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[ 2022.02.07 ] A wish of deranged, command for the damned
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.02.07
When you strongly believe (know) something is bound to happen and you strongly desire for it to happen, it is hard to resist making predictions about it - when exactly it will happen? But this desire will inevitably make you biased and will influence your prediction.
Your intelligence can be clouded by different things - depression, desires, stress, or any other polarized disease.
Due to this cloudy weather in your brain you won't be conscious about the bias in your prediction. This is why it is always good not to claim anything with absolute certainty and why it would be good to reanalyze and correct your statements every now and then (although, generally, the best practice would be not to haste with statements in the first place). While I often claim I am neutral, I too get biased at times and predict premature dates for certain events (which sometimes could be interpreted as "putting words into god's mouth"). However, I will generally correct my mistake soon (if I do not, then the prediction is not considered a mistake - it is based on hypotheses with a high degree of confidence). Now look what has the White House national security adviser said recently: "We are in the window. Any day now, Russia could take military action against Ukraine, or it could be a couple of weeks from now.". This is just one of similar statements coming from US. They've gone as far as producing this: "U.S. intelligence agencies believe Russia has formed a plan to fabricate a pretext for an invasion of Ukraine, potentially by producing propaganda videos showing a staged attack.". This is a typical example of someone with a strong desire for a particular event to happen. There is no evidence provided nor does anything suggest there is any evidence. There is only a weak hypothesis based on presence of Russian military (mostly in their own country!). I, for example, believe that US has fabricated a lot of pretexts in the past pretty much all over the world. Many people believe the same, but no one goes to war against US even with a solid evidence, let alone belief. Yes, maybe there is some increased activity and buildup of troops on the Russian part but what about constant increases in US presence and activity all over the world? In South Korea, for example, they're regularly doing exercises and they've even managed to make South Korea pay for their continuous presence and provocation of North Korea! But why should I care for what happens in Ukraine? I shouldn't. But the US is, by its inflation of fear and preparation for war, pressuring Ukraine to join the NATO. It's perfectly understandable that Russians don't want this to happen - neither do I, nor does anyone sane who does not want a World War III. The US wants it obviously (or desperately?), so they've started sending gifts, not only to NATO members but to Ukraine too (for whom they decided will join the NATO). A couple of days ago, my country has been given a couple of helicopters. Oh how happy we are. Indeed. A never-ending, bloody blue Christmas. I'm surprised we didn't get any bombs to decorate our trees. But I guess Ukrainians are the special ones, today. Luckily, we're a small country and only have a couple of pilots who can fly these monstrous machines, so they didn't send us more. But maybe they'll teach some of us for free so we can get more and be even more happy. These are only the most recent gifts, there have been other gifts over the years, all military equipment - by some strange coincidence (obviously, they were counting on a war in this part of the world for quite some time). Yeah, who cares about food, weapons are what poor countries need the most... I guess the only reason Africa gets food is because they're too skinny to carry weapons. Anyway, at times like these I wish this was some country in Africa. I'd spend my time in a sarcophagus, away from gifts of peace selling countries and ever-present noise of human stupidity. Man giving food to Africa is a devil giving dog a bone so he can dig treasure in his backyard. What then, is, a man giving weapons? A banker? Fuck you America. My balls are not for hire You can buy my sarcophagus with my dead body in it and throw it at Russians if you will [and then blame Russians for killing me], but even if Russia and China are now imitating your past and not present self, you'll never get my living soul to fight for your interests. One day your big corporations, your big banks, big tanks and big pharma will become big karma and everything big will reduce to the size of your balls - a genetic disorder you try to compensate with big balls of fire. Until then, you can put this on repeat in your stubborn immature mind - souls of good are the brightest balls of fire, and you can try to imitate them, but these do not burn for war and none are for hire.