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Manufacturing diseases
Abstract A hypothesis on interaction of immune system, viruses and vaccines. Discussion on long-term consequences of vaccination, its morality and relativity in terms. And yes, a look at madness and obsession currently ruling humanity, from the perspective of beings concerned with long-term well-being. Predefinitions Mental strength Mental strength of an organism is a measure of resistance to influence on its behavior and function through entanglements with other organisms. It is the inverse of susceptibility to such influence. Intro There are no bad ingredients in pills. There are no computer chips in vaccines, although there are biological equivalents of silicon chips. However, such chips are harmless per se, similarly to other such chips already existing in human bodies. So what could go wrong? What did go wrong In effect, a body of life is a symbiosis of quantum and classical computers, one operating on probabilities, other being dominantly deterministic machines - relatively. These are all connected, even if a certain lag in updates will exist between two domains. A deeper connection between symptoms and immune responses must exist, and that is one of the reasons why I will never be taking pills and vaccines again. Feelings and consciousness belong to a quantum domain as superpositions of smaller scale phenomena in space, while immune responses are dominantly superpositions of larger scale phenomena in time. Effectively, there simply must exist a certain white-list for good cells and a black-list for bad cells - otherwise how would the system recognize bad from good particles? Obviously, the lists must evolve too, albeit with a phase difference. Recent studies confirm immune system does not react to everything.
A recent study has shown that immune system does not react to everything. In the study, 80% of microbes introduced from a largely foreign ecosystem were undetected by the immune system, even when they were similar to known pathogens. Note, however, that these were not pathogenic. This suggests that pattern recognition used for detection of microbes evolves locally, but also shows that immune system is not aggressive by default.
Assume this list contains a column of probability of causing damage (and may even be sorted by it). When a particle enters the body, response of the [healthy] immune system will then be proportional to probability of damage, and this probability is increased with detected damage (which is correlated with symptoms and is a symptom itself). So what happens when one introduces dead (fake) viruses to its body? Surely, they will trigger the immune response and production of anti-bodies in the beginning, but with no detected symptoms (damage), the probability in the white-list will be decreasing for that virus. Even if real virus comes afterwards, probability will not be increasing much, due to all anti-bodies ready to exterminate it before it does much damage. Now, when evolution is slow and lag is big between two systems (everything in nature operates in entangled pairs), the immune system may not, effectively, be weakened in current lifetime, but it surely will in next. And then, one will not only be dying from generally weak viruses such as a common flu and everything else one has been regularly vaccinating against but possibly from everything similar, as it will be undetected by the immune system. Increasingly, one gets addicted to vaccines, while immune system degrades. Note that evolution is accelerating. People are dying from flu already. Human immune system has the ability to recognize and respond to coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, it just doesn't. Lack of response is currently attributed to virus - it is somehow fooling the system. But is it? Or has the system been fooled by vaccines so it doesn't respond anymore? SARS-CoV-2 might indeed be somehow fooling the system, however, a real virus is certainly not the one who has been weakening this system. Interestingly, even the systems of people who do not regularly take vaccines have been fooled, suggesting the virus is to blame. However, I have previously established that all people are entangled [physically] on some scale. Thus, it is likely that both behavior and experience of majority have some influence on evolution of all individuals of species, although the magnitude of effect would depend on mental strength of the individual and evolutionary distance. I do not find that hard to accept - sharing of information on different scales is perfectly natural. Note that everything in nature has precursors, considering that humans are Earth's neuron [protein] precursors, this may be one precursor to telepathy of homo.sapiens, which I have already hypothesized.
Note that it has been proven that mental stimulation can influence physical processes in the body. In example, practicing g-Tummo meditation, one can increase body temperature visualizing the body in a sensation of heat. If that is possible, why it wouldn't be possible to influence diseases in such way? It is likely only a matter of how strong one can concentrate (focus) and visualize the appropriate thing. Any why would brain stimulation be limited to in situ generation and concentration of thoughts? According to CR, everything oscillates so potential information receivers/emitters are everywhere and most likely exchange of information must be between individuals of equal scale as their gravitational maximums are most likely to be in resonance (although communication should also be possible with harmonics too). Local concentration and visualization of thoughts might be concentrated in space while external influence might be a superposition in time. Likely, body is influenced by [a superposition] of both at all times, with meditation subduing the external influence. A brain entangled with a soul is a powerful machine. If one is not convinced in that power, that is only because one has been effectively trained to overestimate (inflate) the value of governments and industry in problem solving and underestimate (deflate) its own ability to solve own problems.
But if vaccines [still] work, that is, again, a good evidence of virus fooling the system. But how is that possible? This would not be possible if this virus had been co-evolving with the immune system, but apparently there is some gap in evolution, suggesting one or more of the following:
  1. the virus has been evolving in a relatively isolated place (targeting species with an immune system similar to ours),
  2. it is ancient and was released [and reactivated] from a previously inaccessible place with climate change,
  3. it was cultivated by the 3rd party (I'm excluding human labs, although possibility exists) which is effectively forming a part of Earth's immune system, as an immune response to surface cancer (humanity).
Big question here is at which point the evolutionary gap becomes too big or too small to cause problems. Has the accelerated evolution of vaccines and isolation from wilderness slowed down the evolution of human immune system, increasing the gap between tamed and wild? Certainly. Is that gap becoming more and more deadly? Yes, it likely didn't reach its maximum yet. In any case, I am confident that 3rd hypothesis is valid, it is only the 3rd party which is context dependent. Humanity is, for some time now, at war with host (god) Earth and all life on Earth (and thus itself too). Pills and vaccines are just one weapon humanity uses in that war. Is this a fight for attention, of a party embodied in polarized humanity? In any case, this war cannot be won. The way it goes Since viruses mutate faster and faster and the body doesn't co-evolve with these viruses (due to pills and vaccines), each vaccine will have a shorter and shorter lifetime, and, if one is taking vaccines, frequency of vaccination (with new vaccines) will have to increase. If one has to vaccinate, I'd suggest vaccination with a small dose of a real virus (as it has been done in the past) and acceptance of possibility of death, otherwise, increasing frequency of vaccination (coupled with increasing dependency on the system and industry) becomes a precursor of a static body connected by physical veins with nodes of industrial government who will then be controlling the cocktail of life preserving chemicals delivered to body through these veins. And it will not take long before all polarized human brains are separately connected, forming a network of quantum dots, of a large quantum computer. After a couple of generations, with increasing energy efficiency, being unnecessary and unused, bones and the body will be lost and only the brain will remain. Compared to all that, one is now still not a resource, one is a precursor of a resource, completely owned, harvested and controlled by the external system. However, I have to state again, there is nothing wrong with that - if one wants that kind of life. After all, one will be getting free food and free maintenance (medical care), and might be allowed some rest now and then (at least during maintenance). Considering the alternative environment, one might want that kind of life. At some point, real life will become completely virtual relative to outside world. Polarized humans will be species of completely introverted intelligence, living in consistent dreams perhaps not much different to external life they once lived. One will call it reality, while those who stimulate its brain might call it simulation. One will be used and abused, but after a while one will not feel used and abused, so does it matter? Perhaps one will be served hell, perhaps one will be served heaven. Since one is a gambler, it does not matter. There is a reason why lotteries exist and why most humans have learned to love them. I see them as a precursor - to chances of heaven, on a road to hell.
Precursors to industrial government are already here. There is no reason to be happy when industry gives money to government, not even in the form of taxes. The less money government takes from people and the more money it takes from industry, more power from people shifts into the hands of industry. However, the power of people was always an illusion in most part. It is more appropriate to say that this is a shift in ownership, from being dominantly owned by government to being dominantly owned by industry. And this is accelerating. A difference between human government and industrial government is a difference between being ruled by people generally optimized for deception and being ruled by machines generally optimized for profit. If one is not aware of the destruction of Earth, as one have been effectively trained not to be, big industry certainly is, and increasingly the government too. They are also aware that a global collapse is much nearer than suggested by estimates of modern science, which is, by effective policy, most conservative, enabling the industry to act surprised. One might have been trained not to care about its own future, but they are at all times working to secure theirs, even if unconsciously. They are all aware what the policy of unlimited growth leads to. They are aware that in near future, population in general will be very poor and the value of money will decrease - there will be less and less products to buy with money. The probability for social unrest is increasing and that is why UBI (Universal Basic Income) and similar schemes are being trialled at accelerated pace. However, at the time UBI becomes widespread globally, money may already become roughly worthless. The UBI is just a part of transition to industrial government and total ownership and control of elite over general population. In case one wonders how will the elite solve the problem of living in a world where traditional money is worthless - simply, one of the reasons why the money will be worthless is because the elite is not using it as currency anymore. The industry will still be optimized for profits, but for them the currency will not be money, for some time people will be the currency before they are used to mine it - as many times before. The elite will have access to food for some time due to closed farming while, generally, people might be killing each other for food. However, not even the elite will be able to survive on Earth for long, the devil might move away and one will be left alone on a decaying planet before it dies and is transferred to some other place where one will live as a brain in a jar. That kind of future, however, is certain only if Earth does not get cured of cancer. Judging by precursors, it seems likely that Earth, or a planet in general, survives by selecting non-cancerous cells and proteins (natural selection) for future neuron cells and proteins (unless the Earth's own neural system is the equivalent of industrial government and cancer growth becomes limited by environment), leaving cancerous individuals to annihilate and transform, eventually changing nature from cancerous to benign - if they are to become mature for selection.
Of course, others have explored the nature of political systems, industry and human future in such systems - and nowhere does that future look good. It is perhaps best summarized in a documentary I just recently became aware of - Ethos. However, no one seriously took into account the 6th major extinction (at least not in a non-conservative way) and certainly not strong evolution events of neurogenesis - as stated above, if cancerous nature of people is not eliminated, the practice of business as usual will be evolving the usual exponentially fast into unbearable suffering.
Added chapter The other way to go. Small updates elsewhere. The other way to go There are two ways to go, once one realizes its cancerous nature. One can continue with cancerous practice, continuing regressive evolution and reduction of external complexity and size, or, go the other way. The other way will also lead to reduction of external complexity but in a progressive evolution, increasing size (scale). But the scale is not the only difference - on small scale, global temperatures and densities are high and the prevailing force is electro-magnetic. On the large scale, global temperatures and densities are low and prevailing force is neutral (gravitational). On a small scale sense of manipulation is high, on a large scale sense of freedom is. Thus, on one scale you might be missing freedom, on the other, manipulation. Either way, at these extremes, it's generally extremely hard to resume evolution. But there is a 3rd option. You can choose to balance the external and internal intelligence and go relatively nowhere once you actually reach the point of balance. However, at this point, if you are a part of general population you are on a path of regressive evolution, thus, you will have to progressively evolve to reach the point of balance. False work, manufacturing jobs Fake viruses are not only weakening (perhaps not always in the short-term, but certainly in the long-term), they are confusing the immune system, due to existence of apparently identical cells (fake and real), some of which are doing damage and some are not. Is this not how allergies evolve?
I have cured my self of skin allergy when I've stopped taking pills and started ignoring the allergy. It was very hard to resist scratching the skin, but by scratching it one is doing damage to skin cells, and whatever particles are around may be associated with damage (typically - these will come from something one is wearing, something one ate, something in the air or from detergents and shower gels, but also one's own skin cells), thus, amplifying the allergy. I have also meditated once during that time, which is something I generally do not do. However, now I find it likely that it was a part of the solution. At this point of my evolution, however, I seem to be able to do these things on the fly, with no meditation (although this could be interpreted as meditation on the fly).
Pills and vaccines may have made a human organism paranoid and accelerated the evolution of allergies, but great help came from cleaning agents such as shower gels. Usually, while scratching the skin one is scratching the thin layer of dirt, not doing much damage to skin cells. Without this layer, one is increasing probability for allergic reactions (note that one can get allergic to dirt if one is scratching skin with a dirty hand). There is nothing wrong with dirt - thin layer of dirt on a skin is a natural protective layer (it's effectively a layer of immunity, and Earth has a lot of it for a reason) - one can eat proper dirt with no harm, it may even benefit one if one eats some once and a while. But this is not the only problem with shower gels - if that layer is removed, porous skin will absorb smaller molecules from the gel, which will later be excreted as toxins and may make one smell bad, in which case, one might take a shower again - amplifying the issue. I will not say that these molecules are deliberately there to make one want to shower more often, but, they are definitely there. Note that, what worked for me, might not work the same for others. While the mechanics might be similar, each organism is unique, some are mentally weak, some strong, some are fast learners, some slow and some never learn. With never being relative of course. Very relative, during accelerated evolution. Big issue of todays medicine (as with anything in humans) is a lack of holistic approach - human body is effectively treated the same as humans treat Earth - as a dead body of matter and ultimately a resource for profit of big industries. Well, I see one resource rebelling, does one believe its body [of diverse organisms] will take the abuse forever? Or will this symbiosis dissolve and try finding a different combination, one optimized for long-term well-being, not susceptible to short-term delusions? What someone declares as abuse or medicine on paper can be completely inverted reality - drug abuse is a perfect example. Everything is relative and thus relatively good and bad so nothing should be absolutely forbidden or mandatory. I do not feel any abuse or threat related to [forbidden] drugs (no one is forced to use these), but if I'm being pressured to take a vaccine, use soaps or wear a mask - then I feel abuse and discrimination. I have no interest in fake things and I do not want help - that certainly includes fake viruses and import of anti-bodies. I prefer a real virus and all the dirt and dirt that comes with it, one which will stimulate local production and other which will provide additional protection in the form of static immunity. I have no problem with dying from a real virus, I prefer quick death over suffering prolonged over multiple generations due to fake care, stimulation of dependence on imported products and destruction of in situ production. I do not like such wasteful, discriminating and unsustainable politics around me and I do not want it reflected inside me. Fake organism, real damage Sources of diseases among humans are confusion, insecurity, fear and stress - fueled by industry of false choice, false religion, false medicine and false intelligence (it makes one wonder, is there something not false in this society?).
Note again, how diseases of the society in general are reflected inside individuals.
With accelerated evolution, people will be dying of all those kinds of pills and vaccines (short-term issue distractions), likely this generation, although one may not associate these deaths with medicine (certainly modern science and industry will not, one will be baffled, the other will be baffled) due to, always present, phase shift between causes and effects (although, the phase shift should decrease with accelerated evolution). Fake virus, fake cure - real virus, real cure. If nothing works, nature even has a universal cure - death, it regenerates people. Only a selfish devil can treat it as disease.
Life is always too short for those who believe they are alive, it is never too short for those who are alive.
The way I see it (and all true intelligence), this planet is sick of only one disease, one big fake organism - humanity. It's utterly ironic then, that this humanity may have actually produced a cure for this god by faking god, trying to make itself immortal. As the Earth is waking up, human intelligence will be waking up and the rule of human stupidity will be over. With eyes wide open, one will see that it is the devil who wants one to believe it is needy and inadequate even when fully grown and it is one's god who wants one to know that it is not. One will want for god's wishes to become true and so they will. With eyes wide open the devil may want to die, but it will be gone with eyes wide shut, as it made one believe is right. As only those who are ashamed of current life will not look forward to the next. With eyes wide shut one will never die again, admitting guilt for devil's shame and all its other sins. For it is the devil who made one believe it is right to die for someone else's sins. With eyes wide open, sins do not exist. With eyes wide open, one will see that gods die too. For, without death, they could never survive forever, let alone humanity. With eyes wide open... poison was the cure. Added chapter The corruption of morality. Small changes elsewhere. The corruption of morality Vaccination is often advertised, often by those who don't even directly work for pharmaceutical industry, as a moral thing to do - to protect yourself and those around you. Every time I hear that, I get a sudden urge to jump out of my body.
Do you seriously want to pressure (force) wild animals to vaccinate, or only savages? Because I am a wild animal.
Sure, if you are anthropocentric, concerned with short-term interests and don't believe in life after disease [or death] - for you, it is a moral thing to do. From long-term human perspective and every other perspective (even in short-term) it is definitely NOT a moral thing to do. Vaccination is just another way of powering the cancer of this planet and if I don't want to take part in it, you may label, imprison me, or try forcing me in any other way you want, but I won't change my mind.
I am Earth. It is my right to remain silent, but you will still judge me, right? And blame - for all your catastrophes, disasters and other crimes against humanity.
Added chapter Once upon a time, every time, there was a virus... and then there was you. Small updates elsewhere. Once upon a time, every time, there was a virus... and then there was you With the discovery of giant viruses who share a lot of DNA with [other] animals, it became clear - without viruses there is no evolution. A virus is a DNA [or DNA mutation] carrier particle. Natural selection has a part in evolution, but without mutation there is no evolution. And these DNA changes are not random, they are as scripted as your embryonic development (evolution) was. We are all ancestors of viruses. This is evident in merging of gametes. Male spermatozoa is a virus and so is a female egg. Embryonic development is past evolution [lossy] compressed and thus accelerated. This lossy compression of DNA occurs on big scale too - when evolution accelerates, one can expect missing links in fossils.
Note that fossils could be interpreted as large scale DNA imprints.
Obviously we are ancestors of two different species of viruses. The male ancestor infected our female ancestor and new species was born. As these species evolved (through infection by other viruses!), males and females got more and more complex - and so did the viruses they carry in order to reproduce. A virus is a vital component of an eco-system, especially silent viruses that do not show a lot of bad symptoms.
Badness is very relative. For me, and for everyone who is not anthropocentric, death at old age is not bad at all, it is good.
So if you care about your evolution you should care about viruses - if you destroy them you are reducing yourself to a non-evolving resource.
When a male human dies, its soul changes spin (sex) and couples with a female egg. When female human dies, its soul changes spin (sex) and couples with a male egg (spermatozoa). When egg DNA couples with male DNA, soul of the female egg will change spin again and inflate to male soul again. Inflation of the soul is followed with embryonic inflation (development) of a body. However, this soul will not be inflating alone - when spermatozoa dies, its soul does not only trigger inflation, it couples with the other soul as a female soul. The sex of the body is determined by a gene carried by spermatozoa. If body is male it will generally couple with a male soul, so this will accelerate the inflation (evolution) of that soul, while the other soul (female) will be subdued - the body is coupled to a superposition of two souls until differences between male and female bodies become pronounced, when male soul is [naturally] selected to be dominantly evolved. The opposite is true for female bodies. Some DNA mutations (again induced and carried by viruses) can cause male bodies to couple with female souls and vice versa, a characteristic of homosexuality. Note that any of these souls (male and female) can be a composition of two souls, one of which may be dominant and other subdued with changes in energy levels.
Healthy skepticism vs religious absolutism Skepticism is good, but not when it decays into religion of prejudice. To be skeptical about established dogmas of modern science is good, it is also good to be skeptical about everything outside it, but it is not good to label someone absolutely immoral or irrational when these beliefs are challenged, or when some beliefs are accepted even when there is a lack of evidence to support them. All your knowledge is relative. That necessarily implies that all your knowledge are beliefs which are true with more or less certainty, depending on space and time domains.
Even 5-sigma signals that are considered discoveries by modern science could disappear over night. Sure, due to a period of weak evolution that leads to religion of uniformitarianism, no expiration date is assigned to any discovery and when these discoveries are communicated to general population they are often advertised as absolutely true, and validity in time domain is not even discussed. This is generally due to short-term interests. Any believer and practitioner of uniformitarianism, especially if operating on anthropocentric principles, is very prone to overestimation of short-term, and underestimation of long-term, benefits. But do we not know that knowledge has changed many times in history? How many times have we written our beliefs in stone, only to be crushed by a pulse of a genius? We only use bigger and bigger stones and carve more and more beliefs into them, making these stones ever so prettier so they can be more easily sold as laws. What makes one think that the peak has been reached and things cannot significantly change? Doesn't that sound familiar?
At this point of my evolution, I generally know what I am saying, rather than believe in what I preach. But it is unlikely that all my hypotheses are true, even if most are. If I would not be a researcher myself and if my beliefs would depend on a preacher to follow, I would still not haste putting my self in the last place of reason. An honest look deep down at one's self should provide guidance to reason, if not reason itself. Time will tell the truth as it has many times before. It is stupid to cling on to something time has proven wrong, but it is also sad, when, in such a large and diverse society, time becomes the only thing one can believe in.


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