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[ 2021.11.07 ] Bloody taxation
Log entry: Bloody taxation
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.07
Just like an optimist solves his problems with optimism, taxpayers solve their problems paying taxes. And just like the optimism, taxation is often bloody (delusional), the question is only how much. How much you lose and how much you gain, if anything? Provided you know how to add and subtract numbers it shouldn't be hard to calculate how much but the result will depend on how much you are honest to your self and how much your approach is holistic over space and time. If the system would be genuinely transparent you would know where every single coin you gave has gone. If you don't know that, most likely it didn't go there where you'd want it to go and you won't make a mistake putting a minus sign in front of the result. Bloody taxation is often bundled with bloody democracy supported by bloody economists and supporters of bloody economy. Consider the recent example - the US wants more taxes from billionaires.
You might say - who doesn't? Well, in this system, this would surely backfire. The system in place creates inequality by design, and those who have a lot of money do not like giving it away, certainly not without getting something back (even if it sometimes may appear it isn't so). So you can be sure they will get something back (or somehow evade local taxation) and this will end up bad for you in the end. The solution, of course, is to change the system so it doesn't create such inequality in the first place. But no one really wants that. And I don't believe all rich people are bad anyway. A person is not bad simply for having a lot of money - especially in a society where getting more richer becomes easier the more you have. If you support inequality (and you generally do if you're paying taxes and using money issued by private banks) you don't have the right to be angry at those who have more than you do, nor you have the right to demand that they share their wealth with you (again, taking into account delusion - is it gonna benefit you at all?).
The reaction of one billionaire was to ask people what he should do. The reaction of an economist to that was - "Looking forward to the day when the richest person in the world paying some tax does not depend on a Twitter poll". There you have it - a billionaire who is more democratic than any one in any "democratic" government, opposed to a tax lover labelled as economist, hating genuine democracy. In the background, vultures betting on the outcome. In the foreground - the story. In reality, where are you? While there surely are exceptions, rich people or people in power generally do believe they're better than you. That's not true. You are a much better servant to them than they are at serving you.