33 2021.03.31 2024.03.12 2024.03.13 Amenoum About space-time travel. general travel, UFO, homo.sapiens homo.sapiens, homo.beta 0 The future of travel: Conscious bending of mind Intro Mankind may be developing better and better vehicles and spaceships, but this progress is incremental. There is no more efficient or better way of travel than a naturally built-in propulsion. Once I have discovered that particles are life forms and what are long-term goals of evolution, it became obvious how future of travel looks like. UFO phenomena Some of us may have already witnessed that future. There are numerous reports on UFO's in the form of bright spherical lights or multiple such lights sometimes ordered in a shape of a cigar. I believe that inside these spheres is homo.delta (eg. Mars.homo.sapiens). The spheres are bioluminescent forms of life with which homo.delta lives in symbiosis with. They might even be relatively inseparable, forming organs of a completely formed organism (fossilized symbiosis).
The shape of a cigar is, of course, not a coincidence (even if they themselves are not creating it consciously). A cigar is most often associated with cancer, and they have been showing us what we still refuse to accept - that we are cancer for the planet. They want to be noticed but they chose not to reveal themselves to us. That is not a coincidence either, their appearance is commonly interpreted as invasion of our airspace - cause, somehow, this is our space now, shiny stars must be hostile and everything inside is not allowed to be more intelligent than us.
Note that, if there is an inner sphere (inner maximum) inside too, once the outer maximum collapses (exchanging gravitational potential for electro-magnetic), the coupling would have a form of a flying saucer. The mechanics How does this propulsion work? The object (life-form) may be interpreted as a large scale quantum particle. Its propulsion then probably requires a change of scale in momentum components or exchange of spin for orbital angular (or relatively linear) momenta.
Even our souls likely exploit this principle of travel when they collapse at death.
For the sphere, there is no direct control of momentum - control is generally an illusion created by synchronicity attracting correlation. For homo.delta (real homo.sapiens) inside, however, rather than synchronicity, some precursor of weak causality is more likely. I have already hypothesized that homo.sapiens has evolved telepathy. This is likely common in its ecosystem. Thus, it has a strong mental connection to the creature it is in symbiosis with (the sphere). Note that this sphere may be a [precursor of a] naked soul, making this a symbiosis, or indirect co-evolution, of a body and a soul. In this case, body is localized inside the soul (like in case of the Sun and outer planets), rather than the other way around (like in our case, or in case of inner planets).
Note that even this is relative. There are no souls or bodies which are not inside or outside of other souls and bodies.
But does homo.sapiens change scale during travel? For us, a change of scale is equivalent with death or birth and includes abandonment and decay or acquisition and evolution of real mass. Therefore, I do not think homo.sapiens changes scale during travel, however, the sphere might up to some degree - possibly the outer sphere does, while the inner sphere does not. Advanced travel There are always two ways something can be achieved, the hard and the easy way. However, generally only one, if any, may be possible or practical for particular species. The hard way will generally require high amounts of energy while the easy way will be much more energy efficient. In example, nuclear fusion can be achieved by brute force of temperature and pressure with non-controlled (random) distribution of individual momenta or it may be achieved by low energy reactions using precise targeting with non-random momenta distribution. The same is true with manipulation of space. One can accumulate enormous quantities of matter to force space to bend or one can simply directly influence individual quanta of space (gravitons). Either way, if one can do it in a controlled way, speed of travel can be theoretically unlimited. The scale of quanta of space is the scale of our souls. Thus, this low energy way of influence on space could be possible by utilizing consciousness (similar to how it can be used to affect processes in the body). We generally cannot accomplish this - many of us cannot even influence processes in our bodies in controlled way (consciously). This may be due to undeveloped introverted component of our intelligence that would increase our intimacy with small scale energies. However, the more introverted one is the less one has the need for physical motion (here, one moves consciously in mental reality). Extreme introversion is the reason why planets do not move - they simply let the flow (rotation generally) of space carry them (they practically don't lose energy in orbits). Similar is true for small scale particles (life-forms) such as electrons.
Relatively conscious movement of an extremely introverted soul (including the large scale graviton of planets) in external reality might be possible at time of decoupling of the soul and the body of matter (ie. at times of death).
Ironically thus, those who have the capability to directly influence space do not utilize it to travel in external reality. The planets are controlling souls living in them and on them to influence local phenomena, any external control is unnecessary and would be a waste of energy.
The control may not be conscious control of individuals however - depending on memory resolution and the scale of action potentials.
Similar is the story with whales, which are significantly introverted. Although they interact in external reality their extroverted interaction is limited and simple - apart from communication.
Planets too might be engaged in complex communication. They certainly have the means to do so. Variability in Earth's magnetic field contains both relatively randomly behaving vectors (ie. reversals, fluctuations) and harmonic oscillations. Similar to our communication. If one is to interpret such communication in a meaningful way however, one needs to take into account scale proportional time delation. Note that communication between the Sun and planets may be interpreted as a communication between the soul and the components of the body of the Solar System.
But some creature with significant introversion and desire for travel through external reality too should exist. That may be the homo.delta. Note that the effective mind-control can be chained, eg. homo.delta might transfer its desire for motion to its more introverted symbiont (spherical creature) which may then, consciously or unconsciously, transfer this desire to quanta of space.
Once we stop treating everything (including us) as purely mechanical, everything is possible. Until then, everything is an illusion, extremely limiting but exhaustingly hard to maintain.
Where is Mars.homo.sapiens? Mars.homo.sapiens should generally live in the mantle of Mars. However, obviously it has been visiting Earth, interacting indirectly with Earthlings and effectively acting as the immune system of Earth. Thus, it likely has a permanent settlement somewhere inside of Earth. As I have hypothesized in planetary neurogenesis, with every mass extinction, a tunnel must be opened at the south pole of the planet. It is possible that this tunnel exists even between extinctions, it may be filled with water and sealed with a couple of kilometres of ice at the top.
Note that at time of a mass extinction (strong evolution), the ice cap has to melt and most likely source of energy for that is magma. Since this hole is likely opened at the same place every time, I find it likely that a tunnel does exist at all times rather than being recreated every time. Note also that this is not an ordinary lava tube. It should lead to living ecosystems in the mantle.
The sphere of homo.sapiens protects him but also provides heat and it would be easy for homo.sapiens to melt its way through the ice and establish a settlement somewhere below. After all, creatures below are much more diverse and friendly than dying homo.beta above. Article updated.


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