2021.06.21 2021.07.02 2021.07.02 Mario Ljubičić (Amenoum)108. brigade ZNG 43, 35252 Sibinj, Croatiamljubicic99{EAT}gmail.com A variant of a classic pong game. The aim is to prevent Earth from getting too cold or too hot. The Earth will shrink with time and periodically speed up, but so will your spaceship. Supports up to 2 players in cooperative mode.
W, ↑move up
S, ↓move down
double click/tapfull screen
Game developerAmenoum
Fire image sourceClipart Library
Water/ice image sourceImgbin
Stars image sourceC. Horner
Earth texture sourceStarder
Influenced by Pong, A. Alcorn
Elysian fields (1994), D. Mustaine et al
arcade pong, bong, arcade Bong