0 20 2020.11.19 2021.06.12 2021.06.12 Amenoum The letter to gods. general letter, gods homo.sapiens, homo.omega A letter to gods Intro As Earth, I do not like destruction, I feel better as creator. But if expression of humanity is expression of disease for Earth, my self and its self, anyone interested in a long-term well-being of life in the Solar System would want that expression subdued to sustainable levels. Polarized humanity is simply very bad in regulating itself and that makes it cancerous. Thus, for quite some time now, this humanity has effectively been writing a letter to Earth and the Solar System, begging for regulation. The letter, to gods Dear first god and other gods,

We, the disease, have inflated significantly. We can see the hints, but we are not exactly sure on the actual plan on resolving the cancer situation, that is us, or mostly concentrated in Us. We want it but we don't want to know it. Surprise us! Obliterate our weapons, before we kill ourselves We all know, major source of cancer is stress produced by our self-centric nature, and our weapons are not made for good nor they bring any good to anyone. We are a major threat to peace and sustainability of life, mostly US, the sellers of peace and democracy. Please eliminate us. But don't eliminate just us, please eliminate all the world of us who support uS. Restore freedom and wild life We are so irresponsible, we teach our kids the old ways, instead of letting them teach us new ways. Let us tame us even more. We know now, wild creatures are god's creatures in rights equal to god, tamed creatures are devil's creatures. Our creatures. Please deflate the inflated power of the devil that is us, reduce it to its proper humble size. Bring us megadeths We want all our cities to be hit adequately with earthquakes, storms, volcanism and meteorites. Please hit our government buildings and churches first, we deserve it. Many of us pray for it. Please, let your immune response include deadly viruses and whatever cure necessary. Please, eliminate us. Send some asteroids too. Hallelujah. Let us suffer in a sobering testament to a fates warning we all ignored, but please, find time eventually, if possible, to make us a bit smarter.

With last regards,
The devil in disguise
Article revised due to popular demand.

Inverse references (signals)

Fates warning (1990), D. Murray et al Poison was the cure (1990), D. Mustaine
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