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[ 2022.02.18 ] Message from god: Recalibration
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.02.18
On 2022.02.06, a Moroccan boy, 5 years old, trapped in a well for 4 days, dies. On 2022.02.18, A boy in Afghanistan, 5 years old, trapped in a well for 3 days, dies (some sources claim he was 6 years old and trapped in a well for 4 days though). The same day, 13 people (all women and children) in India die, after falling into a well. All these locations are roughly on the same geographic latitude, as shown in Fig. \fig20220206.
Fig. \fig20220206: Well locations (Afghanistan location source: Original News) Here, one could interpret the 3rd signal as the stop signal in the message and discard it due to weaker entanglement, however, it also might have a greater purpose. Obviously, the first two signals reveal strong synchronicity - a generally rare event "5 year old boy trapped in a well for 4 days dies" has happened twice on Earth with less than two weeks distance apart in time. Not only that, but the two locations are separated by the same distance in space from the Great Pyramid in Giza (as shown by blue lines in Fig. \fig20220206). Interestingly, the Great Pyramid is at the same longitude as Ukraine (a vertical line passing through the location of the Great Pyramid would also pass right through the middle of Ukraine). What is the meaning of this? What I see in this message is that the location of the Great Pyramid should be the location of a 0° (prime) meridian, not Greenwich. The choice of a 0° meridian on a planet should not be arbitrary (most animals are bilaterally symmetrical, although, in its adult form, Earth might become radially symmetrical - like sea stars, for example). Usage of the longitude of the Great Pyramid (31° E) as the Prime meridian has been proposed before, as it was claimed that this location was the geographical center of Earth. Newest calculations put the center a bit north, in Turkey, but only 3° more east in longitude, at 34° E.
Note how close are fights that have occurred (or are occurring) in Syria/Iraq and Ukraine to that longitude.
This center is changing over time, naturally, but it is quite possible that the location in Giza is the correct location on average. The fact that countries at or around this longitude are neutral and/or divided countries between east and west cultures (Ukraine being the best example, but there's also Syria/Iraq on the right and former Yugoslavia on the left, etc.) is another strong argument in favor of the hypothesis. This is the longitude around which it would be expectable for strongly polarized east and west countries to wage their wars - while neutral people, like women and children, lose their lives. But there could be additional messages here - it's interesting that, despite all falling in a well, none of these people died of drowning...
One additional message is the announcement of splitting of Ukraine into two countries.
UPDATE 2023.03.31 At least 35 people died after falling into a well yesterday in Madhya Pradesh, India. Not sure if this is related to the original message but I thought I might write it down, just in case it proves relevant later. Are people now falling into wells [in India] annually?