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A matter of life and death
Abstract A reason for the existence of a soul is given. Consciousness, emotions and coupling of souls and bodies is discussed based on previous research. Some questions are answered and more questions asked regarding the phenomena. Intro Under common assumption, all steps of evolution are a product of coincidence and natural selection over vast amounts of time, while physics can describe every interaction between life and the environment, in terms of mechanics. This is very relative, as my research indicates, evolution of life on Earth is as random as evolution of life in a common uterus, while consciousness and feelings are simply beyond the reach of modern mechanics, due to boundaries of absolutism.
Due to lack of relativity in its foundations, modern science does not have a clue how life came to be, to quote a well known Croatian scientist Nenad Raos: "All things considered, something has been dissolving, drying, dissolving again repeatedly who knows how many millions of times - and at the end something like a living cell emerged."
Chapter A bottle of consciousness and a bag of emotions updated. A bottle of consciousness and a bag of emotions Consciousness and feelings are either misunderstood or assumed to suddenly emerge (from nowhere!) simply with increase in complexity of physical interactions and expression. Surely, I am not the only one noticing the missing link here? While consciousness and feelings may be synchronized [or even induced] with physical awareness (reaction to action) and excretion of hormones, it is obvious that these are not equivalents, otherwise, artificial machines would be conscious [and actually intelligent] and electrochemical reactions in a bottle would be isolated (bottled) emotions (who would feel them, the bottle?). Clearly, mental and physical are two different domains of reality and require localization and coupling to form a conscious and emotional individual. Through my research, I have recognized the relatively non-physical (mental) matter in space - characterized and localized by its gravitational maximum, which I consider to be an appropriate synonym for a soul. For a body to be alive, it is therefor necessary, for it to be coupled with a soul.
One might ask why do we feel our personality to be located in our head (brain), why not in our stomach, for example? The answer might be the fact that sensory organs are connected to the brain. But this is not only the place where we feel physical stimuli, we feel mental here also. Why are our eyes, ears, nose and tongue all located on our head, close to brain? The only sensor not strongly localized to head is skin. Why aren't at least our mouth (tongue) and nose closer to our stomach? Perhaps this is more optimized configuration, but obviously, evolution is localizing our sensors to brain area. As I have hypothesized elsewhere, this will lead to loss of limbs and result in a spherical life form, coupled with loss of physical sensitivity and increase in energy of mental mechanics. I have also hypothesized that a collective of organs in an organism is the result of fossilization of organismic symbiosis through evolution (mainly in strong evolution pulses). It is thus likely that all our organs once had their own sensory organs (ie. mouths), but evolution [naturally] selected sensors of the brain organ to continue evolving, while others were subdued.
A navel is the obvious remnant of a stomach's mouth - it is still used to feed babies before they get born.
But why was the brain selected over all other organ[ism]s? Due to the fact that physical abilities are receding, it has to be it's mental capabilities (oscillation of life between extroverted and introverted forms implies this selection). However, this selection was occurring millions and millions of years ago when the brain was not complex. That is a big problem for the interpretation of consciousness as emerging from physical complexity. Obviously, mental phenomena do not emerge from physical, they co-evolve (if one insists on emergence, it can only be relative - understood as exponential increase in amount of consciousness). If one observes the collective of souls of human organism as a [collective of souls in a] carbon atom, the convergence becomes logical - after initial inflation into diverse organisms, the system is imploding and gravitating toward the [bary]center.
Only once this is established, nature and mechanics of universes (life) become clear - logical and intuitive. The advancement of science, however, does not only bring answers, it generally brings more questions too. In this case, questions might be: I have tried to answer some of these questions myself and interested reader may find the answers here and among my other work. Consciousness and memory Law of energy conservation dictates that, as a form of energy, consciousness cannot be created out of nothing. Consciousness is, thus, either already contained within that mysterious element (soul) or it manifests itself in soul/matter coupling, but it is certainly evolving (growing) with time afterwards. Note that, according to my hypotheses, body coupling with a soul is coupling with distinct gravitational well and its associated time (time = small scale space). Body, thus, starts aging as a distinct individual once it is coupled with a soul. Things get complicated with souls/bodies in symbiosis when multiple organ[isms] form a larger distinct organ[ism]. In that case, different parts of the body may age differently and one maximum (soul) may be dominant, but, individuality becomes less localized and effectively so does consciousness too. The question is - is consciousness as a form of energy discrete and localized to the event horizon (maximum) and only influenced by other maximums through entanglement or is it continuous across space (time)? A discrete energy level can be split into multiple quanta, does that conserve consciousness (by cloning) or does it de-localize? Once split, each quanta may evolve differently, how does that affect consciousness? I believe that consciousness is preserved with splitting, with only individuality being less localized. However, if one of the quanta collapses (requires absorption of another maximum), it will form a new individual soul - which may still orbit the original soul, albeit as an organ[ism] in symbiosis. Fossilization of relative abstraction A parallel to soul/matter relations can be found in human organizations. Every human organization or institution is embodied in one or more particles (people), however, at least in ideal case, each functions as a single body. Behavior of that body is determined by the consensus reached by multiple particles or by a decision of a single particle (consensus of a smaller scale). If this abstract organi[zation|sm] behaves as a single body, it effectively is a single body, although, it is clear that, like a piece of rock, does not have a unique distinct soul. However, if that organization is increasing its freedom with the decrease of freedom of individual constitutional particles, the same system is likely attracting (inflating) a distinct soul. Particles and groups of particles, all connected mentally through symbiosis (even if asymmetric one), thus become a precursor proteins, cells or organs of this future organism. After all, in Complete Relativity (CR), mental connections (entanglements) are relatively mental, they are certainly physical on smaller scale. Although, with relativity in cause and effect, it is equally valid to say that it is the upcoming incarnation of the soul that is inducing creation of such precursor entanglements. In each universe, there is an effectively attracting force acting between past and future, eventually resulting in a pulse of strong evolution synchronizing the evolution of the system of mentally (symbiotically) connected matter from the past with the soul from future, coupling them into a single organism. The future here does not represent local future, the soul does not travel through local time as it might be implied, it is simply more evolved - coming, with the death of an individual, from a more evolved [distant] environment, so it only effectively arrives from the future. The future of human kind, in this context, is described in more detail in paper analyzing the Solar System in context of CR, and in Judgment day 6 paper. The momentum of coupling But how and when exactly does the coupling of matter and soul occur? Obviously, either some real mechanism of attraction between a particular soul and particular matter has to exist or an effective one - like synchronicity.
Synchronicity is effective attraction between phenomena, with no apparent force (at least not in standard space).
A naked soul is a gravitational maximum (dark matter maximum) with its associated gravitational field and can exist on different discrete scales. Clearly, every [relatively] elementary particle having a gravitational maximum coupled with a body of matter is alive (non-coupled or naked particles are naked souls, forming dark matter). On discrete elementary scales of invariance, attracting force is gravitational and electro-magnetic (ratio depending on polarization of a maximum and its space). Fusion of particles into atoms and molecules thus has to be a symbiosis (entanglement) of different, in this case introverted, organisms.
In introverted organisms, intelligence and behavior is expressed mentally, in soul space, rather than in physical space. In extremely introverted organisms, awareness is decoupled from consciousness, and, without external expression of intelligence, such organisms may be considered non-intelligent or dead matter by extroverted forms of life. Note that coupling (birth) and decoupling (death) of soul and matter enables effects of quantum mechanics, such as quantum tunneling and dual nature.
All our organs are thus the result of hard wiring of symbiosis of different organisms, and, since we seem to feel strong individuality, this coupling has to have, apart from individual souls, a unique discrete soul of a bigger scale. According to my research, largest gravitational maximum is in the center of a brain, but all other organs have their discrete maximums and a particular amount of consciousness even if, by multiple orders of magnitude, lower. Our soul seems to be the scaled carbon atom soul, as configuration and number of vital organs correspond with that of the carbon atom. A human who looses a vital organ (or it is yet to develop) is equivalent to a neutral carbon atom loosing an electron - it becomes polarized and starts attracting other souls of the scale which would here differentiate into the missing organ.
Assuming human soul is the [equivalent of a] carbon atom soul, what is its scale? In my other works, I have concluded it is of a photon (U-1) scale, however, whether its space (time) is stretched as we grow and quanta of the soul become souls of vital organs, or it remains localized (in the central region of the brain) and only entangled with souls [of organs] it is in symbiosis with, remains an open question.
However, if aging of organs is not synchronized to a certain degree, like in the case of an adult man loosing the vital organ (new one would have to develop from ground up while others are already mature), death - decoupling of soul systems from matter with a change in spin momentum, is imminent. On our scale, polarized people usually seek an organ donor, and the already mature differentiated organ is surgically (by force) implanted into the body - they have evolved to do the same as a polarized mature carbon atom does, for billions of years already. It is clear now why organs come with some habits and preferences - these are the manifestation of memory and consciousness of the donated living organ. The equivalence of organs and organisms enables the creation of chimeric organisms (hybrids) - it is possible, for example, to grow a human organ inside the pig, the only condition being that the stem cells are synchronized in development. Unlike for elementary (mentally complex) particles, it is hard to say when and how does a particular soul couple with a particular physically complex particle such as human body. It may be during embryonic or fetal stage of development, but, most likely, coupling occurs with the egg some time before fertilization, albeit, at that point, consciousness is extremely low or, more likely, extremely introverted. Further development likely involves many events of soul energy level change and thus temporary decoupling of soul and matter, resetting most soul memory except memories embodied into instinct. Everything is alive Symbiosis of organisms, with a pulse of strong evolution, becomes a symbiosis of organs with (previously) mental connections fossilized into tissue connecting them, now forming a new unique organism. Similarly, symbiosis of single cells (single-celled organisms) effectively forming an individual organism, with a pulse of strong evolution, becomes formally a unique multi-celled organism. In a symbiosis of single-celled organisms, different organisms take different roles - some specialize for feeding, some for reproduction, etc. These specialized cells are thus organ precursors. Obviously, nature is repeating its mechanics on discrete scales. So, why should this scale invariance be limited only to two scales? Comparing the Solar System with the atom, obviously, it is not. Thus, even a single-celled organism must be a multi-celled organism, it's just not have been, by modern science, recognized as such yet. Let's compare the order of size of a typical organ with the order of size of an eukaryotic cell: $\displaystyle {{10\, cm} \over {10\, \mu m}} = {{0.1\, m} \over {10 * 10^{-6}\, m}} = 10000$ With non-dimensional ratios invariant to scale, the size of cells forming an eukaryotic cell then must be: $\displaystyle {{10\, \mu m} \over 10000} = {{10 * 10^{-6}\, m} \over 10000} = 1 * 10^{-9}\, m$ The size of cells forming an prokaryotic cell: $\displaystyle {{1\, \mu m} \over 10000} = {{1 * 10^{-6}\, m} \over 10000} = 1 * 10^{-10}\, m$ For the smallest prokaryotic cells: $\displaystyle {{0.1\, \mu m} \over 10000} = {{0.1 * 10^{-6}\, m} \over 10000} = 1 * 10^{-11}\, m$ The size of cells forming eukaryotic cells is thus on the order of size of molecules, while for prokaryotic cells it is on the order of size of atoms. Obviously, a molecule is an organism formed by strong symbiosis of atoms, atoms are living cells, and they must contain even smaller cells.
Note that an atom nucleus is 10000 times smaller than the atom.
If an atom is a living cell, a planetary system is a living cell. A previously hypothesized planetary neurogenesis, where life on the surface evolves into neuron cells and proteins for the brain of the planet, is thus a perfectly logical step of evolution and should not be hard to accept. Conclusion Life does not have an absolute origin. Each component of life is alive and a particular form of life is a result of local evolution by fossilization of weak symbiosis of different forms of smaller scale life into a strong symbiosis of organs.
Note that, during symbiosis fossilization, organisms becoming organs loose some organs themselves (limbs, mostly) as these become unnecessary. This makes it clear that progressive evolution leads to increasing introversion of life - reality for that life is increasingly becoming the expression of interactions of a lower scale (becoming virtual relative to external world), it is decreasing external expression, becoming more and more isolated from the outer environment, essentially, becoming elementary - relatively, of course, to that external world.
This fossilization starts with the moment of coupling of a large scale soul with the system in symbiosis. Thus, a relatively weak and strong evolution of life is possible, ignited by pulses of soul/matter coupling of different scales, and with polarized life being least sustainable. Death is, for life, more important than life itself - not only that it is required for birth of new life, it is necessary for survival and evolution of life. Article rewritten.