0 13 2020.07.13 2024.07.02 2024.07.05 Amenoum On the role of CO2 in Earth's neurogenesis. general CO2, neurogenesis, extinctions, climate change homo.β, homo.beta CO_2 bubble: Note to polarized Intro I believe the most important equation for humanity, until the end of its presence on the surface of the Earth, will be the one I have extrapolated from atmospheric CO2 concentration over time: $\displaystyle {CO}_2 = 300 * {\biggl ({6 \over 5} * 2^{45 x^2}\biggr )}^x\, \text{ppmv} \tag{C1.1}$ $\displaystyle x = {{T - 1905} \over {10 * 55}} = {{T - 1905} \over 550}$ The key or not the key Given the origin of (C1.1) one might conclude that atmospheric CO2 is the most important part (and trigger) of events (impacts/extinctions) correlated with the equation. That is not the case. This equation should be understood as the current rate of evolution. Atmospheric concentration of CO2 might strongly deviate from the prediction of (C1.1) or be synchronized with it (as it is now) but this won't change the course or rate of evolution. Even if atmospheric CO2 is reduced to preindustrial levels by homo, some natural cataclysmic event would eventually occur which would release back the stored CO2 all at once - if atmospheric CO2 is important for extinctions (evolution). But if any concentration of CO2 is important then it would have to be the oceanic concentration affecting the pH (as specific pH is required for neurogenesis). However, in this case too, I believe the date for this specific pH is predetermined and any eventual future action of homo.beta to decrease ocean acidity is accounted for and will be compensated. What about fossil fuels then? I do not favor fossil fuels, but it is wrong to think that replacing fossil fuel energy with other sources of energy would stop the surface extinctions. These extinctions are natural and good. Death, in general, is good - life in between deaths may be problematic. I believe the question of whether one should use fossil fuels and sustain anthropocentric culture or not is equivalent to a question of dying slowly in a poisonous environment or thriving in a beautiful environment and dying instantly.
If you are poisoning the environment you are not just poisoning it for your children but yourself too - that is all natural part of karma in reincarnation. Effectively, whatever you do to others (in this case, Earth) you're doing to yourself - at a different time.
Although I am confident that the end of surface world will occur this century, there are different ways to get there. The path you chose 10000 years ago, in year 1750, then 1850, then again in 1950 and then promised not to choose in 2050 On Earth, insolation is highly anisotropic (although this is somewhat mitigated by rotation) and Earth's surface is not homogeneous. The consequence of this are pressure/temperature gradients, creating extremes at the poles and the equator. Increasing amount of CO2 in atmosphere is increasing global average temperature, but due to anisotropy, different areas are differently affected and the greatest changes should be expected at the usual extremes. The colder areas (poles) are thus generally warming faster, while some hotter areas will get colder for that reason. However, with climate change, there will be climate excursions, such as the collapse of oceanic currents, which will obliterate warming and bring ice age climate lasting for decades, leaving rich countries of the Northern hemisphere most strongly affected. Melting permafrost contains ancient microbes and viruses some of which are getting reactivated by melting, and some of these may be released from deep underground. I believe some of these viruses have a special role in extinctions of the neurogenesis - to alter the genetic code of organisms, as part of strong evolution. I consider it futile to fight them (even if one does not believe in karma).
Death rates from common causes (such as heart attacks) will be increasing globally and may not be associated with viruses, however, I believe these are part of the programming and likely the result of new viral mechanics.
However, not all people will be equally affected. Evolution of intelligence is proportional to depolarization of species, and as I believe that polarization of the soul is reflected in blood types, the least to be affected are neutral blood types, those having blood cells which are least virus-like. These are the antigen lacking blood types - blood type O, and specifically Rh-. Neutralums should thus be the last to get affected. Eventually, prevalent homo blood types will become Rh-. However, antigens in blood will not get destroyed directly by viruses, rather by auto-immune responses (which will eventually start happening due to confusion in the body induced by vaccines). Thus, vaccination might actually be a requirement or at least one pathway for polarized people to evolve to neutralums.
The precision of targeting will increase over time, and the targets are, of course, those of cancerous nature, who are decreasing sustainability of life in general. In the beginning, these may be older people whose living status is maintained by pharmaceutical companies and those who need their votes, but it will quickly spread to others. Precursors of targeting are already here.
UPDATE: At some point, during COVID-19 pandemic, some studies were reporting affection of the virus to specific blood types. This was later refuted, or interpreted as a signal without significant confidence. However, as a precursor to global targeting, I would expect localized targeting - signals of low confidence.
Life has to be regenerated, otherwise, it would cease to exist.
Coupled with increasing poisoning of the atmosphere, land and water, it is obvious how the near future of homo.β will look like. Most people will live in hermetically sealed buildings and will go outside only in special suits. Others will live within isolated societies in mountainous regions. If humanity would maintain the correlation of atmospheric CO2 with (C1.1) equation there would probably be less volcanism and asteroid impacts before the end (that's why Tunguska and similar events up to now were misses), but that is not the path I would choose or recommend, either 1850., or now. After all, keeping up with the equation, might eventually require extreme measures. And I prefer natural disasters over man made catastrophes, any time. The evolution is not a job I would give to someone playing god, it is a work I would leave to actual gods.