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[ 2022.03.25 ] Synchronicity in icy karma
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.03.25
Something odd happened today. I was doing some construction work in the city with my parents. At some point, a guy (who seems to live nearby) comes, says hello, and gives us ice-creams. This seemed odd, but I didn't think about it much - neighbors can be friendly, even if we've never experienced them sharing ice-creams before. However, later, the very same day, things got interesting. On the way home we stopped at the store for mom to buy some groceries. We didn't notice anything unusual at the time, but an hour later she notices she was charged for a couple of ice-creams, even though she didn't buy any! What is the meaning of this? To me this shows a couple of things - correlation of synchronicity and karma, relativity in cause and effect. I have predicted global increase of synchronicity during strong evolution but also the shortening of periods between karmic events (due to synchronization of large scale and small scale energies - space and time).
One could also interpret this as another message from god [Earth]: nothing is free. This has elevated importance at this time - with all those weapons being sold as gifts.
We got ice-creams from one man (who paid for them), we paid ice-creams (unconsciously even) to someone else - the very same day. This simple example contains evidence for 3 important things:
  • evidence that karma is indeed the generalized law of action and reaction,
  • evidence that intervals between karmic actions and reactions are decreasing,
  • evidence that causality is commonly violated on large scale too.
However, the story didn't end there. My mother went to the store afterwards, asked for a refund (something I wouldn't do, but she's not aware that karma is real) and got the money back. Great. Now, we owe some ice-creams again... or, at least my parents do (see note below). I'm not surprised for my parents - they are still addicted to life in debt (if one owes money one is likely to owe other things as well).
Note that we got 3 ice-creams, but she was charged for 2. This I explain with fragmentation of karmic action (reaction) - one of us (myself, I believe) is either not in debt, or, the remaining ice-cream shall be accounted for in a different transaction.
It's interesting also how polarized people are blissfully unaware of karma and synchronicity - my mother didn't sense anything odd about ice-creams, she sensed missing money (that's probably why she was checking the bill). Thrive on debt, then collapse paying debts - when it becomes impossible to borrow more. That's how it works with short-range/short-term senses.
This is why systems of democracy will never be sustainable with polarized people in majority (people with short-term interests choose leaders with short-term interests). With monarchs, or dictators, there is a chance for sustainable operation of a polarized nation - the leader could be neutral (especially, if leadership is inherited). However, if majority is polarized, such leader is likely to be overthrown. But even if not, with civilization being generally polarized, neutral leaders will be rare and will generally represent only short-term excursions into sustainability. Hence, collapse of any non-externally regulated polarized civilization is inevitable.