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[ 2023.02.03 ] New evidence for souls and reincarnation
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2023.02.03
I have previously hypothesized that souls are gravitons - quanta forming space. In case of souls coupling with bodies on Earth these would be gravitons forming Earth's gravitational well. When uncoupled, these are orbiting Earth at the standard speed of light (c), with orbital radius roughly equal to the Earth's radius (for souls coupling with bodies on Earth's surface). The term orbit here may be a relative misnomer as, during the orbit, the soul may be in the form of a wave (relatively delocalized). However, as evidence in heart fibrillation shows, the soul effectively is orbiting like a particle. In my theory, graviton does not refer to single species of particles (eg. electron) - it is flexible, can be polarized (eg. electro-magnetically) or neutral and its gravitational potential may be exchanged with electro-magnetic potential. Souls coupling with bodies on Earth may thus be polarized or neutral. In case of polarized souls I assume they form Earth's magnetic field lines (tubes) - when uncoupled (non-localized) at least. In case of [dominantly] neutral souls, these form gravitational field lines (tubes). A hybrid particle - superposition of the two may also exist. If souls are coupling with different bodies over time (reincarnating), this then puts certain constraints on coupling location. Earth's magnetic field is rotating with Earth (two rotations are synchronized). And similar should be true for the gravitational field [lines]. The particle forming the line is orbiting the Earth at the speed of light, however, the orbit (line) itself is rotating with Earth. The particle is entangled with the field line (tube) and is reasonable to assume that after decoupling (death) the soul returns to the same orbit (line). Therefore, all couplings of the same soul should lie on the same line around the Earth's surface. Most likely, souls couple with bodies at time of conception and since conception of an individual usually occurs on the same location as birth (or not far away) one should be able to connect the places of birth of different incarnations of the same soul by the straight line on a globe or on an appropriate two-dimensional translation. I have previously hypothesized that the same soul incarnated in Jesus, Newton, Tesla and myself. I have also provided some evidence for that (and I'm sure more evidence would be found with a more thorough analysis). But now, after comparing birth locations of these individuals, new and obvious evidence emerged. The Table \tbl20230204 shows birthplaces and possible conception sites for the four incarnations.
namebirthplacepossible conception sites
J. ChristBetlehem/JerusalemBetlehem/Jerusalem
I. NewtonWoolsthorpe/ColsterworthWoolsthorpe/Colsterworth
N. TeslaSmiljan/GospićSmiljan (HR), Draganići (RS)?
M. LjubičićSibinj/Slavonski BrodSibinj (HR), Neum (BA)?
Table \tbl20230204: Birthplaces and possible conception sites The birthplaces are also shown in Fig \fig20230204.
Fig. \fig20230204: Conception locations Obviously, birthplaces (conception sites) of Jesus, Newton and Tesla can be connected with a straight line on this map. My birthplace is some 200 km away - not far but not on the line either. However, my birthplace may not be my conception site. I don't know why, but while I was thinking about this, the city of Neum came to my mind. Evidently, the line is crossing through that city. I thought that this could be the site of my conception so I asked my mother whether she was in Neum around the new year 1980/1981 (I was born September 1st, 1981. and my conception date is likely about 1981.01.01). She said yes, she couldn't recall the exact year but she was definitely there together with my father and some friends in the early eighties. Interestingly, the distance from Neum to Smiljan is equal to distance from Neum to Sibinj. However, while this is some interesting synchronicity, I don't believe this is the place I was conceived at. People here usually go to the coast during the summer so regardless of the year, a conception date in the summer is not compatible with the birth date in September. But there's another problem here - this two-dimensional map doesn't accurately represent the orbital path of the soul. The correct path is shown on the globe in Fig \fig202302042.
Fig. \fig202302042: Conception sites One can replicate this path in Google Earth simply by connecting Woolsthorpe with Betlehem with a line ('Draw line or shape' button). The line is now clearly passing through by birthplace, and my most likely conception site. So this is now another clear evidence that my soul is the same soul that coupled with Newton and Jesus' body. The birthplace of Tesla (Smiljan) is now some 200 km away from the line. However, Tesla's parents did move from western Serbia to Smiljan and the line is passing through western Serbia. It is thus possible that Tesla was conceived there. I don't know the exact place but I know that Tesla's are descendants of Draganići and Draganići village is near the line (only about 20 km away). Of course, while conception should lie on the line, the place of residence of parents prior to child's birth may not but it will, most likely, be near. All things considered, I believe all four incarnations indeed do belong to the same soul. Perhaps other people could be found that were born near the line so I could complete the list of incarnations of this soul. In any case, the lifespan matters - all these people should live up to about the age of 84 if they reach old age. If they don't reach old age, most likely time of death is the time of soul transformation which for this soul generally happens around the age of 35 (note that Jesus died around this age) and possibly also at about the age of 50. During transformation the individual is most likely to get in trouble as this transformation is commonly interpreted as a nervous breakdown. This may be due to confrontation with authorities but generally due to effective feeling of immortality, when the individual doesn't feel strongly connected to its body. Jesus was crucified during this time, Newton transformed around the same age but survived. I have also transformed around the same age and have been confronting authority at the time. But these are different times and I wasn't crucified, at least not physically. However, I was very close do death at least three times during the period. Tesla lived through this too. I don't know how strong was the synchronicity experienced by Tesla or Newton, but, in my case, at the peak even my voice was different and it was as the god was speaking through me, similar to what Muhammad and Jesus experienced. Note that Mecca (birthplace of Muhammad) and Medina are also relatively close to the orbital of this soul. However, I believe Muhammad had a different soul, albeit a closely related one. Note also that even deaths seem to occur near the line - Jesus died roughly at the same place he was born, Newton died in Kensington/London - only 115 km from the line, Tesla died in the other part of the world - New York, but still not so far from the orbital (666 km). If we add James Watt to the list, he died only 66 km from the line (his birthplace is ≈200 km from the line, in Greenock, Scotland). Interestingly, A. Einstein was born 63 km from the line. Of course, Einstein cannot be counted as one of the incarnations of this soul. He lived at the same time as Tesla, but also his age at death and other characteristics do not fit my hypotheses (although his soul is likely of the same species), but this begs the question - why are the [birthplaces or conception sites of] greatest thinkers or religion influencers (paradigm shifters) of human history concentrated along the same orbital? This cannot be explained without involving souls as I define them. Apparently, orbitals of closely related souls are clumped together. Among other things, the four of us obviously share interest in science and religion so that should be common for this soul. Ignorance is bliss, it may be true now but it won't stay true forever.