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[ 2021.11.04 ] Bloody optimism and hopeless pessimism
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.04
One of the things that characterize cancer are its bloody (delusional) optimism and hopeless pessimism. Many people probably consider me pessimistic. But I'm not a pessimist, I am a realist. I speak truth or what I consider the most probable truth - and I rarely joke about it. If you don't like the truth that does not make me a pessimist, it makes you a delusional (bloody) optimist - someone who jokes about the truth between jobs and someone who doesn't ever make significant lifestyle changes, with the excuse that its life is governed by authority implying that it's authority that's responsible for regulating it in a sustainable way. But at the same time they claim they do not support authority and what's going on in the world (it's a lie, conscious or unconscious), so what are they optimistic about? That this illusion that they're not responsible will save them from trouble? Or the illusion that troubles are far away? And what can be said of hopeless pessimists? Unlike the delusional optimists, they do not pretend everything will be fixed somehow, but like them, they don't effectively see themselves as part of the problem and do not contribute to the solution. This world has an abundance of optimists and pessimists but it lacks living realism. Both, optimists and pessimists don't seek and don't offer solutions to problems - the former hope someone will find the solution, the latter consider it useless. The realists are those who seek and offer solutions. And I don't think there is a lack of realists in this world, they are probably even increasing in numbers. It's just that the machine has become too big to stop or even to slow down - solutions are not wanted because any solution today would hurt the economy. The world wants "solutions" that would, not only not hurt the economy, but even make it grow more. So, even the realists, who may often speak the truth, don't live it. However, a world that became addicted to delusion and self-destruction is not a world for a realist. So what are we, realists, still doing here? Are we afraid that, if we abandon optimism and pessimism, we will run out of problems to deal with? I don't think that's possible. But even so, isn't it better to have a solution practiced by a couple of people, or even your self alone, than to have your solution, at best, formally applauded, but effectively ignored by millions of people? If we separate we might be initially confused, but soon we will learn to appreciate each kind more and, even if we're not going to live together again, we will eventually become healthy to ourselves. Separation will give one chance to evolve logic and other to be happy. For logic... is in the blood of a realist, and it makes one unhappy when ignored.