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[ 2022.05.20 ] China will [have to] invade Pakistan
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.05.20
I have previously stated that the devil is afraid of [long-range] nuclear weapons.
Devil, in this context, is the American (or pro-American) democratic capitalism. People who are, consciously or unconsciously, conspiring in the name of this devil, are those who profit the most from this kind of capitalism - big bankers and investors. But there are also people who are, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, working for these demons - from government and media down to ordinary people.
But that does not mean it will leave countries possessing such weapons alone. By all means, it will try to impose sanctions on such a country in an attempt to weaken its economy, provoke an internal turmoil, hoping it will destabilize itself and abandon development of long-range nuclear missiles (in case these are not yet developed). I have previously decoded a message in signals of synchronicity telling me that China will invade Pakistan. At the time, that didn't make much sense - research showed China and Pakistan have a history of good relations and I didn't see how the war could happen. But with recent developments in Pakistan a familiar pattern emerged - what is happening now in Pakistan is what was happening in Ukraine before the war. The war in Ukraine was preceded by the installation of a pro-American government, terrorist attacks on Russians in Ukraine and a march toward NATO membership - all in order to provoke Russian invasion so the devil can impose sanctions on Russia. Before all this - Russia and Ukraine had good relations, just like China and Pakistan had. Attacks on Chinese people in Pakistan are rising. China will [have to] invade Pakistan updated.
Pakistan is a well-known training ground for terrorists. These terrorists are not some spontaneously organized group of people randomly attacking random people for fun. These represent outsourced military power and they're attacking people for money. And who do you think would sponsor terrorists to attack Russians and Chinese citizens? Using terrorists to provoke Russia and China is not only cheaper, but convenient for other reasons. The US does not want direct conflict with Russia and China because they have nuclear weapons. But they too do not want direct conflict with US so they won't accuse US for these attacks, they will accuse installed pro-American government (which is also responsible) when they choose to invade. That government won't stop the terror and will be discriminating Chinese citizens in Pakistan as it was discriminating Russians in Ukraine. So they must invade [if there's no other way] to overthrow that government because this can hardly be stopped otherwise. Even if they wouldn't care about losing power, influence and defensive strength, they can't just do nothing and ignore attacks on their people for long. The devil will attack its own people and then accuse others for these attacks if needed. At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a video emerged of supposedly Russian tank crushing a Ukrainian citizen in a car. It was later established that the tank could not have been Russian, it was Ukrainian. So what was initially interpreted as an act of violence was then interpreted as an innocent accident. But was that an accident? What about that drone that landed in Zagreb? Does anyone seriously believe that was an accident? Or that it was Russian? And how come no one [but themselves] is terrorizing Americans? The world is biased and is choosing sides instead of choosing truth. Everyone knows what US is doing, a lot of common people say they oppose it but generally anonymously and they're still paying taxes to American or pro-American government, so they support all of it. No one is doing what they say they're doing, no one is doing what they think they're doing, everyone's lying, it's disgusting.
And last month, a pro-American prime minister was installed in Pakistan. Pro-American government and biased media are important to the devil - the role of these is to provoke and mobilize anti-Chinese militarization and movements to ensure China encounters strong resistance in the country - so it can be accused of starting a war and so the sanctions can be imposed. Russia didn't react fast enough to avoid escalation of war and sanctions, while the devil was fast enough to fuel the anti-Russian propaganda. China will [have to] invade Pakistan updated.
UPDATE 2022.08.15

The devil is now provoking China to attack Taiwan. Note that government installed in Taiwan is pro-American. Note also that US has, over history, spread it's military presence all over the neighbouring islands - Indonesia, Guam, Philippines and Indo-Pacific in general. The US waged a war with Philippines when it decided to annex Philippines rather than acknowledge its declaration of independence in 1898. Only later, after the land was totally destroyed in the World War II (and 1 million Filipinos died) and there was not much use of it, the independence was formally granted, but the US and its military actually never left. If they take over Taiwan, what part of the Pacific will be left for China to influence and control? They have strong presence in South Korea and Japan. They wanted Ukraine too. The US is obviously squeezing the sphere of influence of Russia, North Korea and China as much as possible and is trying to surround them with US and pro-US military. Seriously, is the world peace threatened by these 3 countries? Are Americans feeling threatened, who are thousands of miles from Russia and China and with neighbouring countries with no Russian or Chinese military presence? The US controls about 750 bases in at least 80 countries worldwide and spends more on its military than the next 10 countries combined. Russia has less than 30 bases and most in former Soviet republics, obviously for defensive purposes (early warning radars). China practically doesn't have any and North Korea has... yeah. Obviously, it is the fear of the devil that makes the world of questionable balls paint it as a saint. While even the defensive Russian presence in its neighbouring countries is a threat to US, the US (that claims to be the home of the brave) is installing its early-warning radars in fucking Poland. If Poland is a US neighbour what does that make Europe? Formally independent, like Philippines, but serving the devil? North Korea would not have nuclear weapons at all (and maybe no one else) if US wouldn't be so greedy, but somehow North Korea is a threat to the world and US, which has 100 times more nuclear weapons is a little lamb that's radiating peace and shitting prosperity all over the world. The truth is, many would sleep better and many would eat better if this particular lamb would be slaughtered. I'm not saying one should fight it, but it would be good not to serve the devil.
In some way, China has been trying to take over Pakistan peacefully for years (it was investing heavily in Pakistan) - it doesn't want war, just like Russia did not want it. Again, it would be better for the average Pakistani to let China rule them, rather than the devil, but things are currently not going in that direction. With sanctions on Russia, China and wars raging world-wide, debts will be increasing exponentially and inflation will be raging too. This will be devastating for the poor and it won't bring anything good for 99% of the population. But bankers will get richer and more powerful over you - as long as you value their money more than you value... well, yourself. So, average citizen, don't be so fast in accusing China for starting that war just like you were fast to accuse Russia for starting the war - by supporting the pro-American government (with money) you are responsible for that war, more than China. The president of Croatia (who has flaws but is one of most intelligent presidents in the world) is trying to keep Croatia neutral in this world-wide mess and he is being portrayed, by the devil in charge, as a pro-Russian evil madman.
If you're not on the side of the devil you will be accused of being against him and you will be portrayed as an enemy, even though you might be neutral.
Average citizen, am I evil - ask yourself. Then look behind the curtain and you'll find that 66% you are. Now be good or be gone. That's at least the message I translate from local future, to be interpreted by local god.