2023.03.12 2024.03.08 2024.03.08 article Amenoumamenoum.org computer science synchronicity, clocks, time, subconsciousness https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7742411 /authors/Amenoum.html#credits plog_entry 0 Clock synchronicity experiment Intro Since I've been experiencing increased synchronicity lately regarding clocks and observed time I decided to run an experiment for a couple of days to quantify the effect. The hypothesis I hypothesize that the distribution of observed times on a microwave clock will not be random, the minutes in time observed will be clumped around specific peaks, these peaks being the numbers I encounter most often in synchronicity events: $22, 23, 33, 43$ The choice of the microwave clock for the experiment does not imply that this synchronicity is limited to that specific clock (it should be clock-agnostic). This particular clock was chosen in order to minimize the noise (ie. accidental looks at the clock). In example, a clock shown on a computer monitor attracts attention while one is using the computer and it would be harder to distinguish between deliberate and accidental looks. Methodology From my experience, synchronicity is deeply correlated with subconsciousness. Therefore, in the experiment, any conscious look at the clock will be disregarded. What will be noted is time at any deliberate but subconsciously initiated look at the clock. Here "deliberate" means the look cannot be interpreted as forced or accidental. In example, it can be hard to avoid looking at the clock when one is walking towards it - this is generally not deliberate (although not necessarily), rather forced, even if not conscious. On the other hand, lying in bed watching television and then suddenly rotating the head 90 degrees to focus on the microwave clock for a moment is not accidental, it is deliberate, but does not have to be conscious. However, there are different levels of subconsciousness and sometimes it may be hard to say whether the action was completely conscious or subconscious. The action may be a superposition of both and such cases will be noted too. The deeper correlation of synchronicity with subconsciousness rather than consciousness suggests that deviation from the hypothesized peaks may be proportional to the amount of consciousness involved in action. This will be tested too. Results Results of the experiment are shown in Table \tbl1.

 dateobserved timesubconscious action [%]subconscious action, expected [%]
Table \tbl1: Clock synchronicity Here "subconscious action" is my rough approximation of the amount of subconsciousness in the intent to look at the clock. Expected subconscious action represents the calculated inverse of deviation of minutes in measured time from the nearest peak: $\displaystyle s = {{30 - d} \over 30} 100\, [\%]$where d is the distance of measured minutes to the nearest peak.It should be noted that, although completely (dominantly) conscious looks at the clock are not included in Table \tbl1, measured minutes occasionally included hypothesized peaks even in these, more often than it would be expected for random distribution. Discussion When it comes to experiments of this kind the primary question is: for how long the experiment should run (or how big the sample size should be) in order for confidence to be high enough to rule out coincidence? That might seem difficult to answer without knowing true nature of synchronicity. Certainly, one cannot expect to experience synchronicity indefinitely and, according to Complete Relativity, amount of synchronicity should oscillate. Therefore, clumping is expected. However, in case of random distribution, clumping is not expected for small sample size (of course, the sample size must not be too small either). Here, from the start of the experiment, 5 times in a row the numbers were among the hypothesized peaks, the odds for this happening at random are: $\displaystyle {\left( {4 \over 60} \right)}^5 = {\left( {1 \over 15} \right)}^5 = 1.317 \times {10}^{-6} = 1:759\, 375$But not all peaks were observed (one of them repeated 3 times, the other two were unique) so the odds for this combination are even lower: $\displaystyle 1:3\, 200\, 000$This alone strongly suggests that distribution of subconscious looks at the clock here was not random. Taking everything into account, the odds for the outcome of the experiment (6 peaks out of 9 measurements) to be a product of chance are: $\begin{aligned}\displaystyle \binom{n}{k} \times {(60-4)}^{n-k} \times {1 \over {60}^n} &= \frac{n!}{k!(n - k)!} \times {(60-4)}^{n-k} \times {1 \over {60}^n} \\ &= 84 \times {56}^3 \times {1 \over {60}^9} = 1.463801 \times {10}^{-9} \\ &= 1:683\, 152\, 853\end{aligned}$ n = total number of measurements = 9
k = number of observed peaks = 6
All times observed through 100% subconscious action contain the hypothesized peaks and even those less subconscious are only 60 seconds (or less) away from the peak. Interestingly, even hours in observed times are not random. In all cases of 100% subconscious action they all seem to be multiples of number 3 while in all cases of less subconscious action they are not - suggesting cyclic expression of subconscious correlation. There are different interpretations, or possible mechanisms involved in this synchronicity. In general, from my experience, synchronicity requires effective subconscious precognition. In this particular case, however, this is not required but may be explained by the correlation of an internal (ie. biological) clock with the physical clock and deliberate action of subconsciousness at specific intervals (times) effectively measured internally. I propose that the amount and quality of information transfer between consciousness and subconsciousness depends on the individual (particularly on [sub]species). Our consciousness cannot directly measure time of the internal clock but, at some level, subconsciousness has access to it. In this case, the individual consciously wanted to measure synchronicity. It is possible that here, due to deeper correlation or mutual understanding (cooperation or symbiosis) between different levels of consciousness, the subconsciousness itself decided to cooperate and make the wish of the individual's consciousness come true. However, synchronicity was present even before the conscious start of the experiment. This suggests that, subconsciously, either the experiment started earlier or subconsciousness stimulated conscious experimentation by precursor synchronicity. Note that my synchronicity events involving these numbers started years before. Some are present permanently and some were there before I was even born - eg. my home number is 43 (just as my shoe number). The pub I have been visiting most frequently is in the same street, on number 23. My son was born on 2003.11.23, etc. Note that numbers 22, 33 and 44 are all multiples of number 11, so perhaps number 11 is involved in these synchronicity events as well, although I do not see it (1 x 11) as often as these (2 x 11, 3 x 11, 4 x 11, including 6 x 11, which I may be encountering less often simply due to the fact that it is out of range of clocks and timestamps). Interestingly, regarding clocks and timestamps, 11 PM is equal to 23 h. And just the day before I started this experiment, the intensity of synchronicity was high. The day before the experiment started, on 2023.03.11 (note the number 11 here as well), I watched a documentary titled "Collapse - based on the book by Jared Diamond" (2010). At some point during the movie I look at the clock (note that the last time I looked at the clock was hours ago), the clock was showing "23:22", I look back at the TV and it's showing a bunch of signs in a row with number 23 on them (it looked like a train station). The movie ends and the length of the movie shown at the player's bottom catches my eye. It was 1:33:33. I close the player and I'm in Windows Explorer which is set up to show the details by default so it shows the modification date of files along with the name, type and size. It shows 2010.11.23 3:33 for the modification date of the movie filename (mkv). Note that it appears the movie file was modified on my son's birthday (as noted, he was born 2003.11.23). Later I check where in the movie the scene with number 23 occurs - it's exactly 4 minutes and 33 seconds before the end. Note also that this was the first time I've watched this movie, thus, all this synchronicity cannot be explained by subconscious measurement and action involving an internal biological clock, this one requires either effective local precognition on some subconscious level, or specific external coding or arrangement of synchronization of events by some 3rd party. Both can be true to some degree. In a different interpretation the internal clock is not involved, a 3rd party might have arranged synchronicity events by stimulating subconscious action at particular intervals. In that case, it seems that different levels (layers) of consciousness are differently susceptible to manipulation and that too is likely different between [sub]species - as animals (eg. people) belonging to different subspecies have different subspecies of [sub]consciousness. In any case, experience of synchronicity seems to be generally inversely proportional to the conscious action of the individual. This then explains why overwhelming synchronicity may be commonly misinterpreted as nervous breakdown - in these cases action is commonly delegated (or limited) to subconsciousness and subconsciousness may, with its effective knowledge of future, drive individuals toward experiences of synchronicity. This allows for the existence of prophets, however, regardless whether the 3rd party manipulation is involved or not, accuracy of prediction is likely to depend on the individual [sub]consciousness, mostly on its [sub]species. Prophecies of neutral individuals are more likely to become true due to general lack of bias, although even in these, dates (timestamps) for the prediction may be misinterpreted by any consciousness they are communicated to, either due to different experience of time, inexperience, or lack of knowledge about the mechanism involved. In cases of overwhelming synchronicity significant amount of delusion certainly cannot be excluded (whether the cause is misinterpretation or not) in any case and the basis for the prediction has to be questioned. Predictions of neutral prophets probably should not be discarded a priori even in cases of overwhelming synchronicity but have to be confirmed independently by scientific method, at least as a possibility, preferably of a non-polarized mind, in a genuine attempt to reveal the truth. Conclusion In this particular experiment, synchronicity has been confirmed beyond $6\sigma$ level, effectively proving synchronicity is a real phenomenon. But proved to whom? I did not do this experiment to prove synchronicity, my experience has proved it to me beyond any doubt, I just wanted to quantify some of it and see if any [additional] patterns (cycles) occur. Note that I stopped this experiment at 9th iteration, not because synchronicity ended (quite contrary, iteration 10 was a peak too) but because I believe I've learned what was there to learn in this particular experiment. As long as synchronicity remains a personal experience it probably will be considered as religious experience by the polarized academy. Evidence like the one above will hardly be accepted by those who lack trust. And lack of trust is not surprising in polarized society. But substantial trust is also required to experience substantial synchronicity - trust in one's self, especially deeper layers of self. Trust is essential for the translation of mental power into physical reality. If one's trust that a cure is a cure, can indeed cure one, what can be achieved by deeper trust in one's self and all the creatures it is bound with? The amount of trust in one's self is often proportional to knowledge of one's self and this is why I recommend turning personal religion into personal science. Once one genuinely realizes that its soul has layers, a legion of selves may become accessible for one to genuinely experience. Article updated.