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[ 2022.10.06 ] The EU is doomed
Log entry: The EU is doomed
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.10.06
The Europe joined with US into NATO was a marriage destined to fail. But it won't just end with the breakup of NATO, it will likely be coupled with breakup of EU. This is mostly due to asymmetric and unsustainable relationship between US and EU (or between US and the rest of the world). In that relationship, when it comes to foreign policy, the EU is a dog owned by US. This was fine with polarized European people when US wars didn't affect them. With the war in Ukraine, however, this is no longer the case, and misalignment between wishes of people and commands obeyed by EU politicians is growing exponentially. This is, obviously, destabilizing EU.
Note that unstable/weak Europe is in the interest of US. Cutting ties with Russia/China is making EU more dependent on US. No wonder the US is investing heavily into this war. This was all carefully planned in someone's mind. And, for some of us, it might be hard to understand why are people still dying for interests of these bastards? But all becomes clear once one understands that this is not a relationship between sane humans, this is a relationship between self-proclaimed gods and dogs.
The US wants to destroy Russia and it doesn't care how many Ukrainians will die for that or how many Europeans will freeze to death, die due to food shortages or, sometime in future, nuclear radiation. The war in Ukraine can be ended today and all this would be avoided if US would acknowledge Eastern Ukraine as Russian territory (with a formal guarantee that Western Ukraine won't join NATO). Ukraine is a big country and it was always divided between pro-Russian east and pro-American west. Crimea even was a part of Russia for a long period (1783 – 1917) before it was given, by the heads of the Soviet Union, to Ukraine in 1954. It is not surprising that its population is dominantly Russian. But it's not only Crimea, most of population of eastern Ukraine is either Russian or pro-Russian, which is evident in elections. Take for example the 2004 elections.
Ukraine 2004 Elections
Fig. \fig20221006: Results of elections in Ukraine, 2004 The results are shown in Fig. \fig20221006. Obviously, pro-Russian government (Yanukovych) was what most citizens of eastern Ukraine want. Newer elections show similar results. Why are then the US and its dogs declaring current referenda in eastern Ukraine a sham? The Russians even invited UN, OECD and EU to oversee these referenda but they all refused it. Why? Because then they would have to admit the reality of reality.
Note that, it shouldn't be surprising that today eastern Ukraine is even more pro-Russian, due to terrorist attacks on Russians in eastern Ukraine that have increased since 2014.
The West simply doesn't want a peaceful resolution of the conflict. In its history, the US never did. There's also great hypocrisy here. Consider Kosovo in Serbia - it was a part of Serbia (and still is by some) that's mainly populated by Albanians. The US strongly supports autonomy and independence of Kosovo. Shouldn't it then support the autonomy and independence of Russians in eastern Ukraine? Of course it should but the problem is - while Albanians are pro-American, the Russians tend to be pro-Russian and a pro-Russian autonomy not serving US interests cannot be allowed. The Russia, China, North Korea - all these countries are artificially inflated threats to US, simply because they don't want to serve US and obey US commands, like EU does. The EU is thus doomed, like any dog is, serving the devil.