28 2021.01.13 2024.03.12 2024.03.13 Amenoum On complications. general anarchism, libertarianism, complication, politics, philosophy Anarchy vs libertarianism Intro Freedom is simple. As all simple things, it should have nothing to do with politics. A true philosopher will always aim to reduce complexity to simple and understandable terms everyone can understand and benefit from. An anti-philosopher will complicate simple things and introduce redundant terms so he can profit from lack of understanding. I liked the concept of original anarchy but now even anarchy has become politicized by anti-philosophers (politicians). Beware of a politician bearing anarchy So, from anarchy, a libertarianism was born (or vice versa, for god's sake - it's irrelevant). Then, this libertarianism was split into left and right. Once there is left and right, soon some left become more left than others and some right become more right than others. And, before you know it, one has left libertarian communists and right libertarian democrats. Simple anarchistic freedom, corrupted by politics, descends into hierarchy by inflation. This is false democracy and false communism all over again, simply under a different title or a [status] symbol - one easier to digest and appropriate for the masses to chew on. This is exactly how theft became tax, how democracy became representative (false), how communism and socialism became polarized (false). It is not surprising that politicians will be calling anarchy a different name once they try to sell it - only yesterday they were blaming it for all the chaos they create. If democracy sells, today I sell democracy, if anarchy sells, today I am an anarchist, if peace sells, I am selling peace (never mind those nuclear warheads in my backyard) - who, the fuck, am I?
Politicians do listen carefully what people want. They need to know how to label the empty bags of promises on the next election. They have promised democracy centuries ago, but still did not deliver. They just count on the fact that if they keep labeling what they do deliver as democracy, people will accept that democracy as the democracy. This works, as long as people prefer nice language and big boxes of abstract deliveries over real goods. This works, as long as people are afraid of real democracy, power or freedom to manage their own lives. This still works. All grown ups know that. This, as most of my knowledge, is written for kids and those who still feel or want to feel untamed, those who still have balls for truth and refuse to accept systematic brainwashing in prison the politicians label public school. I want every kid to ask its self before they go to school - do I want to go to a place where I will be imprisoned, only so I can get used to be imprisoned, which will enable me to be imprisoned for life. Do I want to be imprisoned and do I want to be a slave, just because it is not going to be labeled as prison and I am not going to be labeled as a slave? Am I really afraid to be labeled crazy and abnormal or even sick by people who worship fucking labels? Isn't that stupid? Do I want security in stupidity or freedom in intelligence? Do I want to make choices and decisions or do I want things to be decided and chosen for me? They know I have the power to change the world, this is why I am not allowed to vote (even when the outcome concerns me the most) before I am brainwashed and trained not to think for myself, rather to believe what I am being told. My parents did not help either, telling me what's good and what's bad without explanation. They behave as they've been trained and they believe what they do is good - they do not know it, they believe it. Do I want to believe or do I want to know? However, if you are a child considering dropping public school or an adult considering dropping conventional jobs, you should be aware that, if likes of you are a minority in your community, life will most likely still be hard for you. So, this may generally be a choice between depression and sadness. While sadness is, by orders of magnitude, better - those who feel sadness can enjoy their intelligence and have the ability to feel happiness too, one may not be ready for it. In my case, I had to go through a lot of depression before I could finally feel sadness. I am now satisfied with my self which I see as a prerequisite to true happiness.
What am I Labeling is part of politics. I will not declare myself as either an anarchist or libertarian or whatever new fancy term some philosopher or anti-philosopher comes up with. Public definitions are regularly stolen and redefined by public thieves (politicians) so, one should always check the source. I am simply a man who wants to be free. I will not fight for freedom because my freedom should be implicit. I will simply not obey your commands, ignoring requests for entanglement or imprisonment. That might seem bad for me in short-term, but I'm not interested in short-term solutions. I am not a devil. If I am imprisoned I am of no use to the devil, I exist at his expense, and that is his weakness, for I am not afraid to suffer or die and I will never learn what he believes he's teaching me. I cannot be trained. I do not care for the existence of political systems but I understand the fear of freedom and individualism which keeps people chained to the system. If that is one's choice (no matter how much one claims it does not have a choice) I will not stand in the way. A message I am sick of politics and politicians, their discussions, meetings, agendas, honesty, care and whatever else they are selling.
Many people believe that governments and big industries could not be that bad. After all, many of the people involved are apparently very nice and polite people indeed. I believe in effects - what one is effectively doing, not what one is supposed to be doing, seems to be doing or claims to be doing, all with apparent extreme sincerity. ... and the demon ruled in dark as its tongue walketh the Earth in light. But no heavens should be worried, as a human tongue is in its dying light, and the birth of fire shall cleanse all demons hiding in their minds. Let their fate be a warning, to all who delve the pits of strong words curved into shallow lies... for all such creatures shall bathe in living fires, crumbling to the essence of the food for thought, of divine.
My message to any anti-philosopher who wants to limit, negotiate or discuss my rights, is simple and will never be complicated again:
Fuck off.

Inverse references (signals)

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