12 2020.07.03 2024.07.02 2024.07.05 Amenoumamenoum.org Note on dreams. general dreams, mysteries, introverted reality, complete relativity https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6475447 https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6475447 /authors/Amenoum.html#credits The phenomena of dreams Abstract On dreams. Discussion, hypotheses and case studies. Intro Per my definitions of life, every life-form is a relative superposition of relatively extroverted and relatively introverted components. Extroversion is manifested on the scale of physical interactions while introversion manifests on mental scales. For dominantly extroverted creatures, dreams will generally be blurry (of low resolution) and may feel less real, lacking coherence. Dominantly introverted ones perceive reality in dreams or hallucinations, while their extroversion (external version of reality) is more blurry, feels less real (may be dominantly driven by the innate component of instinct and very predictable actions/reactions) and lacks coherence. Nature of reality is thus relative to the class of a life-form (dominance of extroversion vs introversion). However, extroverted and introverted realities are correlated. Questioning the meaning of dreams can thus be relatively equivalent to questioning the meaning of life or reality. Here, I will try to shed some light on the nature and function of dreams, in the process also analysing some peculiar dreams of my own. Added chapter What are dreams?. Small updates elsewhere. What are dreams? A dream is an extreme hallucination - one in which subconsciousness dominates over conscious operation. We hallucinate all the time, however, when we're not dreaming, our subconsciousness is generally subdued and conscious experience dominates our reality. Thus, the reality human beings perceive in daily operation is reality first experienced by physical organs, relayed to our brains, then interpreted by the brain and finally consciously experienced by the soul. However, as the brains are generally layered, consciousness is generally layered too. Deeper layers of consciousness (subconsciousness) may not be so active in expression (the expression is subdued) during daily operation but they may be active in data collection. The processing of collected information is either delayed (has lower priority) or discarded, with the ratio between delayed and discarded information (DD) depending probably on species, subspecies and possibly current mental state of the individual. Generally, it depends on the quality of information (which may be proportional to the strength of correlation between phenomena) and the interpretation abilities.
Note that some species, subspecies or individuals may be processing deep data even during daily operation. This is most likely for species with limited external daily (short-term) operation but with significant cognitive capacity present.
If there is delayed processing, it is most likely processed during sleep when conscious operation is blurred (subdued). To dream, then, is to change context, or a reference frame - in a dream, consciousness and subconsciousness effectively exchange places. Consciousness is diluted, while subconsciousness is more focused. Dreams are thus, in a healthy organism with a significant DD ratio, far from being meaningless. However, dreams are only one interpretation and probably do not correspond to all the collected information. While we are dreaming, our epigenome may be changing in the background (unrelated to the dream directly), making each one of us a slightly different person in the morning. However, what here represents the background operation can be relative, in some cases, the dream itself may have significant influence, in other cases, it may simply be the equivalent of a desktop screensaver (common software in older computers whose main purpose is to prevent fossilization of images on computer screens, and perhaps provide some limited entertainment to the idling user in case that user is not absent). But how deep are the layers of subconsciousness? If consciousness operates (or, it is sensitive to) near space and time (which has priority in short-term), what is the range of subconsciousness and can there be real precognition? If animals like people are consciously communicating with each other and universes (layers of consciousness - in this context) are self-similar, some subconscious [horizontal] information collection and sharing between individuals is likely to exist. Information transfer is thus layered too, both vertically (between brain layers of the individual) and horizontally (between equivalent layers in different individuals). Layers within layers are likely to exist too (self-similarity) and, theoretically, the range of subconsciousness may be unlimited (although individual ranges are likely relatively quantized).
This is based on the theory of Complete Relativity (CR) (see chapter Strong entanglement), where I have equalized souls with graviton particles. Deeper levels are less localized in space/time (in quantum interpretation - field carrier particle has lower energy and thus longer range). Note that, at some scale (level), this becomes inter-species communication - a lot of DNA is shared between species and certain equivalence between brain layers exists. It is possible, however, that a layer of subconsciousness in one species corresponds to a layer of consciousness of the other.
The effective range is, however, limited and probably proportional to the ratio between introversion and extroversion (IE) of individuals. Theoretically, thus, this allows precognition, but proper interpretation, or probability that prediction indeed reflects local future accurately, will depend on species, subspecies and individuals within subspecies. For significantly extroverted species like humans, possibly accurate precognition should then be limited to neutral individuals and even in these, limited to those who are in mental states allowing meaningful interpretation. Some studies have been done on precognition in dreams, however, there hasn't been much research into the phenomena overall, and no study has ever discriminated between subspecies (polarized, neutral) of humans.
Entanglement (correlation) often involves resonance or synchronization. A special case of entanglement is synchronicity - a meaningful and consciously sensible synchronization. People experiencing synchronicity are then those more in tune with the environment, or at least those more aware of their entanglements. While information transfer in synchronicity events may be meaningful, its effect is relative and the meaning is prone to conscious misinterpretation. However, regular experience of synchronicity probably indicates higher quality of entanglements or subconscious information interpretation. In other words, consciously recognized synchronicity may be interpreted as a symptom of highly active, potent or highly evolving subconscious.
\ch_added The power of hallucinations During our early development (mostly embryonic), our physical activity is very limited and low and our consciousness is not well localized, our subconsciousness may be more localized (at some level - level probably changing with development) but our dreams or hallucinations at that time are experienced in very low resolution (as our brains are not much developed). In my theories, the delocalized consciousness during development is extremely important as it is the phenomenon guiding organismal development (the DNA genome contains recipes for the manufacture of components but doesn't drive development). The soul (carrier of consciousness) contains the relative equivalent of a genome. However this genome does not contain recipes, rather discrete snapshots of the organ[ism] over time (it's quantized) all the way up to the adult stage. The soul is thus guiding living components of the body so their shared reality converges to a particular outcome (a goal in the quantum of development, or, quantum of local evolution). The guidance is achieved through attractors or imprints (hallucinations, or relative equivalents of dark matter filaments) in time or mental space (which is simply a smaller scale of space - subspace). And this is one reason why dreams, or hallucinations in general, are important, or, have great power - because diluted consciousness can guide the components of our body toward a particular outcome. As the correlation between the current state of development and the end state grows, the associated soul is increasingly being localized. As the adult stage is reached, the localization stops and the soul oscillates about the correlated energy level. There is no more development, only maintenance. The phase shift can exist between the soul and the organized tissue. The soul may be changing [discrete] horizontal energy levels (representing particular snapshots) relatively instantly, while the body evolves continuously. Once the body reaches a particular eigenstate, the soul jumps to a higher level, driving development (evolution) further. Jumps to lower horizontal energy levels should be correlated with ageing reversals, while changes in the vertical energy level should be correlated with body decay and decoupling of souls and bodies. But guidance is not impossible in the adult stage and can be correlated with evolution or maintenance of energy levels. For example, diseases can be a threat to the stability of body-soul coupling on a particular energy level. Subconscious guidance can be useful in such cases. G-Tummo meditation is an obvious example of internal guidance in the adults. But there are also cases where people have been curing diseases mentally (I believe I am one of them). Obviously, souls are very powerful so it's not surprising people generally don't have control over them. However, effective conscious guidance is possible through synchronicity, when the entanglement between consciousness and subconsciousness is elevated. In that case, the desired effect then requires simply imagining (hallucinating) the proper correlation, without involving consciousness delocalization. Entanglement by itself does not imply transfer of information. Information is transferred during changes in entanglement, and that occurs with localization/delocalization of consciousness. Here, there is no apparent information transfer and conscious guidance is an illusion which may be interpreted as the effect of high synchronization of consciousness and subconsciousness. In other words, the desired future state of the individual is equal to the most likely future state of that individual, with no apparent causality relationship between the two. Information buffering, for eventual transfer, however, cannot be excluded, and one may ask, how exactly the two got synchronized and maintained synchronization if not by information exchanges (because nothing is absolutely isolated)? In any case, if one can effectively induce the effect on the body through imagination without deep meditation (eg. cause the symptoms of allergy to disappear) and the effect is apparent with no changes in the state of consciousness in between, it's probably safe to assume this is a manifestation of high synchronization, low causation. Correlation between subconsciousness and consciousness differs between species, subspecies and individuals of these subspecies. For some it could be normal to imagine effects or guidance correlated with what's happening inside their bodies, for some the probability for this could be high some time (eg. during deep meditation), for some it could almost never happen. This is then not easily reproducible and may be impossible for one subspecies of humans to reproduce this power (or its illusion), that some clearly do have. One would need to evolve in a certain direction. Likely toward decreased extroverted polarization and increased introversion. Self-similarity of universes is correlated with oscillation of souls through vertical energy levels. This is why dark matter (guiding matter) filaments between galaxies are relatively equivalent to the effects (goals) in guidance during embryonic organismal development. It is also the reason behind similarity of planetary systems and atoms (in particular, localized states). The code may be universal, the difference is in interpretation - eg. what is interpreted as space on one scale, on other it may be interpreted as time. Regarding evolution, the nature doesn't seem to generally have a preferred path, as long as all paths lead to the same goal in roughly the same time. Added chapter The impact of the stress barrier. The impact of the stress barrier Ignoring outcomes of subconscious processing will probably influence dreams in a locally negative way and will lead to subduction of subconscious long-range influence potential in the long-term. Increasing ignorance of subconsciousness leads to loss, or outsourcing, of control or power (eg. outsourcing of the immune system), where the individual is losing ability for improvisation or deviation from the guidance of collective hallucination. In other words, its action is converging toward being nothing more than a positive feedback, accelerating transition to the next evolutionary eigenstate of the society (eg. subspecies collective) it is a part of. In the process, consciousness is reducing to awareness (similar to its state during embryonic development) and the being is concentrating on shorter and shorter short-term interests, eventually becoming nothing more than a deterministic machine reacting to external stimuli from an external perspective (similar to the conventional interpretation of living animal cells).

Stress may be the source of many diseases, but it is also a strong barrier preventing one to get in touch with its spirituality, correlated with deeper layers of consciousness. Daily life of extroverted human society is life in constant anticipation of a next stressful event. Everything is externally programmed and people are consciously and unconsciously trained to react to external stimuli and perform externally programmed routines, all on a promise of some material award. Most people are addicted to these routines, and with neglected spiritual aspects of being, they are in a controlled state of heavy imbalance (polarization). A good quality rest and sleep is of great importance for spirituality, internal communication within the body, its immune system, but also mental communication. If such meaningful sleep is reduced to a pause between stressful events, there will be consequences. The imbalance is extremely unhealthy if one is to conserve the amount of distinct consciousness over generations - if one subdues subconsciousness, the consciousness will follow, reducing the amount of space/time one is aware of during any operation.
People don't even notice most of the stress their organism is exposed to and situations which it might not enjoy - they have been trained not to care about it. On one occasion, while I was grinding some metal pipe, a tiny fragment of metal flew into my eye and glued to the eyeball. I was told that the only way to solve the problem is to go see a doctor, otherwise this could lead to extreme complications and I might even go blind. It's not just common people, this is what doctors are saying too. But I know that doctors are trained to believe in such things - one's disease is their job, and it just seemed to me extremely unlikely that this cannot be solved by my organism. I tried to fix it myself but it didn't work, so I just decided not to force anything and continued with the experiment. Over the next couple of days it was very painful to use both eyes. Changes in brightness were particularly painful. This is when I noticed how much strain is experienced by eyes and that watching television is, with constant changes in brightness and sound, generally extremely stressful for the organism. Most stressful here are short clips, such as advertisements, where there is a tendency to present as much information as possible in smallest amount of time possible. These things are not only generally insulting in multiple ways, they are shocking. Although painful, synchronization of pain with changes in visual stimuli was interesting, especially watching fireworks - with every explosion I would feel a surge of pain in the eye. For some time I was also experiencing an interesting side-effect to this eye state, something I could notice only while watching stars. Usually, I would see a star as a single bright spot with a short vertical line though it. Sometimes I would also observe reddish and bluish dots at endpoints of the line. But in this condition, with injured eye open, I would also see a horizontal [slightly curved] line at the bottom, so stars looked to me like upside-down crosses of Christ. After a week or two the pain subdued and after a month the metal fragment was gone from my eye and it was completely cured. I have learned a lot from this experiment. Instead of trusting the doctor and letting my self be ruled by fear I chose to trust my body and I was not disappointed. Sure, there was pain, but there was more gain. One loses trust, confidence and the ability of self-regulation while outsourcing regulation - and that's something I am not comfortable with. That does not mean everyone should be forced to trust the ecosystem of their bodies - polarized people, in general, may be comfortable with outsourced regulation (which is probably correlated with the fact that they can't trust their bodies due to subdued subconsciousness).
Added chapter Precognition. Precognition With relative causality, dreaming events that have a high probability of occurring in future should not be impossible. Here, the accuracy and probability should depend on species/sub-species and the individual, however, I am not aware of any such significant, credible, confirmed predictions, far into future. On the other hand, short-term accurate predictions might be common, at least in some individuals. To me, it occasionally happens that, while dreaming, the brain incorporates external information into the dream, apparently real-time. In example, a louder noise of a passing vehicle results in the rendering of a passing vehicle making the sound in the dream. Generally, waking up follows shortly after. And perhaps this would not be surprising if the effect would affect the context of the dream, however, incorporation of the effect in the dream is seamless and perfectly natural (not something that appears suddenly out of nowhere, unexpectedly, out of context). It is hard to attribute this synchronicity to coincidence, the effect suggests that the brain anticipated the specific external stimulation - in this case, passing of a vehicle. The anticipation might not be surprising if such stimulation is common (as it would be, in this case, if one would be sleeping next to a highway) but it generally isn't so (and even if it is, probability for such precise synchronization would still be lower than what is experienced). I am not the only one who has been experiencing this phenomenon - a colleague of mine has been experiencing it too. Thus, it is probably not uncommon, at least in some type (subspecies) of human individuals.
It should be noted, however, that in some cases, external simulation might be a hallucination.
Obviously, it makes sense that during sleep the brain (more precisely, our soul, consciousness or subconsciousness) is not fully oblivious to external activity. In example, translating a potentially life-threatening external phenomenon into a traumatic experience inside the dream could make the person wake up and able to react to immediate danger outside. It is even more beneficial that the experience in the dream precedes the external stimulation. The postulated relativity of causality in CR allows this. But is this limited to short-term predictions? Theoretically, of course, not. In reality, it makes sense that those with inherent long-term interests should be more likely to dream farther into future. UPDATE 2023.10.06

I had another similar dream. While I was sleeping a kid was playing with a soccer ball outside. In the dream there was a woman sitting behind the desk. At one point she slams the desk hard with her hand and I wake up - at the same time the ball hit the door, so hard that it woke me up (well, I guess it's debatable what actually awoke me but generally people would blame the ball, or the kid). This is another evidence that synchronicity and subconsciousness (introversion) are strongly correlated. Again, it seems like my subconsciousness knew well in advance that the ball is going to hit the door (the dream was, again, seamless). This could also be interpreted as evidence that events constantly occur simultaneously on various scales - only the interpretation is different. This was obviously not a result of experience on the scale we usually refer to as physical. I don't think we can physically sense with great precision what's going on outside, behind the concrete walls, especially during sleep. I guess my ear (yes, one ear, I was sleeping on the other) could have picked up the sound of the ball at some point but I don't think there was a way to figure out from that information that it's going to hit the door. And, even if there was, it couldn't be so seamlessly incorporated into the dream - there simply was no time for that. Therefore, there are two possible interpretations (which are not mutually exclusive) - subconscious precognition and synchronicity (entanglement in time).
Added chapter Hallucinating transition. Hallucinating transition Effectively, hallucination is a superposition of external reality and local projection. It should be a common phenomenon in species transitioning from dominantly extroverted consciousness to introverted consciousness, which should be a part of progressive evolution. As hallucinations suggest, life in dreams can be as complex, coherent and real as it is in external reality. Besides hallucinations, another indication of transition is, thus, increasing complexity and consistency of dreams. This has been evident in my dreams - some of my dreams had consistent, complex and intelligent stories which could be translated into fine movies. Sometimes, I have even worked on my theories in dreams. The transition is also correlated with increasing interaction with non-conscious entities (machines) and decreasing ability to express greater consciousness and intelligence within the society without the aid of intermediate non-conscious information carriers. Increasing depression and anxiety in external reality should then not be surprising with such development. However, transition is unlikely to be linear - elsewhere, I have hypothesized oscillating oscillation between extroversion and introversion of life during evolution, thus, even though extroversion may be declining, the transition itself should oscillate. In my case, I have felt significant anxiety and depression during early life and now these feelings are gone. However, my interactions in external reality have significantly decreased and I often find myself avoiding complex interactions and expression in external reality. Not all individuals of species share the same evolutionary path though, divergence is expectable - some may continue progressive evolution, some might regress, even if temporarily. Also, some will likely oscillate about a comfortable mean (otherwise life on Earth would lack diversity and probably couldn't exist at all). Cryptic dreams If localization of consciousness is particularly low (as is the case during development, but also possible in some adults), effectively, dreams may not be correlated with the current incarnation of the body, rather past or future one. This may not be real personal future or past of the soul of the individual, only the difference (or uncertainty) is so low that it can be interpreted as personal. Entanglement is the key for information collection by the subconscious, and this is the information dreams are based on (information is transmitted during changes in entanglement between entangled entities). While this information may usually be locally collected, resulting in dreams based on local experience (information collected in near space/time and collected directly by the local subconscious), this may not always be the case. Note that the brain and consciousness (including deeper layers or the subconscious) are entangled but they are not one and the same. Information transfer, being based on entanglement, thus does not have to be local. As noted before, this will depend on species, subspecies and individuals. Even though the subconscious of the dominant subspecies of humans is generally short-sighted (in space/time), I believe this is not the case with the neutral subspecies. At least some of the neutral individuals will effectively possess a 6th sense, collecting information at greater distances (in space/time) and thus not necessarily experienced by the local individual. The boundaries of beings are relative and these boundaries are even more plastic for consciousness and its deeper layers (subconscious). Two highly correlated entities (eg. twins) may generally be considered as a single entity or a being. Similar to the gravitational fields, consciousness should probably be described by the fields of potential. A visible body or a brain can be interpreted as a highly localized high-energy manifestation of the associated field potential maximum. It is correlated with deeper layers of the individual but, with decreasing energy, these deeper layers have a proportionally longer range (an individual is a superposition of fields of potential of different carrier energies and polarization). In any of these fields, information transfer occurs whenever/wherever there is a change in energy (entanglement), but since all these fields are mutually entangled as well, information transfer does not occur only horizontally, but vertically as well (eg. from deeper subconscious to consciousness). All "individuals" are bathing in this sea of information, but the amount, quality and type (range) of information collected, analysed and interpreted locally will depend on the individual. A body can be interpreted as an localized excitation of fields of potentials. But this excitation is the result of vertical information transfer (between different scales/species of potential), which is correlated with horizontal information transfer. On the level of the individual, this transfer is highest and least localized at conception (note that molecular twins exist all across the observable universe), it remains high during embryonic development (note that relatively the same tissues of cells/proteins are shared between different species, particularly during early embryonic development), while in the adult stage it reaches its minimum (most complex forms are most rare, note also that the speed of information transfer is inversely proportional to scale). This is why development of organ(ism)s is so robust and predictable (positive feedbacks between entangled entities exist - a snapshot of a more advanced remote development becomes a relative goal locally, guiding local development, more precisely, local development is guided toward the superposition of goals where stronger entanglements have stronger influence, note that this implies that for every egg these must exist a chicken somewhere, no matter how remote in space/time) but it also implies that a change in the development of one species can affect other species, more the more entangled the species are. In the adult stage, on the individual level, we're not as sensitive to changes in species, rather more to changes in subspecies and individuals. This is because, effectively, both vertical and horizontal range of information transfer is reduced. However, as noted previously, these limitations are relative, will differ between individuals and can even change dramatically during the adult stage (correlated with transformation of consciousness). Dreams, hallucinations or visions can thus be local, remote, or a relative superposition of both. The individual should be able to feel the difference between the phenomena based on local information (experience) and remote information (experience), because the local experience should also be highly correlated with the local body (eg. brain). Indeed, lately I am experiencing more and more of the phenomena I strongly feel are based on remote information. Some of these extraordinary events (which are apparently becoming ordinary) will be presented here. Some of these qualify as potential experiences of different incarnations of my soul, while some (if not all) may represent experiences of other souls mine is currently correlated with, or was highly correlated at the time of information collection (usually probably within the day before the dream).
While I might refer to them as personal, considering the fact that souls evolve and that a soul (and effectively, brain) might be even receiving signals from a brain on another Earth-like planet (or anti-brain on anti-Earth) it is entangled with, this personality can be very relative. However, the signals do not have to be as remote (check Memory of soul's past lives chapter in Solution to gravitational anomalies). Note that sex/gender is likely correlated with spin/chirality of the soul, so if a soul is male on one planet, in case of anti-aligned spin entanglement, it will be female on the other. The sex is generally preserved over incarnations on the same scale because the collapse (death) generally requires spin change of the soul. Since soul inflation (coupling) also requires a change of spin, it has to be equal to the one in the previous incarnation. Exceptions to this rule are possible, eg. in cases where upon reaching the adulthood, the soul reaches a higher energy level than in the previous incarnation (in other words, it permanently evolves). Sex of the soul correlated with the brain is correlated with the sex of the soul correlated with reproductive organs. But different alignments are possible. The type of alignment will probably depend on the stage in guidance (development or evolution) as in normal development of organ[ism]s, the growth and reproduction of micro-conscious entities must be limited in some way. The ways of regulation may be diverse, but declining heterosexuality is one of them.
Incognita Prior to this one, I never had a dream where I had a female body, but this time I had a strong feeling I was in the body of a woman. She was pushed and fell into a shallow pool of water. Water was immediately filled with blood, so she was probably stabbed. I woke up afterwards. The phrase "Ordi nami" was ringing in my head (chanting). I had a strong feeling this was a middle aged woman (30-40 years old) even though I do not remember the body (only roughly). This dream had, what I consider, a typical signature of a retro-vision. Most convincing evidence is that phrase which I strongly believe I have never heard in this life. I suspect old Egypt or Rome as a source. After I did some research, I realized the word ordinami exists in Italian language, meaning order me in English. Seems to be some kind of a sacrifice ritual. If this is indeed a memory of my previous death it would be interesting to know who that was. However, in case of correlation with past incarnations or anti-incarnations, since my soul is male, the woman, depending on the time (conditions) of the event, had to be either:
Note that, since I only saw the back of this person (after the soul delocalized or left the body) it is also possible that this was not a woman, but a homosexual man or a man feeling like a woman at the time. In any case, I am not homosexual in this incarnation, but I have been accused of homosexuality by polarized people who can't understand that people can be neutral or non-polarized. This does not mean I'm not attracted to women at all or that I'm asexual, but it means I can be fine for long periods without them. Why do they automatically assume I have a male partner if I don't have a female one? I guess they expect one would be hiding homosexuality in public. It should be common for history to relatively repeat itself through different incarnations, after all, the body genome is a superposition of two past body generations and the soul should, similarly be a superposition, albeit probably of soul generations separated in time.
Ghost car I had a dream where I was in, what felt like, rural England, perhaps 18th century. I felt I was driving some kind of a vehicle, sitting front right. I felt one or two people were sitting behind me. However, no parts of the vehicle were rendered, it just felt like a vehicle and it was moving forward. Soon I've seen a kid or two ahead. At that moment I felt someone from behind put something like a bag on my head at which point it all went blank and I woke up. The fact that the vehicle was not rendered (likely it was so different from a car, a vehicle which I am experienced in driving this incarnation, that the brain couldn't associate it with that vehicle and render as such) suggests the information comes from a different age. This may then be a retro-vision. The fact that I was sitting on the right while driving also goes in favour of that hypothesis, because I only drove cars with a steering wheel on the left in the current incarnation. I am not sure if this was a moment of death, but it certainly was some traumatic experience - another signal favouring retro-vision. Living in a game I recently had an extraordinary dream. It featured some weird creatures I have never seen in real life, including two human-like chimeras looking like devils. What was fascinating to me were details in rendering. I have never had a dream previously where I could see such fine details on creatures or environment. There were some complex interactions and it was like I was in some sort of a computer game, only it was as detailed and real as real life.
Note that I rarely play video games and when I do they are usually old 2D games. Also note that a human brain has extreme processing capabilities, it is not only a supercomputer compared to ordinary computers, but it is a supercomputer to supercomputers built by man. Obviously, its plasticity is also extreme, which is why it can produce high-quality simulations at will, something it might not usually be doing. High resolution of experience in dreams could be interpreted as a signal of transition toward a greater dominance of introversion.
The only reason I figured [in the dream] I am in a dream was because I have never seen these creatures in external life (even though these dreams feel real, I am still dominantly an extroverted life-form, and this connection with external reality will sometimes produce a feeling of non-belonging to a particular dream). Due to complex coherent rendering and high resolution, I believe this dream was either scripted and generated in situ or it is strongly correlated with a near (in space and/or time) virtual reality (VR) experience. But what are the odds for spontaneous local generation of such content, especially for one without VR experience?
Often, when I go to sleep while my mind is in overdrive, at some point the line between a dream and dominant reality becomes very blurry. I am convinced I did some work in my dreams while working on CR.
Added chapter Death of Tesla. Death of Tesla? Tesla probably did not speak publicly about reincarnation as it was against the religious beliefs of his family, his father especially. But he probably believed in reincarnation, which was present in early Christianity. Once I had a vision of, what I believe was, his death - where it appears he tried to force his soul to enter a particular body at that moment. I saw a young couple. First, the man entered the hotel room, while the woman was waiting outside. After some short interaction, I was lying on bed. I've heard the man mentioning a vacuum cleaner (in Croatian or Serbian language) and the woman entered the room. The woman came close to me, put my head on her abdomen. I died shortly after. Why did I feel like I'm Tesla in that dream? Well, I did find significant correlations between his life and personality and my life and personality so this may be a retro-vision. Added chapter The Simpsons. The Simpsons I have dreamed a Simpsons cartoon on 2022.05.05. Dreaming cartoons is unusual for me (in fact, I don't remember dreaming one before) and since it has been a couple of years since the last time I even watched a cartoon I suspect there's some deeper meaning here. There was nothing special in the dream itself - Homer is launching himself into the air and flying toward some big animal or big sculpture of an animal, possibly an elephant or something dragon like, all inside a dome building. While the content could have a meaningful interpretation I don't think the content itself is important here. But this would be interesting if this is the content of an Simpsons episode I'm effectively destined to watch sometime in the future. So I've checked what is the current season of Simpsons - it was season 33. Since 33 is one of the special numbers for me (frequently encountered in synchronicity events) I have interpreted that signal as a possible confirmation of deeper meaning behind this. Now I did watch Simpsons in the past and there is a possibility that this is a [forgotten] scene from an episode I watched years ago - although dreams are generally not retro-visions of current life, rather influenced by it, it's possible that older forgotten memories reappear as retro-visions. Thus, if I now start watching older seasons and I encounter such an episode, this would still be interesting - it would either prove that retro-visions occur in dreams or prove that I have, effectively, dreamed future. But it would be difficult to tell whether it is former or the latter. However, if this scene occurs in an episode I surely haven't watched before, it would have to be a vision of future. Therefore, I have started watching new seasons of Simpsons (before I try earlier ones) to test the hypothesis. I'm sure I haven't watched any episode from season 30 onwards so I'm trying these first. So far, I have watched seasons 33 and 32 and haven't seen anything similar to the dreamed scene. Added Death of anonymous. Small revisions elsewhere. Death of anonymous I was in a car on a parking lot, daylight, feeling anxious. Someone in another car to the right was being shot at. At one point I see the wind-shield broken on that car and a man (40-60 y) lying on the ground behind the car. On the left, there was a big truck. I had a strong feeling this was next to a sea, although I did not see it (possibly a city harbour). I was thinking whether I should get out of the car, but I was afraid I could get shot too. I think I did get out at one point. I saw some people in the distance, someone possibly pointing in this direction. Dream ended (I didn't think I was shot at the time however). Although this dream doesn't seem so special, it feels out of context for me (I did not feel like I was myself in it) and it was traumatic. This qualifies it as non-local so I decided to write it down. I find this unlikely to be correlated with my own past or future incarnations though. It might be simply a vision of the event happening at the time (2022.08.29, 01-07 AM CET) somewhere in the world. Not sure why I received it (future might clarify if there is a deeper meaning) but my soul should be entangled with this one in some way. Added Hallucinating zombies. Hallucinating zombies I had a very strange day recently (≈2022.10.23). I had a hangover that day and didn't get much sleep the night before. I don't generally hallucinate while fully awake (whether I have a hangover or not), but that day I was seeing a lot of strange transparent figures throughout the day. I was aware these figures were not there in reality, after all, they were just dark silhouettes, but I could clearly resemble that these figures represent humans or humanoids.
The figures were present regardless of whether my eyes were open or closed so clearly the phenomena was not part of external reality. Apparently, I was dreaming while awake, although the brain was dominantly rendering external reality (rendering of a dream was limited to numb silhouettes). This is not the first time I'm experiencing augmented reality, it just never lasted so long before and hallucinations were generally not visual, rather auditory. Lately, I have been occasionally experiencing very realistic sounds (like human voices) for a brief time after waking up - I concluded they were artificial only after I ruled out external sources. It appears, however, that such hallucinations are not unusual. I have to state that I'm not ill and I don't have any mental disorders. This could have some correlation with alcohol usage, but the question then is - why I haven't been experiencing this before, I was never an alcoholic, but I was drinking more in the past and never hallucinated, generally, my consumption of alcohol is decreasing. Alcohol may be a trigger, but probably none of this would be happening hadn't my consciousness transformed some 5 years ago. In this, I see a potential precursor to additional transformation, my brain may be evolving toward a brain similar to that of a whale.
In total, there were a lot of them, many were present even at the same time, but none was there longer than a couple of seconds. However, during the time they were present their movements were strange - erratic. Closer ones were also often leaning toward me. Although I couldn't see details, I felt some had strange faces and I had a feeling these were some kind of zombies.
Here, zombies do not represent creatures that were dead previously and brought to life afterwards (like it is often depicted in movies). I believe zombies here are similar to zombies that can be found in nature. In example, the fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is known to hijack brains of ants. Upon infection, the fungus leads the ant to an area suitable for fungal growth (eg. forest floor) and makes the ant bite into a major vein on the underside of a leaf. It then produces mycelia around the ant's body which contacts the leaf and secures the host to the leaf. The ant eventually dies, while fruiting bodies emerge from its head to spread fungal spores. This is how these fungi reproduce. While this might seem cruel, this is an effective mechanism for regulation of ant population and could even be interpreted as symbiosis on species level - too many ants in a system would probably lead to extinction of ants just like unregulated growth of human population leads to extinction of humans on Earth's surface.
Similar to regulation of ant population by fungi, fungi could soon be infecting humans in order to limit growth of human population. Therefore, what I was seeing here could be a vision of future. Fungal infection should not be a surprising response of Earth's immune system. The question is whether it will come from the wild or will it come from human laboratories - as I'm sure anyone with half a brain knows what unlimited growth leads to.
Interestingly, over the last couple of years, I was often wondering why I am encountering so many zombie movies (I didn't watch many of them though, they're more or less the same). I knew there must be a meaning behind it, and I believe, after this hallucination, I've found it. During accelerated evolution, viruses (and humans, directly, or indirectly) are likely to be involved in adaptation of fungi to higher temperatures and, therefore, possible zombification of humans. The signals announcing this may already be here. It may be an additional vector in predicted regulation of human population size.
\ch_added Odd sentences Sometimes I wake up with an odd sentence in my head. A couple of days ago I woke up with this one: "The extended array of family clocks all around the world." (this is not a translation, the sentence was in US English). It's very weird, where did that come from? "Family clock" - is that a thing? As I woke up I did not remember any kind of dream, just the sentence. Was it taken out of some context or is it just some pseudo-random thing constructed by the brain? \ch_added Multiple VR experiences (2024.01.29) Multiple high-res CGI dreams today in multiple sleep cycles. In the first, I was sliding to the left (or, perhaps more appropriately, the content was sliding to the right), I saw a little girl drawing/painting something on a big canvas. Right next to her was a pile of painted canvases on which the top painting (at least) was morphing from one image to the next, time was apparently accelerated. Next I saw a glass door/window and some nature outside, including a lake. This too was changing quickly through the seasons. But then the context was changed, suddenly I was in a different environment. In front of me there was a uni-coloured glassy (semi-transparent) character (avatar), it looked humanoid but the face didn't look so human. It seemed as it was bugging me in some way. At one point I jumped up, looking him from above while he was saying something to me, then, on the left side, I noticed a figure, I believe in a police uniform, running toward me with a flash-light as it was apparently dark on that side. This then seems like the context was a superposition of two different VR games. I had at least two more similar dreams in two different sleep cycles. In one of them I was a character in a first person shooter (FPS) game (similar to Call of Duty), but there were only two players, the other character I sensed to be a friend who I've seen recently. And that's not all, there's some synchronicity here. About 6-8 hours before I had these dreams, I was setting up a VR headset, some 8 km away. But I never played an VR game in my life! I never was really interested much in VR, I don't like wearing computers and I usually have my hair in a ponytail, so, for the most of the setup time, I didn't even wear the VR headset properly. I did 3-4 VR headset set-ups in my life, all within the last 12 months or so, but I always only wore the headset as much as required by the setup procedure (no game-playing or game characters involved, only the boring setup interface). As noted before, I very rarely play games, and when I do these are usually 2D games, the same or similar to games I played 20 years ago (point 'n' click adventures, real-time strategies). With no experience with VR games and little experience with 3D games in general, why are my dreams suddenly being immersed in VR games? And why now? Why didn't I dream games when I was a kid, when I did play games more often? Nothing has changed in my life and certainly nothing that I could interpret as something that could stimulate this kind of dreams. How likely is for the brain even to create high-res VR experiences if one hasn't experienced one before in real life? Is it a coincidence that I started having this kind of dreams at the time of maturation and increasing consumption of VR content by humans as species? Note that the first CGI dream I had was a couple of years ago - considerable time before I did the VR headset setups. The only logical and plausible explanation involves either precognition or transfer of information through channels of entanglement (correlation). My first CGI dream suggests precognition may be involved, others suggest information transfer between highly correlated events. Note however that one does not preclude the other. In CR, I have postulated that all forces are based on [changes] in entanglement (correlation). Strength of entanglement and distance in entanglement is generally manifested as distance in certain dimension of space (including time). High entanglement is then correlated with interactions such as high attraction and high repulsion, generally - with higher information exchange. When I was wearing the VR headset, I was doing the same thing a lot of other people may have been doing. All these events were highly correlated in time (distance in time was a lowly relative 0). I believe, therefore, that my recent dreams were based on games other people were playing. Every time we experience something new as a species, the [superposition of the] information about the event is transferred to correlated individuals, even those who never had such experience before. The quality and amount of information transfer will depend on the strength of entanglement and the ability of proper interpretation in the individual. Note that in one dream I sensed that the character in the game was a friend. This does not imply local production of information, the feeling (or any other element in a dream) can simply be a local interpretation (one cannot transfer feelings but can transfer information to stimulate them). In CR, everything is relative. Where do we or our consciousness end? It's relative. Our top layer of consciousness may be strongly localized, and one can claim our bodies are strongly localized (if one neglects, for example, its electro-magnetic and gravitational imprint), but what about deeper layers of subconsciousness? Based on all evidence, any organization of correlated micro-conscious individuals can be interpreted as an organ[ism] of its own, more or less localized and more or less conscious. In some cases, particularly in longer-lasting organizations and correlations, it probably represents a precursor of an organ[ism]. With channels of entanglement representing synapse equivalents, the brains and consciousness seem to be as fundamental as fundamental forces. The ordinary brain is simply one manifestation of localized entanglements, coupled and correlated with more or less localized consciousness. One can then correlate the entire human species with a certain hallucination. With the evidence above, obviously the individuals can affect this hallucination but the hallucination can also affect individuals subconsciously. Given the ubiquitous relativity, it would be generally inappropriate to claim that one thing emerges from the other. Causality can be weak or strong and can be inverted. In some cases, the hallucination will be effectively guiding individuals to particular structure and function (or, particular eigenstate), in other cases, vice versa. Positive and negative feedbacks are possible. In embryonic development, positive feedback may be interpreted as normal development, negative feedback as influence of a disease. Instinct, obviously, has two components - the component based on innate or local memory and the other component based on future and/or remote events, or non-local experiences of correlated entities. Although I have developed my theories and hypotheses independently, at least one relative equivalent of this particular hypothesis, as I became aware eventually, did already exist for considerable time. This is the hypothesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance by R. Sheldrake, and the above can be interpreted as evidence for that theory as well. There's additional evidence in his works, so I recommend checking it out. \ch_added World Wars (2024.01.31) I was in a hangar of an airfield (military, I believe) with some other guy. I was standing near the entrance, looked up, and the squadron of warplanes flew to the right. I had a feeling this was either west or east from my standpoint, rather than north or south. At that point I felt unease. A large flag appeared in the air above, I felt this was a Russian flag but something was very odd about it, it didn't look like Russian flag. I don't remember the colours but I remember there were stars on it, which I interpret as a reference to US, EU, China, Kosovo and/or Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then it disappeared and another flag appeared, this one had a white strip on the bottom and an emblem on the upper left. I thought Slovakia/Slovenia but then the flag would have to be upside down. It is interesting that Russian flag is the same as the flags of Slovakia and Slovenia, only the emblem is different between them. So this could be the upside down Russian flag as well, otherwise it would have to be the flag of Serbia. So obviously, multiple interpretations are possible, but multiple correct interpretations are common in nature.. If the flag is indeed upside down, and maybe both flags were upside down, this could be telling me something about my geographical location. In that case, I was located north (facing south) and the planes were moving to the east. Further below I will assume this is the correct interpretation, but I could be wrong (although, I'm probably not, as my consciousness and subconsciousness know each other pretty well by now). Note that, in case of the World War III, these 3 countries (Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia) will potentially align with Russia. For Serbia this is almost certain, for Slovakia this is increasingly becoming certain. For Slovenia this seems unlikely at this point, but in these times, things can change quickly. Perhaps Slovenia won't align with Russia but will abandon its alignment with the other side as well, becoming neutral. I got out of the hangar and looked to the left (west, according to the above interpretation). Another squadron was approaching and I felt we're gonna get bombed. Soon after, bombs started falling and I was trying to escape. I moved down-left (north-west) some distance away and the dream ended. This dream could represent multiple similar events happening at different times:
  1. NATO bombing Serbia in 1999, during the Kosovo war,
  2. NATO/Kosovo bombing Serbia sometime in the future (Kosovo/Serbia tensions are present again),
  3. a false flag operation with an aim to provoke a NATO-Russia conflict (in Slovakia?), starting a World War III,
  4. a conflict between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and/or Kosovo.
Interestingly, recently, news started emerging with various officials in the West saying NATO countries should start preparing for the war against Russia. Previously, the West predicted the Russian invasion of Ukraine (after it provoked it). It would not be surprising that someone is planning something bigger that would indeed result in a NATO-Russia conflict in the future. Naturally, this dream was constructed by my subconsciousness, possibly influenced by recent news, but perhaps it is also something more - [a reconstruction of] a real event, happening in the past and/or the future. Lately my dreams do tend to be a superposition of multiple interpretations. The number of interpretations probably depends on the number/strength of entanglements between the individual and the environment in space/time. The superposition is probably also correlated with the ability to see or sense/reconstruct events farther into the past and future. In any case, my subconsciousness has an exponentially increasing record of predictions proven right and my consciousness has an exponentially increasing record of correct interpretations of its messages (in other words, the quality and quantity of information exchange between the two is increasing). I feel like, this sense, the 6th sense as some call it, that people had in the past (and people away from civilization still might have) is coming back to me. I have been moving away from civilization (even if not completely literally) and toward nature for quite some time now. My entanglements with nature have been increasing exponentially - through increasing knowledge about nature, observation of nature (which also leads to knowledge), and interaction with nature (which, again, leads to more knowledge). My experience represents the evidence that 6th sense can be developed without complete abandonment of civilization. But polarized civilization is definitely a distraction, whose negative effect one needs to subdue (become less sensitive to it), if one is to develop this sense. Knowledge is power, obviously. The more one knows the more one can see. And lately, I'm increasingly seeing more, and more clearly, with my eyes closed than with my eyes open. These cryptic dreams are increasingly becoming less cryptic and/or more easily decrypted. Therefore, anyone in EU not looking forward to annihilation should probably get out of NATO and remain neutral, especially smaller countries with no big geopolitical importance in the current game of wars. Those who survive this, are likely to be either those who remained neutral or those who abandoned everything and hid in caves. And those who did hid in caves, with their new sticks and stones, are unlikely to become a threat for the neutral ones who did not experience this war. One country with no big geopolitical importance is Slavonia (currently part of Croatia). Since polarized people generally represent a majority in countries, it would probably be the best for neutral people to concentrate in one country where their vote will actually matter. Neutralization of Slavonia may have already started with the Liberland project, it just needs to get expanded west. A lot, if not majority of people in Slavonia are already not pro-EU/US and this sentiment is more likely to further increase than decrease. Article revised/updated. Article revised. Article revised.