the genomes are transferred down with the swirling oceanic water. Interesting thing about cyclones is that those of higher strength can produce electric currents, and with those, a magnetic field which could provide protection from cosmic radiation (that could otherwise break DNA). At the point this is happening, the Earth's global magnetic field will probably be gone. Note that the strength of cyclones and their poleward migration is expected to increase with climate change. As Earth's magnetic field gets weaker, humans will have to protect their houses from radiation. To achieve active protection, electric currents will have to flow through house walls, generating the protective magnetic field. Therefore, houses will probably be spherical or cylindrical, or in the form of circular pyramids (which is probably the best choice, considering environmental conditions among other things). Interestingly, this is the shape of pyramidal neuron cells. Also interesting is the fact that this house will either attract or repel charged cyclones (depending on the orientation of the magnetic field, which depends on the direction of electric current). Is it possible that such houses, engulfed in cyclones, will represent migrating neural cells and, within them, living individuals to deep Earth? Magnetic fields do provide opportunities for physical guidance. Assuming structural integrity is conserved, there are some benefits of having a house engulfed in a cyclone. The house could not only save electricity (no need to produce its own strong magnetic field) but if cyclone strength is oscillating or fluctuating, electricity to power the house could be generated. If the house exterior is allowed to rotate with the cyclone, oscillation is not even required, as the house could generate power similarly to a wind turbine. It may also be possible to harvest the energy from electric discharges within the cyclone and store them in batteries. And cyclones can be very stable (as those on Jupiter clearly demonstrate). It is also interesting that electric discharges can stimulate the growth of some fungi and produce a fertilizer from atmospheric nitrogen. As, obviously, the food will have to be grown inside the house (cell). Water may also be collected from the cyclone. The potential seems to exist for a long-term self-sustaining closed system. Globalization is currently on the decline. We are witnessing major economies imploding and countries concentrating more and more on themselves rather than on others. If Trump gets re-elected in 2024 (and he probably will) this will also probably be the end of NATO. And survival of EU already seems less likely with every day. With environmental changes, depleting resources and associated wars it is obvious that world population is fragmenting and self-sustainability is becoming more and more important. I interpret the happenings of today as precursors of the above hypothesized closed systems. However, the problem with cyclones, regarding the energy harvesting potential, is that the central area (eye of the cyclone) is calm. Energy is concentrated mostly in the eyewall of the cyclone, and in typical tropical cyclones the eye has a diameter of at least 30 km. Such large houses are probably not plausible. And if billions of people will be migrating, the cyclones have to be smaller. How plausible are stable and sufficiently strong, small scale cyclones? Probably not without involving large scale gravitons, which, however I wouldn't rule out. These could come from the fragmentation of a larger graviton, correlated with the fragmentation of Earth's magnetic field. What would be the scale of forming cells, or houses? I have done some calculations before and the obtained cell radius is 69.5 m, or 139 m - with two individuals per cell. This is, however, the average size. Two groups will probably exist (small and large pyramidal cells). Average radius of one group may be: $\displaystyle \sqrt{\biggl({{230.34\, m} \over 2}\biggr)^2 * 2} = 162.87\, m$ where 230.34 m is the length of the sides of the base of the Great Pyramid in Giza (will be elaborated later). Average radius of the other group is then: $\displaystyle (139 * 2) - 162.87 = 115.13\, m$ Average radii of uncompressed Jupiter cyclones (cells) are 2170 km (north pole) and 3140 km (south pole). The cells on Earth will be smaller but the ratio between the two groups should probably be the same, and, using the values obtained, indeed it is: $\displaystyle {115.13 \over 162.87} \approx {2170 \over 3140} \approx 0.7$
Neuron precursor
Fig. \fig4: Pyramidal neuron cell The question is whether such cell would contain naked souls or souls coupled with living bodies. In the case of the latter, perhaps the body would be limited to a brain. How similar is the deep migration to standard migration process of neural cells, as shown in Fig. \fig5? Is guidance to designated layers completely magnetic or does it involve some form of radial glial fibers (which at this scale, could be interpreted as plant-like fibers)? Does the cell, at arrival, grow axons and dendrite equivalents? Probably, we already know that fungi do this.
Schematic of projection neuron generation and migration in the mouse neocortex
Fig. \fig5: Neuron generation and migration in the mouse neocortex
Plants here should probably be taken very relative, depending on pressures and temperatures, plants in deep Earth may be far from resembling plants on the surface. However, as noted before, areas in the mantle are hypothesized to exist where pressures and temperatures would not differ much from those on the surface or in the oceans. This should be enabled with presence of multiple gravitational maxima (real or induced) at different radii inside Earth (so the gravity is, at some point, cancelled between them).
Heaven and hell
Brain cell differentiation
Fig. \fig6: Number of somata and length of dendrites and axon that each of the 10 major excitatory cell types contributes to each of the six layers in a column of a rat barrel cortex Most homo.β occupied cells are probably destined to become pyramidal brain cells of type ULpy (upper-layer pyramidal neuron), subtype L2py. Distribution of these cells should be similar to Fig. \fig6. Fused β.neutralum proteins (human neutralum individuals) may occupy layer I of the Earth (brain) mantle, unless these remain on surface.

Note that current neutralum species have probably been introduced here from Mars. Usually, layer I would not be populated in the pending pulse of strong evolution - as is currently the case in human brains (except possibly in β.neutralum brains).
Fused β.polarized individuals and human/animal products will then occupy layer II, while layer III is mostly reserved for animal/animal fusion products. The exact location (depth) should be proportional to the amount of polarization, inversely proportional to level of intelligence. Determination of the destination layer (depth) N is then: $\displaystyle N = 1 + 2\, |I_M - I_S|$ $\displaystyle I_M + I_S = 1$ $\displaystyle I_M = {1 \over 4} a\,,\,\, I_S = {1 \over 4} b$ a, b ∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4} where IS and IM are normalized spiritual and material intelligence of the individual, respectively.

Given the total number of neurons for homo.Ω, n = 64 * 109 (my rough estimate, could be wrong), extrapolating from Fig. \fig6:

total number of forming brain cells in the current neurogenesis event, assuming population of top 3 layers dominates: $\displaystyle n_f = {{34 + 1074 + 725} \over 17816} 64 * 10^9 = {1833 \over 17816} 64 * 10^9 = 6\,584\,643\,018$ mumber of fused individuals in layer I: $\displaystyle n_1 = 2 * {34 \over 1833} * 6584643018 = 244\,274\,809$ mumber of fused individuals in layer II: $\displaystyle n_2 = 2 * {1074 \over 1833} * 6584643018 = 7\,716\,210\,149$ mumber of fused individuals in layer III: $\displaystyle n_3 = 2 * {725 \over 1833} * 6584643018 = 5\,208\,801\,078$ Total individuals required: $\displaystyle n_1 + n_2 + n_3 = 2 n_f = 13\,169\,286\,036$ At the time of this writing, number of human individuals is: $\displaystyle n_{dh} = 7.752 * 10^9\, ,$ number of domesticated mammals (even-toed ungulates, odd-toed ungulates, carnivorans): $\displaystyle n_{df} = 4.22 * 10^9 + 108 * 10^6 + 1.5 * 10^9 = 5\,828\,000\,000\, ,$ giving the total number of: $\displaystyle n_{dh} + n_{df} = 13\,580\,000\,000$ The obtained number closely matches the requirement (the majority of the surplus individuals will be transformed to non-mammalian species, some - unpaired, will remain on surface, and few will end up in even deeper layers). Note that number of individuals in layer 3 closely matches the number of domesticated mammals, exactly as predicted. The surplus goes to layer II. What are fused individuals? I hypothesize that, during strong evolution, symbiosis between animals is, at least in some cases, precursor to the fossilization of that symbiosis into a new distinct organism, a chimera of symbionts. In case of humans, I hypothesize fusion or convergence of polarized human subspecies with subspecies of domesticated animals, forming new species, which I refer to as homo.gamma. This convergence is slow during weak evolution, however, in strong evolution events it is accelerated, being dominated by horizontal gene transfer. The prophecies, or religions based on them, showing fused forms (chimeras) living together with non-fused individuals, confirm not only this hybridization during strong evolution, but also the existence of subspecies which do not fuse with other animals (they might be fusing with other people, however, conserving human form). Note that more than 2 species may be involved in the creation of chimeras. Homo model The above calculation is based on a rat brain model, which seems appropriate in case of Earth, at least at this point of evolution. If one correlates neutralums with Rh- individuals, Earth is currently in superposition of scaled rat brain and human brain. Which model will prevail in the end depends solely on polarization at time of differentiation. The evolution is accelerating and blood types will be evolving at accelerating pace, whether they will evolve into depolarized types or not depends on individuals - whether they remain cancerous or not.
Note that even if superposition collapses to the rat state, this doesn't have to have a negative effect on intelligence - soul intelligence (major, or 1st order) is mirrored in the quality (intelligence) of individual neuron proteins of layer I. This population has an optimal value in number of individuals, one that will ensure self-sustainability of the ecosystem. It is thus proportional to layer volume. As shown in Solar System analysis, layer volume is proportional to time between major extinctions. What is affected by the final state is nature of intelligence - the ratio of extroversion to introversion.
Although, number of neurons for homo model should be equal, there are differences in number of neurons per layer. Number of neurons in layers II and III does not change significantly, but the number in layer I increases, at the expense of neuron number in deeper layers (IV - VI). Assuming 5 times increase: $\displaystyle n_f = {{5*34 + 1074 + 725} \over 17816} 64 * 10^9 = {1969 \over 17816} 64 * 10^9 = 7\,073\,192\,636$ $\displaystyle n_1 = 2 * {5*34 \over 1969} * n_f = 1\,221\,374\,046$ $\displaystyle n_2 = 2 * {1074 \over 1969} * n_f = 7\,716\,210\,148$ $\displaystyle n_3 = 2 * {725 \over 1969} * n_f = 5\,208\,801\,078$ giving the total: $\displaystyle n_1 + n_2 + n_3 = 2 n_f = 14\,146\,385\,272$ This is 566 385 272 more than the estimated current population of 13 580 000 000. Assuming that population of domestic animals doesn't increase significantly so the contribution mainly comes from human population increase, the required number, according to current projections, will be reached in year 2026. Note that it is likely that human population will grow beyond that, but, being unsustainable, it will be reduced. Significant reduction probably can be expected during asteroid impacts and natural disasters with climate change. If the Moon collapses into 3 maxima (as may have happened on Mars), which could be required if it corresponds to 3 layers to be populated, then there should be 3 distinct pulses of extinctions (transformations), possibly separated by decades.
I have shown previously that thickness of Earth mantle layers is proportional to periods between major mass extinctions. Collapse into 3 maxima is further justified due to the fact that precisely 3 discontinuities in the mantle require small adjustment for layers to match these periods perfectly. Even the calculated 3 adjustments, each being 1/2 of the larger, correlate well with the sizes of 3 rifts on Mars (Valles Marineris).
To summarize, this is how migration could proceed: Calculated years of impacts (in the analysis of the Solar System) could thus be mapped to particular days, as shown in Table \tbl2.
Table \tbl2: 7 days of the 6th (neuro)genesis event
Note that years here are mapped to particular atmospheric CO2 concentration, this is based on the assumption that atmospheric CO2 currently follows the rate of evolution on Earth, the period between impacts is shortening in such way that the amount of CO2 increase stays fixed to 50 ppm per cycle.
Interestingly, in years 2029 and 2040, Easter falls on April 1st, which could be interpreted as another signal, as these two years are predicted to be correlated with major events. Assuming the predictions become true, the year 2040 could be the last year Easter will still be celebrated, among other things, because there will be no Moon as one knows it now (calculation of the date of Easter depends on the Moon). And this is in agreement with the announced collapse of the great apostasy, Trinitarianism - Roman Catholicism, or the true Antichrist, that was announced in Revelation. Newton arrived at the year 2060, but different calculations can yield a similar result. I would put the birth of Trinitarianism at the superposition of years 382 (when the Biblical canon was officially recognized by the Council of Rome) and 397 (when the Council of Carthage finalized the canon as it is known today). The superposition gives a peak year: $\displaystyle {{382+397} \over 2} = 390$ The period for which the Trinitarianism would reign should be, per Revelation, 1260 years. Naively, this would give year 1650 for the death of Antichrist but no one interprets it as such, for a good reason. Note that year 1650 should be interpreted as a peak in superposition of years 1642 (382+1260) and 1657 (397+1260). Now note that year 1642 is the year Newton (or shall one say Elijah) was born (by the Julian calendar in use in England at the time, year 1643 by the Gregorian calendar), this is not a coincidence. If it took 390 years for the Antichrist to be born after the birth of Christ it would be naive to expect the Antichrist will die in a day. In other words, just as birth is preceded by conception, death ends with de-conception. Assuming symmetry, de-conception of the Antichrist should peak in/about year: $\displaystyle 390 + 1260 + 390 = 2040$ Other two significant years would be 2024 (382+1260+382) and 2054 (397+1260+397). If, however, one rounds the 397 (390) to 400, one gets the same result as Newton: $\displaystyle 400 + 1260 + 400 = 2060$ But of course, there may be some asymmetry, which is unlikely to be large though. Small revision in \ch (\ch_title). Note that Jesus was born a couple of years before 0 AD, 6 years at most, so one might want to take that into account. I have earlier came to conclusion that he was most likely born in the year 4 BC (with some possibility for 2 BC, lower possibility for 3 BC). Assuming 4 BC and standard asymmetry 2:3, the above gives year 2066. I would not be surprised if the day of day 6 occurs in the year 66 of the millennium, 0.666 of the year, the day of my birthday, Elijah's new death and my new birth.. day. Deep Six Similar hierarchy is present in layers IV - VI. These layers have been formed during previous major mass extinctions and so they contain fused (strongly evolved) forms of surface animals present at the time, such as dinosaurs. Here they are mostly contained within deep-layer pyramidal cells (DLpy). Salvation in pyramids Even though the formation of brain layers occurs during major extinctions, cell differentiation might occur even during minor extinctions. Regardless of the event, some neuron cells do not reach their destination and stay trapped on surface. Some of these cells may fossilize. Could some of the pyramids be remnants of such fossils? Comparing the size of the largest pyramid, Great Pyramid of Giza, with average pyramidal cell soma (body) size in mammal brains, one obtains. $\displaystyle h_n = {h \over R} * R_h = {146.694 \over 6371000} * 1 = 23 * 10^{-6}\, m = 23\, \mu m$ hn = expected pyramidal cell body (soma) length
h = Giza pyramid height (m)
R = Earth radius (m)
Rh = human radius (m)
Considering that the average pyramidal cell body is 20 μm in length, this is a remarkable agreement. Here, 1 m was used as an approximation for a human radius, but one may try to define it precisely. To define human radius one must know its centre. In one interpretation, this is the navel. Thus, the radius of human (as a particle) may be defined as the arithmetic mean of polar and equatorial radii - distances from navel to the top of the head, bottom of the feet and average equatorial radius of the body. Using my own dimensions: $\displaystyle R_h = {{0.75 + 1.04 + 0.18} \over 3} = 0.66\, m$
Here, I assumed average equatorial radius is equal to distance from navel to the left or right of the body.
Taking also the base of the pyramid into account (assuming inversely proportional relationship between height and base side length), this gives: $\displaystyle h_n = {{h + l} \over 2} * {R_h \over R} = {{146.694 + 230.34} \over 2} * {0.66 \over 6371000} = 19.53 * 10^{-6}\, m = 19.53\, \mu m$ Using data for the second largest pyramid, one of Khafre (Chephren), yields similar results. Other pyramids are mostly about 50 m in height and probably have a different origin (Egyptian).
Life forms between scales U0 and U1 in progressive evolution are evolving toward the form of U1 particles. Earth might still have multiple organs, but it is mostly a brain - it lives in a relatively virtual world (it is real for Earth) so it has no need for limbs. It would be logical then that the centre of human soul is at the centre of the brain - other organs should be considered as organisms with which one is in strong symbiosis. This does not affect the above correlation in negative way - if the centre is moved inside the head, the farthest organ is the sexual organ and the radius is ≈0.8m. One might consider that the great ancestor (or descendant) of homo was the carbon atom soul (or carbon photon) whose gravitational/em relations between components have eventually acquired mass in pulses of strong evolution. Orbitals became locked between the two sources of gravity - Earth and the atom nucleus (brain) center. The brain and its 6 layers evolved from carbon nucleus while vital organs evolved from orbiting electrons. The reason why homo has 2 kidneys and 2 lungs is due to a specific configuration of this carbon atom:
brain (white matter)quarksSun
brain (grey matter)6e+Mercury (2e) / Venus (1e) / Earth (2e) / Mars (1e)
lungs2eJupiter (2e)
kidneys2eSaturn (2e)
heart1eUranus (1e)
liver1eNeptune (1e)
The orbitals were first compressed and started inflating through evolution. They will eventually get compressed again, limbs will be lost and some vital organs will for some time in some form remain on surface surrounding the brain until they become obsolete (eg. kidneys, which one will recognize through observation of geological history of Earth) and all life recedes inside. With enough energy added the system will inflate again and, with the presence of future outer planets, the individual brain layers will now collapse to form terrestrial planets. The standard carbon atom and the Solar System are energies in stable discrete states of vertical universes. Humans are in between these states and for that reason unstable and evolving toward one of these states.
Apparently one could separate them into different groups by size - the same as pyramidal cells are grouped in human brain (size depends on the layer). The similarity in shape and size of pyramids and neuron cells is not coincidental, it can certainly be interpreted as an unconscious signal, but may be more than that. One may thus consider the following scenarios:
  1. the constructors knew the size of the pyramidal neuron cell (and Earth radius) and consciously constructed great pyramids as a signal for us,
  2. some pyramids are the Earth's real fossilized pyramidal neuron cells or precursor neuron cells,
  3. some pyramids in the original form were houses (shelters) of an alien civilization, constructed using 3D printing and/or cranes, the synchronicity involved was not conscious on their part.
There is plenty of evidence suggesting old Egyptians were more materialistic than spiritual beings and they certainly did not have the ability to measure the size of a neuron soma. The theory of planetary neurogenesis implies that such neurogenesis has taken place on Venus and Mars too. Due to relative equivalence in neural cells and proteins, evolution of surface life must have been relatively equal to Earth's (although accelerated and quantitatively different). Mars' and Venus' humans have likely visited Earth, just like humans from Earth will be visiting Mars.
3D printing using resources in situ is the possible method humans are going to use on Mars to construct shelters. According to some researchers and analyses, at least some of the stones of Giza pyramids were cast in situ rather than carved at a remote place. In such case, the quality of the concrete used would strengthen the 3rd hypothesis - its sophistication and endurance would be an enigma to modern science, suggesting the constructors were (unknowingly, if Egyptians) the pioneers of nanotechnology. This hypothesis, however, was later refuted by others. In any case, two greatest pyramids are in several aspects different from other pyramids, casting strong doubt on Egyptians being the original builders. The analysis of building material shows that the limestone formed from a sea bottom sediment. This may go in favour of the 2nd hypothesis - the cells are supposed to be transferred by CSF (pH 7.33 ocean) to deep mantle layers. It is possible some got stuck, or ceased to develop completely, and dried (although, I have predicted that cells, if created, are created on the south pole). However, that limestone was not deposited where Giza pyramids are now. The fossil hypothesis here is very unrealistic - considering the construction precision and artificial look of the interior (unless we assume this was a subsequent artificial modification), the mixture of granite and limestone blocks and preserved three-dimensional structure. If this is a fossil, unless some unknown extreme process of fossilization is involved, the whole thing could not have been formed where it is, rather dug out from somewhere and moved here. That doesn't sound plausible. However, an alien structure of such size would explain religion in old Egyptian Kingdom - encounter with such structure would likely spur beliefs in supernatural phaenomena (gods) and even worshipping of structures themselves. The fact that there are no inscriptions inside two greatest pyramids supports this hypothesis - they probably considered them sacred and instead of using the pyramids themselves, they went and tried to make copies. Whatever they've found inside made them believe in life after death in underworld and that the pyramids were portals to afterlife. Note that this aligns perfectly with the theory of neurogenesis - pyramidal neuron cells (pyramids) are transported to deep mantle layers (underworld) in the process, so likely what they've found were some details on this.
Note 1:

Some inscriptions were found in Khufu pyramid, however, these certainly look like a hoax and can hardly be even called inscriptions, especially when compared to inscriptions in other pyramids. No mummies were found either in two greatest pyramids. I do not consider that important (mummies were missing from most pyramids), but some claim that Khufu and Khafre were buried outside of the pyramids out of fear their bodies would be defiled by people (they were cruel rulers). That does not seem to make sense - to build the greatest tomb to secure afterlife and then decide to be buried somewhere else as an anonymous? How angry would then these people be, knowing they've built these pyramids for nothing? Given the reputation of Khufu and Khafre, I would not be surprised they did not treat these pyramids as sacred and untouchable as others did. They even might have claimed that the pyramids were built for them.

Note 2:

That Egyptians were trying to imitate the great pyramids becomes obvious when one compares the building angle of the pyramids, chronologically. Now, Khufu and Khafre pyramids were supposedly built after the Red pyramid (completed 2560 BC and 2530 BC, respectively). Why would they now start building their greatest pyramids at an angle proven to be unstable on a smaller pyramid? Especially when the angle they've used on their largest pyramid (Red) so far, was proven stable? They did not dare to risk anything with the Red pyramid, and that one is still much smaller than Khufu and Khafre pyramids. It is clear why they would not want to risk this - the construction took long time and if the pyramid would collapse midway through construction there simply wouldn't be enough time to build another one before the pharaoh dies. If they did have the need for that special angle (why, if not trying to imitate something sacred that leads to afterlife?), would they not try building a stable smaller pyramid at that angle and then build the larger pyramid instead of risking so much? The pyramid of Menkaure (the 3rd pyramid in Giza) which has almost the same angle (51°20'25") as the Khufu pyramid would be a good candidate for such a pyramid, but this one was built after the Khufu and Khafre pyramids, ≈ 2500 BC (Menkaure, or Mykerinus, was a son of Khafra and grandson of Khufu). The above alone, for me, is a very convincing proof that Egyptians did not build Khufu and Khafre pyramids. These two must be the oldest pyramids in Egypt and Menkaure is only the best imitation Egyptians ever managed to construct (although it's still possible they weren't original builders of this one either, they certainly did maintenance work on Giza monuments, but the origin should be questionable). Here's what probably happened:

Khufu did not want to risk building another pyramid like the Red as he wasn't convinced this is an imitation good enough to secure afterlife. Thus, he arranged a secret chamber in the Great Pyramid, wrote 'Friends of Khufu' on the wall, and, afterwards, arranged for the chamber to be accidentally discovered, together with the message - which was supposed to convince people the gods built the pyramid for him. People might have suspected he was behind this, and that was one reason why they didn't love him much. He probably also forced people to do maintenance work on the outer walls of the pyramid as he assumed the original was smooth and polished on the outside. Then he might have told people that the other pyramid was, likewise, built for his descendant, although I wouldn't be surprised if there is a secret chamber in Khafre pyramid too, with a message 'Friends of Khafre'. After their deaths, it may be that anger rather than pure robbery was behind the removal of their bodies from the tombs of the two pyramids.
Given the apocalyptic events during strong evolution, in order to stay anchored and safe on the surface, any construction must be made of heavy, and probably not easily magnetized, material. The massive stones and overly mass filled interior is the obvious choice for such construction. With everything considered, it certainly seems like the builders (aware of planetary neurogenesis) tried to avoid being pulled into Earth's interior (which is why this was built in equatorial region and not on the south pole, even though the south pole should be more habitable during strong evolution). This was their way to secure their stay on the surface during the extreme events, rather than a portal to the underworld. The massive entrance doors which can be easily opened from inside also support the hypothesis, as well as the fact that the Giza plateau (or, more precisely, Giza cuesta) is more than 60 meters above sea level. Note that if all ice on Earth melts, sea level would rise by approximately 70 meters. However, all chambers in the pyramid would stay above the sea level, even the original entrance which is 17 meters above the pyramid base. Why else would the entrance be at that height? And why does the tunnel running from the entrance continue underground? Sure, multiple interpretations are possible but one could be the fear of flooding. If Egyptians are not the builders of this pyramid, some additional insulation (eg. flood protection) and sealing material between the stones was likely present too. Even the sarcophagus might be the sturdy last resort solution to stay alive, rather then a final resting place as Egyptians interpreted it. I believe this was the true purpose of two greatest pyramids - they were both shelters, but even if that is not the case, apart from these mentioned above, there are other reasons to believe Egyptians were not the constructors: There is no doubt that Egyptians built pyramids, there is also evidence they hauled stones to Giza, but reasons to insist that they were constructors of the greatest pyramids must be purely political, rather than having a realistic basis in pursuit of truth. Chapter In the eyes of Sphinx revised/updated. Small updates elsewhere. In the eyes of Sphinx The two greatest pyramids were probably not the only buildings in Giza not originally constructed by Egyptians. One other obvious candidate is the Sphinx. It is well known that Egyptians did repairs on sacred buildings in Giza over the years. They are doing maintenance work on the Sphinx even today. The repairs are not subtle. Dating the concrete collar on Sphinx's head, someone could conclude the Sphinx is 100 years old or less. This is why dating any of the casing stones on these big monuments is pretty much useless if one is interested in original builders. Analysis of erosion indicates that the original building may pre-date the reign of Khufu. Apparently, there are also some natural caves below the Sphinx. These too may be the clue to original builders, however, it was suggested that builders may still be Egyptians from an earlier dynasty. Claims that some Egyptian dynasty has to be the builder of Sphinx and largest pyramids are based on the assumption that the builders were indigenous to Earth - a civilization which would leave behind abundant evidence of its presence. This assumption also implies the place must have been habitable at the time of construction. Since there are no signs of other civilizations, but there are abundant signs of old Egyptian kingdom, the [sacred] consensus is that Egyptians were the original builders. However, both Venus and Mars have been habitable in the past and, according to my theories, humans very similar to us evolved on these planets too. Some might argue that these planets lost habitability long time ago, however, evidence shows that Mars' inanimate surface is periodically and at least partially punctuated with habitability that lasts for millions of years. In my theories, these are events of adult neurogenesis and it is entirely possible that humans evolve even during these events. But even if that is not the case, at some point during these events the tunnel should be open between the surface and deep mantle where humanoid creatures should exist. Relatively recent humanoid visitors from Mars and Venus thus cannot be excluded. I wouldn't rule out humanoid visitors from deep Earth as well.
Note that, unlike the pyramids, Sphinx is carved out of bedrock. While 3D-printing (deposition of material layer by layer) was likely done by nature itself, some kind of 3D-carving apparatus might have been used for the original construction. As a side note - like everything else, we obviously did not invent 3D-printing either but I'm sure it has been patented as human invention. It's really a wonder how Earth has not been sued for copyright infringement so far (even though it's obvious who is the original creator).
Perhaps the greatest evidence that Egyptians were not the original builders lies in disproportionality between Sphinx's body and head. The head is simply too small for the body. This is very unusual for Egyptians who were very careful with proportions elsewhere. Their canon of proportions was used even in the oldest dynasty. Lack of inscriptions (like in case of the greatest pyramids) could be interpreted as another evidence. Among those who argue for young Sphinx perhaps most convincing is R. Schneiker who claims the head has not been constructed more than 5000 years ago. However, there's bias in his theory (I see it more as an attempt to defend the possibility of young Sphinx rather than a pursue of truth) and, although it cannot be ruled out, I find more convincing and unbiased the analysis by Manichev/Parkhomenko who concluded that the Sphinx is older than 800 000 years. With all dots connected, I see two possibilities here. Possibility 1: The Sphinx was entirely constructed by Egyptians less than 5000 years ago The Sphinx does not contain any rooms inside which may be another clue as to what it represents. Considering that and [lack of] other features, if Egyptians are the original builders of the Sphinx then I find the following scenario most likely - it is simply a repurpose of a failed attempt to replicate the Great Pyramid. Looking at the body of the Sphinx, it obviously has layers that make its sides look like giant staircases - the same as the Great Pyramid. Suppose they started building a pyramid but they failed to predict the possible instability of a layer of sandstone (below the MECO hyperthermal) that now forms the neck of the Sphinx. Eventually they saw it will be a problem (perhaps it started collapsing as it was built) so they turned the building into a statue. Material that formed the upper (collapsed?) part of the pyramid and part of the sides too was now extra material that was likely used elsewhere (eg. to build the nearby temples). Now that they knew they can't build pyramids out of bedrock they realized they will have to manufacture and use stone blocks. So the Sphinx is a repurpose of the first failed attempt of Egyptian pyramid building. If that is not the case, why there aren't any other big structures carved out of bedrock in Egypt? It is of course possible that Sphinx is simply made out of the leftover formation after the rock has been used for construction of other objects, but who left the leftover formation? Probably the original builders of the Great Pyramid, whoever they are. Possibility 2: Egyptians are reconstructors The other possibility is that the base of the Sphinx was carved out earlier by someone else, perhaps by the original constructors of the Great Pyramid. They too must have brought the stone from somewhere for the construction of that pyramid. It would be logical they used a nearby formation.
If one looks at open pit human mines today one can notice the step-like layering. The original Sphinx base may have been created similarly. Perhaps the layering continued up to the top where the top of the Sphinx' head is now but the top collapsed due to erosion of limestone (eg. with elevated levels of CO2/carbonic acid).
Here, the cave below Sphinx gives more credibility to this idea. Possibly the cave is the reason there are no [additional] rooms above. The caves may be one of the reasons why the Great Pyramid was constructed here in the first place.
When humans from Earth go to Mars they will likely settle near caves (ie. lava tubes) too, for the same reason (unfavourable conditions for life on surface at the time).
Note that the whole structure was probably largely buried in sand for a long time before Egyptians discovered so it was protected at least from some erosion. In any case, the original carving cannot be older than ≈37.8 million years (My) and the same should be true for the age of the Great Pyramid. If the whole structure was originally Egyptian, surely they would fix the proportions by adjusting he body, but perhaps at the time they carved the head they were not even aware there is a body below, as it was buried in sand. The base may have been uncovered later, perhaps in the reign of Khufu or Khafre when first repairs have been made to the structure. The Sphinx's body was probably buried in sand for a large part of its history. Various illustrations of the Sphinx done before the 19th century show the head only.
Sphinx's head (1737)
Fig. \fig8: The Sphinx as seen by F. L. Norden in 1737
I do not know when the Egyptians started using chimeras in their art, but it's likely not before they found a fossil of a chimera somewhere, if not in the Great Pyramid then perhaps below Sphinx. Evidence paired with non-polarized minds leads to knowledge of truth, anthropocentric logic leads to religion. That is why for Egyptians these structures were sacred and that is why their origin in time is sacred among Egyptologists. Added chapter Likely origin of mummies, Egyptian gods and the Underworld. Likely origin of mummies, Egyptian gods and the Underworld If humans were living on Earth during some of the previous extinctions, it should be hard to find evidence. Cultivation of humans on the surface of a planet is unlikely to differ between separate neurogenesis events, so if homo.beta was cultivated more than once, fossilized remains are unlikely to exist or to be found - due to its very short existence on the surface. The same should be true for any Mars.homo.beta and Venus.homo.beta that visited Earth. However, by the time these species have visited Earth, they were likely already aware of planetary neurogenesis. So if they are leaving something behind for Earth.homo.beta, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't [try to] leave some image of themselves and/or creatures they are in symbiosis with. Since nothing outlives a fossil, they would probably intentionally fossilize a body and leave it in something extremely durable - like a sturdy granite sarcophagus, in an artificially looking mountain - like a pyramid, so it can be found more easily. And now one has an excellent candidate for the origin of mummies - the Egyptians seeing a well-preserved body in the sarcophagus was likely the moment when their religion started. From that point on, they would imitate it all - the preservation of the body, the sarcophagus, the pyramid. And what if that body was a body of homo.gamma? Now one knows the origin of Anubis (homo.gamma.anubis) and other Egyptian gods (note that the other pyramid could have contained the body of homo.gamma.toth, for example). Most likely, it was not only the body that was fossilized, but the basics of planetary neurogenesis too in some way - now one has the source for the Egyptian Underworld. Added The non-existing alternative. Updates in Predefinitions and Intro. The non-existing alternative The origin of Egyptian religion is commonly ignored by Egyptologists, it is simply accepted as is - because it simply cannot be explained under the assumption that Egyptians built all the pyramids. Before they settled in Egypt, Egyptian ancestors lived west in Sahara for thousands of years until it became a desert (again) some 5000 years ago. There are plenty of remains (like art) that these people left behind, but no pyramids, pharaohs, underworld or gods like Osiris or Anubis. Nothing. Then they settle in Egypt and immediately they have it all. Where does the idea come from? How does one come up with an idea to build a 150 m tall pyramid out of insanely massive blocks of stone to serve as a grave and a portal to underground for one man or one family? Sure, Christians are building large buildings (churches) too (which are insanely easier to build than a freaking pyramid) but this religion is based on a historical figure. What is this based on? Suppose people would accept building this thing for their pharaoh (one should also ask - how come they have pharaohs now?) but would the pharaoh himself buy this idea - building something that could take decades to finish with a real possibility that you're going to die before it is finished? It's all nonsense unless it was based on something real - something extraordinary they've witnessed, something extraordinary they've found. That was a moment when their religion/government was established. It didn't start out of nothing like we're being forced to accept. Added links to evidence for calculated Mars.homo.sapiens size. Chapter The apex of enlightenment updated. The apex of enlightenment When expressed as a decimal number, the latitude coordinate of the Great Pyramid in Giza is 29.9791750, a sequence of numbers strikingly similar to the current speed of light (2.99792458 * 108 m/s). An interesting synchronicity, hard to believe this is not some kind of a signal. If the builders were, as hypothesized above, an advanced civilization, this might not be surprising. However, in case of conscious encoding, this requires that their ratio of unit lengths for space and time was equal to ours (m/s). This might not be as hard to believe as it seems, given the following: From that perspective, rather than equal ratio being a coincidence, a non-equal ratio being a genetic defect (mutation), may be a more plausible consideration. The allowed difference would be a difference in magnitude of units (keeping ratios equal) - eg. the constructors of the pyramid might have divided the sphere into 36 degrees rather than 360, so the latitude would be 2.99791750, matching our speed of light even better. After all, the planet they came from is smaller than Earth (almost 10 times in mass, if they came from Mars).
Note 1:

If homo.β evolved on Mars too, other species that have evolved on Earth must have evolved on Mars too, albeit probably of different scale. This makes one wonder - are similar but differently scaled species like Carcharodon Carcharias and Carcharodon Megalodon actually same species, but from different planets? If the constructors of the pyramid were fleeing from destruction on their own planet, most likely they brought some embryos with them (Noah's ark). We could thus pinpoint the time of that arrival through sudden spikes and curiosities in fossil record. For this creature particularly, the time of arrival would have to be >= 16 million years ago (Mya), assuming of course the species of Carcharodon Carcharias was brought from Mars and Megalodon evolved on Earth. Assuming the ratio of Earth's surface area to Mars's surface area is equal to the ratio of sizes between species, the ratio is: $\displaystyle {4\pi{R_m}^2 \over 4\pi{R_e}^2} = {{R_m}^2 \over {R_e}^2} = {{3389.5}^2 \over {6371}^2} = 0.283$ Rm = volumetric mean radius of Mars [km]
Re = volumetric mean radius of Earth [km]
Assuming the average size of Carcharias 4.23 m and 6.1 m maximum, this gives 14.9 m average and 21.5 maximum for the Megalodon, agreeing well with estimates one can derive from the fossil record. The same ratio should be valid for homo species. Assuming 1.74 m for the average height of Earth.homo.β, the average height of Mars.homo.β should be: $\displaystyle 1.74\, m\, *\, 0.283 = 0.49242\, m \approx 0.5\, m$ Mars.homo.sapiens, being the result of β fusion, should be roughly twice the height of Mars.homo.β, ≈ 1 m. This size agrees completely with the most reliable eyewitness reports. Using the same ratio one obtains the average height of future Earth.homo.sapiens - 3.5 m. Note that Venus.homo.sapiens should be roughly the same size as Earth.homo.sapiens. Apparently, bones of giant humans 3.5 m tall, have been discovered on Earth. This would have to be Venus.homo.sapiens. The fact that such bones were discovered only in one or two locations in France in limited number strongly suggests that this is not the ancestor of Earth.homo.β, going in favor of the hypothesis. Note also that, even though human evolution is generally progressive, it has to oscillate (eg. Neanderthals were bigger and had bigger brains than modern human, even modern human had a bigger brain 30000 years ago), it is thus possible that human size will temporarily increase to even larger height before it settles on 3.5 m. "A vidjesmo ondje i divove, sinove Anakove, koji potječu od divova: sami sebi izgledali smo kao skakavci, a takvi bijasmo i u njihovim očima."
Numbers 13:33
Continuing from the same perspective, assuming there were no defects, why is the encoded speed of light slightly smaller than ours ? In CR there are no absolute constants, and the speed of light is no exception. Thus, this could be the speed of light at the time the pyramid was built. Distance of Earth from the Sun is currently increasing (at the rate vr = +15±4 cm per year, according to the conclusion from one analysis in 2004.). The reason probably lies in the loss of Sun's mass over time and tidal interactions between Earth and the Sun. However, the local gravitational constant G is probably still increasing - a consequence of exchange of electro-magnetic potential for gravitational, as per the hypothesis on the formation of the Solar System and evidence provided in The Solar System: Nature and Mechanics. Per the corollary in deduction of mass-charge equation in chapter Electric polarization and charge/mass exchange in CR, with the exchange of charge for mass inflation, increase of G must be proportional to the decrease of ε property (permittivity, or dielectric constant) of local space. The speed of light thus must be higher now than it was at the time (tp) when the pyramid was built: $\displaystyle c = \sqrt{1 \over {\epsilon \mu}}\, ,\,\, c_p = \sqrt{1 \over {{\epsilon}_p \mu}} \tag{1.1}$ $\displaystyle {c_p \over c} = {{2.99791750 * 10^8} \over {2.99792458 * 10^8}} = \sqrt{\epsilon\mu \over {\epsilon_p}\mu} = \sqrt{\epsilon \over {\epsilon}_p}$ $\displaystyle {{\epsilon}_p \over \epsilon} = {c^2 \over {c_p}^2} = 1.0000047232843200010504019129459 \tag{1.2}$
Note that magnetic permeability of space (μ) does not change because its equivalent (G/cn2 = G/c12) in the spin gravitational vector (S) does not change.
$\displaystyle \epsilon = \Delta\epsilon\, {\epsilon}_p = {1 \over \Delta G}\, {\epsilon}_p = {1 \over \sqrt{1 - {v^2 \over {c_1}^2}}} \sqrt{1 - {{v_p}^2 \over {c_p}^2}} {\epsilon}_p$ $\displaystyle G_p = {G \over {\Delta G}} = G \Delta\epsilon$ $\displaystyle M_p = {M \over \Delta\epsilon}$ $\displaystyle \epsilon = {1 \over \sqrt{1 - {GM \over {r {c_1}^2}}}} \sqrt{1 - {{G_p M_p} \over {r_p {c_p}^2}}} {\epsilon}_p = {1 \over \sqrt{1 - {GM \over {r {c_1}^2}}}} \sqrt{1 - {{G M} \over {r_p {c_1}^2}}} {\epsilon}_p$ c, ε = current vacuum speed of light and dielectric constant for U0 scale, respectively
cp, εp = vacuum speed of light and dielectric constant for U0 scale at tp, respectively
G = current gravitational constant = 6.674 * 10-11 m3/kgs2
Gp, Mp = gravitational constant and Sun's mass, respectively, at tp
c1 = angular speed of the Sun surface event horizon = 4.3676205140796450732641426714173 * 105 m/s
M = total mass of the Sun = 1.988500 * 1030 kg
r, rp = current (149.598 * 109 m) and orbital radius of Earth at tp, respectively
From the above, one can deduce rp: $\displaystyle r_p = {GM \over {c_1}^2} {1 \over {1 - (1 - {GM \over {r {c_1}^2}}) {{\epsilon}^2 \over {\epsilon_p}^2}}} = 149.296 \times 10^9\, m \tag{1.3}$ and now get the time passed since the pyramid was built: $\displaystyle \Delta t_p = (r - r_p) {1 \over v_r} = 2013\, ^{+732}_{-424}\,\, My \tag{1.4}$ Large uncertainties are due to uncertainty in vr (0.15±0.04 m/y), uncertainties in r and rp are assumed to be equal. However, the used value for vr may not be correct (average), a proper value for vr may be obtained with the assumption that lunar orbital recession is equal in nature to Earth's recession from the Sun:
A valid assumption, considering that Moon's orbit around Earth seems to be entangled with the orbit of Mars around the Sun - the nature of this entanglement will change only once the Moon's gravitational maximum collapses into Earth. This may or may not be inconsistent with fossil records (I haven't checked), but interpretations of these records assume Earth did not have other moons or that the current Moon did not significantly change mass over time - an assumption which may not be true and can lead to more inconsistencies considering fossil records from different ages.
$\displaystyle {dr \over dt} {v_r}_m = {dr_m \over dt_m} v_r$ $\displaystyle {dr \over dr_m} = {r \over r_m}$ $\displaystyle {dt_m \over dt} = {{2 \pi r_c} \over v_c} {v_s \over 2 \pi r_s} = {r_c \over v_c} {v_s \over r_s}$ $\displaystyle v_r = {r \over r_m} {dt_m \over dt} {v_r}_m = 0.620114 \pm 0.000004\, {m \over y}$ r = Earth's distance from Sun (semi-major axis) = 149.6 * 109 m
rm = Moon's distance from Earth (semi-major axis) = 0.3844 * 109 m
rc = radius of Earth's (inner core) gravitational maximum = 1206115 m
vc = angular velocity of Earth's (inner core) gravitational maximum (space) = 18175.480768 m/s
rs = radius of Sun's (surface) gravitational maximum = 695700000 m
vs = angular velocity of Sun's (surface) gravitational maximum (space) = 436762.051408 m/s
where vrm = +38.247±0.004 mm/y = +0.038247±0.000004 m/y is the orbital recession of the Moon relative to Earth. Obtained vr agrees very well with measurements taken by radar observations (ranging) and landers in period 1961. - 1997. (0.61±0.06 m/y), so this indeed may be the proper rate of Earth's orbital recession (or at least closer to average). With updated vr: $\displaystyle \Delta t_p = (r - r_p) {1 \over v_r} = 486774105\, ^{+3k}_{-3k}\,\, years$ A very interesting result, due to following:
Note 1: Time tp is not adjusted for existence pulses which temporarily affect decay rates of elements (and orbital decays equally), but neither is the 485.4 Mya extinction estimate, so in this context, adjustment (≈ -10my) is irrelevant. Note 2: Apparently, there are claims associating certain fossil records with advanced civilizations (including alleged human shoe prints from the Ordovician period), but I have not seen convincing evidence nor serious research regarding these claims, either to confirm or refute the hypothesis. Sadly, what I did saw, regarding such claims, was the competition to sustain or prove the dogmatic viewpoints of two opposing sides. None of them did rise above the ego-centric standpoint to even consider humans from another planet. Note 3: There are two issues with such big age - tectonic plate movement and age of rocks. If the builders did construct the pyramid as a signal to us, they must have known at what time humans would evolve on the planet and be able to decode it. With such knowledge, they would've surely accounted for the movement of plates too. This may not be a big problem for homo.sapiens, but it probably rules out homo.beta as the constructor - unless the constructor was unconsciously guided, which should certainly not be ruled out as a possibility (I am often guided myself). Another problem is the age of rocks used for construction and the age of the base the pyramid was built on, which probably rules out this age as age of construction and possibly indicates that encoded age should not be interpreted as such. There is a possibility that the pyramid was constructed more recently when its location matched precisely the current speed of light, but it is also entirely possible that this particular location is actually stable relative to equator and it does not change significantly over time - perhaps only oscillating by a small amount. In any case, the location is not a coincidence - the area is the geographical centre of [all land surfaces on] Earth. Initially, it was calculated that the Great Pyramid is at the actual location of the centre and that it was likely to be the "last of the present land surface of the earth" to survive a cataclysmic event, due to its positioning. This goes in favour of the hypothesis that it was built to survive the cataclysmic events of neurogenesis. More recent calculations put the geographical centre north of Giza, in Turkey. However, this does not rule out that Giza was the centre at the time of construction or that the imprecise centring was intentional in order to encode the speed of light. In case of neurogenesis, however, where the cells are transferred to the poles, it is the latitudinal location that matters. Here, the Great Pyramid is probably in the optimal position, perhaps not even due to the fact that a meridian crossing the Great Pyramid would pass over more land than at any other location on Earth, but because it is likely the position where the magnetic field strength of the collapsing maximum(s) would be minimal. The position of Moon's maximum absorption should be the position of planet's magnetic field strength minimum. This position can be determined - Moon's inclination of 28.58° to Earth's equator should be the latitude of impact (Moon maximum absorption) on Earth. This can be either south or north of the equator. If it impacts south hemisphere, the safest location is thus 28.58° north of equator on the opposite side of Earth. The location of the Great Pyramid is 29°58' (29.98°) N. A remarkable agreement. Small correction, if necessary, (29.98 - 28.58 = 1.4°) could come from changes in Moon's obliquity (1.54° to ecliptic, 6.68° to orbit). But again, small deviation does not make a large difference in security and was perhaps intentional in order to encode the speed of light precisely. Note that Valles Marineris on Mars is south of the equator, going in favour of the hypothesis. Note also that inclination of Phobos/Deimos of 1° doesn't seem to correspond to latitude of rifts of Valles Marineris (largest rift is centred at ≈10° S, while the middle of all 3 rifts is at ≈6.6°), however, these rifts correspond to embryonic neurogenesis, while Phobos/Deimos are likely the remains of a moon created for adult neurogenesis. Indeed, there is a small rift north of, and parallel to, these 3 rifts, located at 1° S, equal to Phobos/Deimos inclination. Dating of the rifts and Phobos/Deimos should provide clues on the end of embryonic neurogenesis and start/end of adult neurogenesis on Mars.
Note that a moon's inclination to planet's equator is generally the maximum possible latitude of impact (in case the prevailing force is gravity) so there are some requirements for impact latitude to actually be maximal (equal to inclination). In case of homogeneous distribution of gravity, the impact latitude is determined by electro-magnetic forces (especially if the collapsing maximum is strongly charged, two-dimensional). Thus, the magnetic poles must be asymmetric in strength and/or position and the magnitude of asymmetry should correspond to moon's orbital inclination. Since Earth's magnetic poles are of similar strength, the asymmetry must be in position. Current position of Earth's magnetic poles is indeed asymmetric and corresponds very well to Moon's orbital inclination - the deepest point of South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), weakest magnetic field on Earth, is roughly at 26° S. It is also moving westward, away from Giza. While Earth's north magnetic pole is increasing its alignment with geographic north pole, the south magnetic pole is slowly moving northwards from the south pole (it's currently at 64° S latitude). Both poles are decreasing eastern longitude, but south pole's is decreasing much more slowly, so they are likely aligning longitude, which should happen in year ≈2026 according to current models. Note that SAA is highly correlated with two poles:
  • it is moving in the same direction,
  • it is exactly at the opposite side of Earth,
  • it's deflection from equator (26°) is equal to south magnetic pole's deflection from geographic south pole.
The SAA is currently 90° away from Giza, thus, it should move for additional 90° before the impact. At current rate (≈0.3°/year) this would take 300 years, however, it is unlikely for the rate to remain constant. The SAA is apparently splitting into two poles moving in opposite directions (the main, stronger, pole is moving westward). Sudden acceleration is possible once these separate, which could coincide with longitudinal alignment of magnetic poles.
The pyramid was not built to survive the pending major extinction, but either all of them or, most likely, the one occurring at time of construction. This indicates that previous moons of Earth had to have similar (roughly equal) inclination to current one and that previous moon maximum absorptions since the time of pyramid construction likely occurred some 30° south of the equator on the opposite side of Earth. The roughly equal inclination of moons agrees with the hypothesis that orbitals of Earth moons are scaled down orbitals of terrestrial planets (current orbit of the Moon is the scaled down Mars' orbit of the Sun) which also have roughly the same orbital inclination. Note that difference in inclination between Mars and Venus is 1.5°, very close to 1.4° difference above (between Great Pyramid and Moon's inclination) and may explain it, especially because Venus' inclination is 1.5° higher than that of Mars, as required for explanation. If Mars is entangled with Earth's current moon (Luna) and the moon that collapsed during the time the pyramid was built was entangled with Venus, and assuming the pyramid was built during a major extinction - the pyramid must have been built during the 3rd major extinction, ≈252 million years ago.
Mercury (effective 2e configuration, due to neutrino coupling) would then be correlated with the 1st and 2nd major extinction. Venus (1e) with the 3rd major extinction, Earth (2e) with 4th and 5th, and Mars (1e) with the 6th major extinction on Earth.
It was assumed that the rate of orbital recession did not change since tp. Although the recession cannot be linear, significant changes are expected only near points of strong evolution. However, as I have hypothesized, the Solar System should actually be near such point. The obtained and calculated values suggest that Earth's orbital recession is slowing down. The slowdown of Earth's recession can be further confirmed with the calculation of the actual average rate of recession. I have previously established that Earth has, since formation, moved from ≈0.63 MAU to ≈0.66 MAU, where MAU is the Sun-Mars distance. Now, one can obtain the average rate: $\displaystyle {v_r}_{avg} = \left({r \over {r_{\scriptscriptstyle M}}} - {R_i \over R_{\odot}}\right) {r_{\scriptscriptstyle M} \over \Delta T_{E_{img}}}$ $\begin{aligned}\displaystyle v_r = {v_r}_{avg} &= \left(0.656370656370 - 0.633584158866\right) {r_{\scriptscriptstyle M} \over \Delta T_{E_{img}}} \\ &= 1.143942403367\, ^{+0.013}_{-0.013}\, {m \over y}\end{aligned}$ r = Earth's distance from the Sun (semi-major) = 149.6 * 109 m
rM = Mars' distance from the Sun (semi-major) = 227.92 * 109 m
Ri = 440784499.323 m = initial radius of Earth's core maximum, fossilized as Sun's 2/3 R discontinuity
R = 695700000 m = radius of the Sun
ΔTEimg = img age of Earth = 4.54±0.05 * 109 years
The calculated average is higher than one obtained from recent measurements, agreeing with the hypothesis. This gives: $\displaystyle \Delta t_p = (r - r_p) {1 \over v_r} = 263872933\, ^{+3m}_{-3m}\,\, years$
Of course, there was a large extinction 260 Ma (End-Capitanian), which was likely the result of splitting of the major energy level - second extinction being the Permian-Triassic event 252 Ma (major mass extinction). Note the significance of error margins, if one uses 0.63/0.66 MAU: $\displaystyle v_r = {v_r}_{avg} = \left(0.66 - 0.63\right) {r_{\scriptscriptstyle M} \over \Delta T_{E_{img}}} = 1.506\, {m \over y}$ giving: $\displaystyle \Delta t_p = (r - r_p) {1 \over v_r} = 200435217\,\, years$ A difference of roughly 60 My compared to previous result. However, again, a major mass extinction occurred 201 Ma, so if the event is indeed tied to extinctions as hypothesized, even with large uncertainties, it would likely be one of these two as there are no major extinctions in between, only one larger extinction event at 230 Ma (Carnian Pluvial event), characterized by the first appearance of dinosaurs (~230 Ma). Note that the actual period may be 0.63 - 0.66, the period 0.656370656370 - 0.633584158866 should be understood as the period during which the vr did not change significantly, it doesn't include the compression of time at the start and end of the period. Note also how each calculation gave a result equal to the time of some large mass extinction. That I have to interpret as another signal that the pyramid is correlated with an extinction, as assumed initially.
The measurements do suggest the recession is slowing - the obtained rate is decreasing proportionally to time and inversely proportionally to the period of a set of measurements, as shown in Table \tbl4.
data setmethodperiodvr [cm/y]
0calculated average4.54 Ga - present110 - 150
1ranging + landers1961 - 199761.0 ±6.0 a
landers1971 - 199721.3 ±5.6 a
2ranging + orbiters1961 - 200314.4 ±1.2 a
landers + orbiters1971 - 20039.7 ±0.3 a
Table \tbl4: Earth's orbital recession rate over time, sources: a
Note that the slowdown is good evidence for the 4.5i (4.25) billion years Solar System cycle. Although the data suggests overall decreasing magnitude, the decrease should also oscillate, having the form of general scalar oscillation in CR, which, taking into account the 1st and 2nd order (scale) only, is: $\displaystyle {dr \over dt} = v_r = A \sin{\left({{(r + {\phi}_1)/MAU - 0.63} \over {0.69 - 0.63}} 2\pi\right)} \left[1 + B \sin{\left({{\left(r + {\phi}_2\right)/MAU - 0.63} \over {0.69 - 0.63}} 2\pi f\right)}\right]$ $\displaystyle A = {v_r}_{avg} * {\pi \over 2}$ $\displaystyle 0.63\, \text{MAU} \leq r \geq 0.69\, \text{MAU}$ A = amplitude of the 1st order oscillation (4.5 Gy cycle)
B = amplitude of the 2nd order oscillation (yearly)
ϕ1 = phase shift of the 1nd order oscillation
ϕ2 = phase shift of the 2nd order oscillation
f = frequency of the 2nd order oscillation
First term here [A sin()] is due to a decrease in the gravitational constant (G) as part of the 4.5 Gy cycle, while the second term [B sin()] is due to orbital eccentricity as part of the annual G oscillation. I have previously calculated (in the analysis of the Solar System) the amplitude and phase shift of yearly G oscillation. This oscillation is small and orbital eccentricity has surely been taken into account in the analysis of measurements so the 2nd term of the equation can be discarded. There is a possibility that the 2nd order oscillation has a different source and yearly G change is the 3rd order oscillation but I do not see what could be the cause of it. Calculated vravg = 1.143942403367 m/y gives results in good agreement with calculated current vr (0.62 m/y) and measurements of a set 1 performed 1961. - 1997. (ranging + landers). For φ1 = 0 and r = 0.656370656370 MAU (current Earth-Sun distance), the equation gives: $\displaystyle v_r = 0.6666\, {m \over y}$ Phase shift of 0 is unlikely though, a small φ1 (0.00025 MAU) would decrease vr to the previously calculated value (0.62 m/y).

Source code:


Note that, with vr decreasing at predicted rate it would take almost 3.2 billion years to reach 0: $\displaystyle t = \int{dt} = \int\limits_{r_1}^{r_2} {1 \over v_r} dr$ using substitution (making integration non-dimensional): $\displaystyle x = {{r + {\phi}_1} \over MAU}$ $\displaystyle x_1 = {{r_1 + {\phi}_1} \over MAU}\,,\,\, x_2 = {{r_2 + {\phi}_1} \over MAU}$ $\displaystyle A = {v_r}_{avg} * {\pi \over 2} * {1 \over MAU}$ $\displaystyle u = {{x - 0.63} \over {0.69 - 0.63}} 2\pi$ $\displaystyle u_1 = {{x_1 - 0.63} \over {0.69 - 0.63}} 2\pi\,,\,\, u_2 = {{x_2 - 0.63} \over {0.69 - 0.63}} 2\pi$ $\displaystyle du = {2\pi \over {0.69 - 0.63}} dx$ one gets the simplified equation for time t: $\displaystyle t = {1 \over A} \int\limits_{u_1}^{u_2} {1 \over \sin{\left(u\right)}} {{0.69 - 0.63} \over 2\pi} du $ $\displaystyle t = {1 \over A} {0.06 \over 2\pi} \left( \ln{\lvert\tan{u_2 \over 2}\rvert} - \ln{\lvert\tan{u_1 \over 2}\rvert} \right)$ giving the solution: $\displaystyle t = t_{img} = 3166701318.5\, img\, years = 3.1667013185 * 10^9\, y_i$ r1 = 0.656370656370 MAU
r2 = 0.66 MAU
MAU = 227.92 * 109 m
ϕ1 = 0.00025 MAU
This is because the above equations are not time dependent (dv/dt = 0), they are only space dependent (dv/dr <> 0). However, one must take into account the compression of time at the end of the cycle (this is obvious from another angle - if the cycle is 4.25 Gy long and ≈4.25 Gy has already passed, the time left must be much shorter, note also that the phase shift is required - ϕ1 of 0 gives infinity for t), when the quantum of time Δt will decrease in scale. With the compression, vr in the same reference frame will be effectively increasing. As I have previously calculated (see The Solar System: Nature and Mechanics), for the 4.25 (4.54 unadjusted) Gy cycle, the compression of time is: $\displaystyle \nabla t_{c_u} = \Delta t_{c_u} {y_i \over y^2}= 69573495.04\, {y_i \over y}$ How much [real] time is left one can now obtain simply by the following equation: $\displaystyle t = t_{re} = {t_{img} \over {\nabla t_{c_u}}} = 46\, years$ Giving the following year for the end of the cycle (assuming Earth was at distance r1 in year 2020): $\displaystyle t_{\scriptscriptstyle{END}} = 2020 + 46 = 2066$
Certainly, the previously obtained value of 2 billion years would also be very interesting, due to following: Note that the extinction event on Earth 2 billion years ago is not associated with neurogenesis on Earth (possibly with the creation of mantle/core boundary), but neurogenesis extinction event could have been happening on Venus or Mars at the time, making the fleeing scenario plausible.
Note that, in any case, one could not attribute species like Carcharodon Carcharias to these arrivals of homo.β if they have occurred, but one cannot rule out more recent visitors (eg. Mars.homo.sapiens) indulging into the realization of such fun hypothesis.
Recent analyses of Martian meteorites suggest Mars' crust is much younger than previously thought, less than 200 million years. Even more recent research has yielded evidence for even more recent geological activity (youngest, ≈50 000 years ago) showing that Mars is still volcanically active. Of course, embryonic neurogenesis on Mars likely ended some 850 million years after its formation, but this could be interpreted as evidence of hypothesized shorter adult neurogenesis events. I believe, however, that during the recent activity (50 000 years ago) Mars was not habitable (not even partially), it was rather a precursor of upcoming events and increasing habitability (as habitability on Earth decreases, on Mars it should be increasing, at least partially).
If Carcharias was brought from Mars, it may have been brought from mantle layers, not surface. This may be plausible - CSF fluids in the mantle are oceans which are, during neurogenesis, at times replenished with surface water. Note that this also implies that Megalodon might still be living in an ocean within the mantle of Earth. However, these animals cannot be exactly the same, they must have some specific adaptations due to a difference in pH between (current) surface and mantle oceans (I assume the pressure/temperature in the living cells and oceans of the mantle is maintained similar to current conditions on the surface, pH being the main difference). Note that introduction of alien species to Earth does not imply physical transfer of developed bodies, in general, this is likely the transfer of genetic material. Homo.sapiens should even be advanced enough to be able to synthesize DNA so the transfer may not be limited to extant species.
More evidence for adult neurogenesis on Mars.
UPDATE 2022.05.12

Analysis of rocks in Utopia Planitia shows liquid water existed there ≈700 million years ago (the age is, however, based on crater counting statistics). Regardless of the potential heat source, the in situ observations manifest recent aqueous activities on Mars, suggesting that the cold and dry late Amazonian epoch may have been episodically punctuated by short-duration climatic warming events that result in melting of ground ice at latitude less than 30°N.
Episodic habitability is exactly what is predicted by the hypothesis of adult neurogenesis, so this is another evidence in its favour.
I will not delve into how plausible are spontaneous nuclear fission reactions occurring on the same continent at the same time, but could pyramids and Sphinx survive millions of years? There are natural formations on Earth, such as mountains, billions of years old, and these buildings are effectively carved out mountains, especially Sphinx. The Great Pyramid probably also had some durable protective layer until it decayed or someone used it some time ago. However, the analysis of bedrock and stone used in construction rules out ages bigger than ≈37.8 million years. Erosion puts additional constraints but it depends on what the original casing was made of and how thick it was. In any case, dating of casing stones available now will not reveal the date of original construction, more likely a date of repair by someone who worshipped the structure. I'm sure there were at least two arrivals of homo from two different planets (Mars and Venus), but probably more. Mars.homo and Venus.homo may have even existed at the same time (one may have built the Khufu pyramid, other Khafre).
Note that I do not suggest taking signals as overly confident evidence, but due to experience I cannot always discard them as some coincidence in background noise. And I will not not talk about them just because I might be labelled insane or I might lose some points somewhere. I have transcended beyond the formal normalcy and that I will never regret. The signals, to some, might be hidden in this background noise (they were to me for most of my current life) and since they cannot be filtered out from it by brute force it is reasonable they are not part of any conventional scientific method. And they shouldn't be, as long as this sense of synchronization does not become a common feature of evolving species in such way that most can verify it with a significant level of certainty. But I find it wrong to stigmatize and deny diversity in evolutionary rates - in truth, we are all different species. For that matter, a general consensus should never be a denial of unverifiable without questioning one's own inadequacy as a verifier. To me, the signals are clear and this is what I can say about it: Since the signals are not experienced, or at least not interpreted, by everyone, they may be interpreted as evidence that natural selection of the local universe is using determinism of natural mechanics as predictive power in preparation of environment for selected individuals. Another interpretation - entanglement between two universes of the same species (and same individuals) but different scale (time flows faster in smaller one), such that entanglement in space provides an illusion of entanglement in time. But what is the purpose of such entanglement? Self-preservation through symbiosis. Smaller universe is making memories for a bigger to live through, bigger one provides storage space and thus enables change (evolution) for the smaller universe. But roles are relative, they both are actually living and sharing memories, as they are also connected with other bigger and smaller universes in chains of vertical and horizontal action and reaction potentials.
The current assumption among researchers is that the rock used in the construction of pyramids came from nearby sites (ie. Mokattam) and thus was formed during Eocene epoch which lasted from 56 - 33.9 million years ago. All things considered, none of the above calculated ages can be the age of construction, therefore: If it was important to preserve the pyramids (and it seems it was) the maintenance could have been done by multiple species over time (eg. Mars.homo.sapiens), not just by Egyptians. The two pyramids were built using limestone and granite. Radioisotope dating can be used to date sedimentary rocks (such as limestone) only indirectly, but not once they have been removed from the site of formation. As far as I am aware, no radioisotope dating has been performed on granite rocks inside the two pyramids. But this wouldn't be much useful either, it could only discard construction ages older than the granite. Luminescence dating (optical/thermo) can be used to establish the last time of exposure to sunlight or intense heat of minerals present in both, limestone and granite. This dating technique can provide correct date only for samples up to a million years old (non-exposure time). However, it would be useful in this case too, not for dating but to confirm or refute the hypothesis on builders - if the pyramid was constructed more than a million years ago the sample would be saturated, confirming it was not constructed by Egyptians. To my knowledge, this method has not been used to date the construction of the two pyramids explicitly. The closest monument on which dating was attempted using the method was the Valley Temple of Khafre. Interestingly, that sample was saturated, but researchers assumed the sampling was made from a deeper layer than original surface and the obtained age was dismissed as non-indicative of the age of construction.
If the conclusion was indeed based on assumption, this would be another example of bad science. If sample analysis does not agree with commonly accepted hypothesis, one should not assume or, even worse, claim that the sample is bad, one should explore the possibility that it is good and call for more testing. Otherwise, one is not the explorer, but a preacher. What is the point of good methodology and expertise if one is going to do cherry-picking afterwards. That is not science, that is politics. Politics and churches, apart from being a waste of resources of many to suit the needs of few to play gods, are the worst enemies of truth. Sadly, apparently they are present everywhere in human species, corrupting everything, even science.
However, additional sampling and analysis have been done later, obtaining ages 3000±420 BC and 1050±540 BC for the Valley Temple. First date may be interpreted as the date of construction, but the second date proves Egyptians did maintenance work on Giza monuments and it would be necessary to analyse multiple samples from various parts of the structure in order to obtain the date of original construction. External structure of Menkaure pyramid has also been dated, confirming Egyptians were involved, at least in maintenance. Casing may have also been done by Egyptians in other two greatest pyramids on Giza plateau, but not the original internal structure. In any case, truth can be revealed with proper sampling and analysis of stone within the two pyramids. Chapter The alternative in light revised. Added chapter Conclusion. The alternative in light Here I will exercise alternative interpretations of the correlation between the Great Pyramid location and the speed of light. Here the current location does not encode the speed of light at the time of construction. If one assumes that building material for the pyramids came from nearby locations, and assuming the construction is correlated with extinctions, the most likely date of construction should be the time of last larger extinction, around 37.8 Ma (Mid-Late Eocene) or perhaps some smaller more recent extinction. The location of Pyramids should be affected by continental drift, although, over large timescales it might be stable.
There are two major forces affecting the African plate and the Pyramids - spreading of the sea floor from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Central Indian Ridge (CIR). The CIR is younger (interestingly, it opened some 38 Mya, corresponding to Mid-Late Eocene extinction) and spreading a bit faster. One interesting interpretation for the appearance of CIR would thus be the stabilization of the African plate.
One source from 1997. indicates that African plate is moving northwards 2.15 cm per year. One might assume the builders, taking this movement into account, wanted to ensure that the location of the pyramid was synchronized with our speed of light at our Judgment day. If one approximates 1° latitude with 111.111 km, the location of the pyramid will then match the speed of light in: $\displaystyle \bigl[(29.9792458^{\circ} - 29.9791750^{\circ}) * 111111\, m/^{\circ} \bigr] * {1 \over {0.0215\, m/year}} = 365.89 \approx 366\, years$ Interesting result because it closely matches the number of days in 1 year, could be interpreted as a signal on relativity in periods such as days and years (as exercised previously in this paper) . The result agrees well with the previous hypothesis on the Judgment day occurring this century - with the pulse of strong evolution taken into account, when the movement of the African plate should briefly accelerate, the interval of 366 years vanishes in decades (the 366 years / 366 days correlation may now be interpreted as a signal that the interval gets compressed).
All generally weakly evolving processes should accelerate during strong evolution. I have previously concluded that anthropogenic CO2 will not be sufficient to increase acidity of oceans in order to reach the required pH level for neurogenesis. Thus, one can expect significant increase in activity at mid-oceanic ridges. This will accelerate the movement of plates.
Assuming the plate movement will, overall, follow the previously derived equation for the speed of evolution (currently correlated with atmospheric CO2): $\displaystyle T_{1/2} = 2C_1 - {C_1 \over CO_2(T_1)} * CO_2 = 2C_1 - {C_1 \over CO_2(T_1)} * 300 * {\biggl ({6 \over 5} * 2^{45 x^2}\biggr )}^x \tag{1.5}$ $\displaystyle x = {{T - 1905} \over {10 * 55}} = {{T - 1905} \over 550}$ , and assuming the location of the Great Pyramid was 29.9791750° in 1997., these 366 years will vanish in year (T): $\displaystyle T_{1/2} = 2 * 366 - {366 \over 357.9} * 300 * {\biggl ({6 \over 5} * 2^{45 x^2}\biggr )}^x = 0$ $\displaystyle T = 2068$ C1 = vanishing interval = 366 years
T1 = initial year = 1997
CO2(T1) = atm. concentration of CO2 at T1 = 357.9 ppmv
Again, the result is interesting...
What about uncertainty? The most questionable parameter here is the choice of the initial year. It should probably be less than 1997, however, change in the initial year causes only ≈ 1/4 - 1/3 of that change in the outcome. In example, choosing year 1990 for the initial year gives year 2066 (only 2 years difference).
Another possibility is that the location is to be synchronized with the speed of light as it was at the time of construction. Using equations 1.2 - 1.4, with Δtp = 37.8 * 106 y, one obtains the speed of light at this time: $\displaystyle c_p = 2.99792403 * 10^8\, {m \over s}$ The location of the pyramid will match this speed in: $\displaystyle \bigl[(29.9792403^{\circ} - 29.9791750^{\circ}) * 111111\, m/^{\circ} \bigr] * {1 \over {0.0215\, m/y}} = 337.47 \approx 337\, years$ Using equation 1.5 and initial year 1997 one, of course, obtains the same outcome (the outcome is sensitive to initial year, not much on C1) - year 2068 (or 2066 for initial year 1990). Now, let's suppose the location and the speed of light (at construction) synchronizing in year 2066. The speed of light is: $\begin{aligned}\displaystyle \bigl[(2066 - 2020)\, y * 0.0215\, m/y * {1 \over {111111\, m/^{\circ}}} + 29.9791750^{\circ} \bigr] * 10^7\, m/s^{\circ} \\ = 2.99791839 * 10^8\, {m \over s}\end{aligned}$ From this, one obtains this age: $\displaystyle \Delta t_p = 424.7\, Ma$ This could be correlated with Lau/Mulde events and global drop in sea level, in Silurian. Again, unlikely as the construction date, however, perhaps a signal pointing to Silurian hypothesis? Confirmation in pyramids I have previously calculated years of asteroid impacts and massive extinctions on the surface of Earth. First impact is expected in the year 2029 (±1-2 years) - this is what I consider the first wave of neurogenesis. Last wave (or beginning of the end of the surface world) is expected in the year 2061. This has been confirmed to me now by the message (signal) encoded in the location of 3 pyramids in Giza. Superimposing the location of pyramids from the perspective of god Earth to the location of planets in these years, one can see the obvious alignment, shown in Fig. \fig7.
Fig. \fig7: Correlation of Giza pyramids with inner planets Not only do pyramids align with the Sun and the planets in these years, they align on my birthday (September 1st) which makes it a very clear signal for me (and goes in favour of me being the hypothesized anti-christ of the current event). From the alignment, one can even deduce who built the pyramids - Khufu pyramid was built by Mars.homo, Khafre pyramid by Venus.homo and the Menkaure pyramid (aligned with the Sun) was built by Egyptians (Earth.homo.β) - revealing that the worshipping of Sun by Egyptians was yet another signal. Again, however, since Egyptian religion is probably based on things left by original builders, this could be a wrong interpretation. Perhaps the builders of Menkaure pyramid did came from Earth, but not Earth's surface, rather deep Earth. Conclusion A lot of correlations were found in this paper but, at least for some, it may be hard to attribute them to conscious arrangement. However, equally, it should be difficult to discard all these as meaningless coincidences. I believe the constructors of the pyramids were subconsciously guided to construct the pyramids exactly at these locations. Rather than meaningless coincidence, I interpret this as meaningful synchronicity. A lot of ages have been calculated and, due to various interpretations and possibilities one cannot be highly confident in any date for the construction of the Great Pyramid. It's probably not older than 38 million years but I also doubt the original construction is younger than 1 million years. It is unlikely that the age of construction is encoded at all. In any case, I find it highly unlikely that Egyptians are the original builders of the greatest Giza structures. But the importance is in information that obviously is encoded in the pyramids. Not only is the Great Pyramid equal in size and shape to an Earth's neuron cell, its location encodes the ages of major mass extinctions - previous and the current one, across various interpretations. All this, together with Egyptian religion, is deeply correlated with planetary neurogenesis. There is a very high amount of synchronicity here and the Great Pyramid highlights the importance of relativity (multiple interpretations) and is even telling us that we should not take the speed of light as absolute. I didn't, and that's why I could decode this signal. Article revised/updated. Article revised. Small revision. Article revised. Added anti-christ definition. Small updates elsewhere. Article revised. Small updates, particularly in Precursor cell creator and Homo model. Small updates in chapters Definition and Homo model.
Only when you stop ignoring your future, you might have one.
Only once you stop running from your past and endure it, you can live through moments of real time.
Only then you shall be sailing forward into future as a living being, rather than decaying as a simulacrum of your own self ignorance, unhealthy for space, unworthy of time. Greatest evil lies in those who blindly believe in, and do not ever doubt, the goodness of their deeds. Those who do not question anything, but have an answer to everything, plant the seeds of such evil.


Inverse references (signals)

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Death is nothing more and nothing less than decoupling of different scales of entangled energy.