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Intro Advertising is everywhere and everyone knows it, but not many people see themselves as ads. Perhaps it's time to open your eyes. Opening your I's Today, most people are working for the government and industry - most do so unconsciously and most do so for free. They are not evolving to become advertising tools, they have already evolved as such a lot and are very efficient at it. They have even been trained to believe that being an advertisement is a privilege so they even readily pay to be one. A lot of the time you may be paying for services you do not need, use, want or get as advertised (especially in case of government) but you are still advertising these services without getting paid for it. Why? Because this is something you've been taught to do either subconsciously or as part of public schooling. For example, you are the advertisement every time you do this: mock people wearing old clothes, having or using old stuff No one needs a lot of clothes. Industry needs you to have and want a lot of clothes and to change them often. It is stupid to have clothes you do not wear and it's stupid to mock people who are minimalists either by their own choice or not, as these people increase the sustainability and efficiency of life on the planet. You are already advertising industry [for free] by having a brand name printed on your clothes. Is it not enough for you to not get paid for that so you want not to get paid for even more advertising?
You're feeling proud for wearing a particular brand and you don't feel the need to get paid for it? Congratulations - you are an A++ advertising tool.
This applies to every product of the industry, not just clothes. mock people who do not obey red lights on semaphores when there is no traffic, or who do not obey the laws in general Traffic lights make sense when there is traffic. It is simply stupid to stop on red light if there is no traffic. It is another question whether you trust your eyes more or the semaphore or a sign someone taught you to obey, or whether you fear punishment. I have passed through red lights numerous times and no damage has been ever done to anyone (damage is actually done to anyone who does stop on red light when there is no traffic) but I was blamed for it effectively because other people have to stop on a red light - I am sick of being blamed for fear of common sense induced by authority and industry [of authority].
Some argue that kids could see me passing through red light and conclude that it is all right to pass through red light every time and that accidents could happen because of me. First - this has never happened. Second - kids are not that dumb, they are often smarter than you so they will actually learn that it is not the traffic light that is important but the actual traffic - a fact which can save their lives in case the fucking traffic light fails (which will be happening often in near future). But hey, it's easier (more convenient) to blame someone for a broken traffic light or for not obeying stupid signs than it is to teach kids common sense. Advertisements do not have common sense - they serve, not to protect, but to sell.
I = AI? You're not only working as an advertisement for free, you are doing a lot of stuff for free and buying stuff you have been trained to need. True artificial intelligence (AI) is not real intelligence, it's purpose is to fool you into believing it is real. Today, intelligence behind one labeled as AI is often real - how? Because there are millions of people behind it doing the work for that intelligence in someone's "hope" the A in this AI will eventually learn something. Most people are working for free for this AI without even knowing they are part of it, while those who know it and work consciously are underpaid, a lot - as someone is making tons and tons of money on the I part of AI. Ironically, that work is so boring and repetitive that it's making one less intelligent and, effectively, more artificial. Why am I becoming AF... for free? I am sure everyone of you can find plenty of examples of yourselves playing advertisements. So every time you laugh at someone, blame someone or simply think bad about someone's behavior, ask yourself - am I using common sense or am I actually playing a fool - being an advertising tool. Most often, it is those who mock "fools" who have been fooled the most. If you are not defined by your behavior, but by your status symbol, then you are, effectively, dead. Even if you believe it's life that you are living - it is not yours. If you want to live your life, stop selling someone's shit for free and turn on your brain. But again, maybe you simply enjoy being a tool and would suffer living your own life (you don't see the meaning in it). If that makes one happy, that is good, but still, mocking others is not.

Inverse references (signals)

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