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[ 2021.11.30 ] Cold-hearted invasion
Log entry: Cold-hearted invasion
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.30
To me, the most beautiful places on Earth are those isolated from people. Given the fact that humans are generally extremely invasive species, it seems remarkable that a whole continent on this planet could survive generally uninhabited and unexploited for resources or tourism. Yet, such continent still exists. We named it Antarctica, literally meaning "opposite to the Arctic". And this originally unimaginative title is still a testament to our ignorance. One might say the reason for that are harsh conditions, but the other will ask whether these harsh conditions are there for a reason? Well, if you have ever studied nature, you must have noticed that everything has many purposes and reasons for existence. Sometimes it is not obvious at first, but you can be sure there's something hiding below the uninviting and seemingly dead phenomena. Often, not too deep either. Take, for example, a simple piece of rock. You might think its presence has no deep meaning, but if you lift it up, you'll often see a whole community thriving underneath. The purpose of the rock for that community is obvious - it shields it from invasion of all kinds of phenomena. And modern scientists are finally realizing that life doesn't need much at all to thrive - rocks and water will do, and that it might be everywhere. It shouldn't thus be hard to believe that one purpose of harsh conditions on Antarctica is to keep invasive species at bay, and, comparing the scale of an ordinary rock with the whole continent, one can't help but wonder what is the scale of life hiding below Antarctica? What is so precious that nature spends 90% of the surface fresh water building the barrier of ice kilometers high? The theory of planetary neurogenesis offers the logical explanation - one purpose of the whole crust of the planet is to shield the complex life below from invasion (all of that energy would simply be an overkill just to shield microbes, which can be extremely resilient). In fact, the existence of layers and crust in any body should be the signal that something more complex is hidden below. Water is what connects complex life, and in complex bodies (such as Earth), water should be connecting spatially separated life literally. This is evident even on the surface of a planet - there's life on either side of any ocean or any river, and there's life in these oceans and rivers too. As long as the water is flowing - the lives of these lifeforms are connected to each other, one way or the other. But sometimes the water will freeze, effectively forming a barrier which will, generally, isolate one from the other for a particular reason. And, among many things, Antarctica is just that - a barrier between the surface and the world below. A barrier that melts when surface life matures for transmigration. As a general precursor, I have heard the call of ice long time ago, but now Antarctica is starting to attract the population. And the population is responding. As proper cancer, one might interpret this differently - the Antarctica is, just like it's opposite, opening for habitation and exploitation. Well, the sacredness of absolutism in cancer might not allow him to consider multiple interpretations, but something bigger is well aware that even this cancer has multiple interpretations. During weak evolution, cancer as a whole is a superposition of a disease and precursor neuron cells and proteins, but in strong evolution, multiple interpretations [with positive feedbacks] collapse to one, even if for a moment, before diversifying again. Exploitation of Antarctica will only speed up the process (in one interpretation, in other - this is all synchronized and one affects the other equally). You might think you're conquering yet another continent, but that's exactly what you're programmed to think. At this point, I do not feel good with people invading Antarctica, but I find solace in relativity. In this case, perhaps the most in relativity of deception. Weak or strong, the man was never destined to conquer Antarctica, it is my dear Antarctica who is destined to conquer the man...
[ 2021.11.27 ] The pitfall of randomness
Log entry: The pitfall of randomness
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.27
As I have stated previously, mainstream science has a lot of problems and these problems will only increase until it embraces new paradigms. In fact, these are not good times for any religionists to be overconfident - be it communicators of mainstream science or anyone else disrespecting or faking relativity. The same is true for consumers of such absolutism. While they might be more careful in academic environment, unfortunately, communicators of science often communicate their beliefs to public instead of objective thought. I, however, do not think they fall in such trap by accident - the general public is more open to beliefs than knowledge. Many of these beliefs will turn out to be wrong for one reason - the abuse of null hypothesis, ignorance of possibility for the existence of hidden variables (hidden correlation). This is why synchronicity is still not on the agenda and this is why periodicity of mass extinctions is still not taken seriously. However, periodicities of 26 to 30 My (million years) have been found in diverse geological phenomena, not only in mass extinctions - flood basalt volcanism, ocean anoxic events, deposition of massive evaporites, sequence boundaries, and orogenic events. If one accepts the new paradigm - a living Earth, it becomes obvious that this is not a coincidence, all these events are supposed to occur relatively simultaneously in the events of neurogenesis. Furthermore, if one accepts another new paradigm - that thermonuclear fusion does not occur in the core of the Sun (it occurs in upper layers), Kelvin-Helmholtz contraction of the core gives 25.746608 My for the time it takes for it to exhaust the fuel (this is not the end of the Sun's core though, it is hypothesized that fuel gets periodically replenished). Considering that the best candidate for periodicity of mass extinctions I have obtained is 25.74 My (see the same reference above), this is a remarkable correlation that should be hard to ignore. My calculations also suggest that Sun's core is at the end of the contraction cycle, agreeing with the hypothesis of imminent major extinction. The null hypothesis should have nothing to do with bias, but it does when the null postulate states "the currently accepted theories and models cannot be wrong". If mainstream science wants to progress - I suggest it inverts the null postulate and consider the evidence. It is not that there is a lack of signals, there is an overabundance of overconfidence in old models (not measurements!) treating these signals as noise.
[ 2021.11.26 ] Chaos in time
Log entry: Chaos in time
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.26
The Dark Ages are also the ages of misinformation and this misinformation may generally be time relative. Due to relativity in cause and effect, sometimes what would usually be considered the effect will precede the cause. Effectively, just as the order of phenomena in space can be disturbed, the order of events in time can be too. In example, nowadays, some people claim there are computer chips in vaccines and that electro-magnetic signals of 5G networks are harmful and cause diseases. I don't think that any of this is true (although 5G might cause some issues at extremely low distance from the transmitter, depending on signal strength, but this is on the order of cm or less). However, what about future? Could this be a reaction preceding the action? Certainly. Both government and industry have strong interest in planting chips into their users, and, considering the increasing tyranny and truth bending of both, it would not be surprising that this reaction is valid, only misplaced in time. Similar could be said for 5G networks - I have hypothesized that is sensitive to specific electro-magnetic radiation. Due, to imminent surface extinction, I find it likely that 5G will be the last globally widespread and used communication technology, making sensitive most strongly to 5G frequencies. Since homo.beta species (current human inhabitants of the Earth's surface) should be evolving into, it would not be surprising that even homo.beta, at some point, with accelerated evolution, becomes sensitive too to 5G, to some extent. Can ongoing protests prevent such future? Highly unlikely. Paradoxically [for absolutism], it is the lack of such protests that would indicate a different future. Think about it - chips inside human bodies communicating on 5G frequencies would be a natural precursor to natural ability (telepathy) of to communicate on these frequencies, especially if these chips are organic. Some people have already implanted chips into their bodies (RFID), and it seems we have already produced biosynthetic dual-core CPU's so precursors are here. I have previously concluded that we are in the age of stagnation and that current generations of transistors are likely the last [commercially available] transistors developed by man. However, what will prevent the man to use transistors already existing in nature? This is the technology of future. Organic computers might be marketed as great new human invention but there's nothing new and original there. The idea already exists to use living neurons as components in organic computers (see reference above), but why even bother to exploit natural transistors if it becomes easier to exploit whole organic computers built by nature - living brains? For now, there might be ethical and moral issues, but once people transform into homo.gamma, this becomes a matter of time.
[ 2021.11.24 ] Statistically, statistics are generally abused
Log entry: Statistically, statistics are generally abused
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.24
Data gathering is a part of scientific method. It is usually gathered so it can be correlated with something - ie. a prediction of a certain hypothesis. But, even if perfect, correlation is not evidence for the hypothesis if correlation with other phenomena is not taken into account. In example, statistical data on movement of planets and correlation with gravity is alone good evidence for correctness of laws of gravity but only because the influence of everything else on these bodies is negligible. And, if only one planet would behave differently than hypothesized, then this correlation is not evidence for the hypothesis anymore - it becomes simply evidence for partial correlation. And, if one is interested in truth, rather than deceit, one would not advertise this correlation as evidence for the hypothesis - one would admit, not only that one is missing data to reach a sound conclusion, but that there is certain probability that existing correlation is a [relatively] meaningless coincidence - and this probability is higher the weaker the existing correlation is. Even scientists will hardly be immune to bias when dealing with statistics, consciously or unconsciously. Why? Because everything is entangled (correlated) with everything to some degree. Why? To conserve relativity. But some people are obsessed with absolutism - mainly politicians, economists and [other] charlatans. And polarized people, in general, support this absolutism. This is why statistics are generally abused (absolutized) in this society - to perpetuate certain agenda. And here is the latest example:
Vaccination and deaths
Fig. \fig1: Vaccination and deaths There are couple of issues with this correlation:
  • there is no correlation at all in the top half of the graph (>75% vaccinated),
  • large spikes of inverse correlation in the bottom half of the graph (SI, PL, SK),
  • 14-day period,
  • other correlations, unaccounted for.
If one discards the top half of non-correlation, one could even conclude that correlation is inverse to the hypothesis - looking at data from HU to SK, apparently, death rate is actually increasing with vaccination (in the future, this correlation should actually prevail). All of this makes the implied hypothesis that "higher vaccination rate causes lower death rate" problematic. But once one takes into account the GDP per capita and general (pre-COVID) mortality rates, one will find that the provided evidence for this hypothesis is utter garbage. Take, for example, a look at mortality rates:
Death rates in EU (2016)
Fig. \fig2: Death rate in EU (2016) Obviously, countries at the bottom in Fig. \fig1 generally have higher mortality rates than those at the top - regardless of vaccination. And how did the pandemic and introduced measures to fight it affect general mortality rates in these countries? That was not taken into account here. And how was the 14-day period chosen? Was it an unbiased choice, representative for the situation overall, or was it picked to favor the hypothesis? Sure, I do not doubt there are more deaths generally than before the pandemics, but this definitely doesn't show that everyone should vaccinate. At best, this shows that vaccinating more than 75% of population is a waste and that there is something else affecting death rates, even though the top graph seems to add considerable weight to vaccination. The question of whether one should vaccinate or not is not answered here. This is simply an advertisement for vaccination (and a bad one at that). Like I said before, if one is anthropocentric, concerned with short-term interests and fearing death, one should definitely vaccinate. But it is obvious that not everyone has to vaccinate in order for vaccinated to be safe - if you fear death, protect yourself by all means. But don't be a bloody hypocrite - asking me to change my lifestyle for you (isolate, wear masks, subscribe to vaccination, etc.), while, at the same time you refuse to change lifestyle for me and all life of the fucking planet. I have changed my lifestyle in a way you'll probably never have the balls to even try until forced. So thanks for the offer, but no thanks, I'm not interested in saving your ass in this shortening short-term of delusion. I'm saving something more important - the future.
[ 2021.11.22 ] The bright side of humanity
Log entry: The bright side of humanity
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.22
Generally, I've been equalizing humanity with human stupidity. That has proven to be the correct interpretation, manymany times. Even so, relativity wouldn't be complete if humanity would be inherently bad, or inherently stupid.
I've been stupid many times and I'm still stupid sometimes. Not because I'm still human, but because life would be impossible without a certain amount of stupidity in it. As much as the cure needs its poison, intelligence needs some stupidity. And vice versa.
It's not inherently or absolutely bad either not to care about long-term consequences of behavior. Animals recognized by man generally don't think long-term, at least not consciously. Some might say that optimization for short-term interests is bad when it negatively affects the long-term ones. Even I might say that - those who affect long-terms in a bad way are short terms in progressive evolution of time. But what's so wrong with being short-term - a pulse of stupidity in evolving greater intelligence? What is so wrong with cancer in man? If you reverse the arrow of time - it is cancer that allowed you to eat, drink, smoke and enjoy life the way you wanted. The cancer was simply bundled with lifestyle of your choice. And no, I'm not changing tune - I still don't like being cancer for the planet nor I could feel comfortable with humanity being cancer for the planet. Why? Because with cancer comes pain. And I'm tired of suffering. Suffering of the planet and its creatures, suffering of humanity and suffering of my own. I'm just saying - it is ok to try suffering. But rather than being addicted to it, I consider it better to devote our time seeking lifestyles that we could enjoy without so much suffering around us and inside us. Because thinking that things cannot get better than this is a delusion - a mental disorder. You're all crazy now. It feels good I know. But do you want to survive crazy and become something more conscious or do you want to decay consciousness? Because you can't stay crazy and enjoy lifestyle of cancer for long. Don't forget that you will reincarnate.
Dogs and apes are both aware and conscious creatures. But they're not aware of their subconsciousness. You are. But if you ignore it, you will loose that awareness.
Think about it. Whatever you choose, even if you choose delusion, it's not absolutely bad - this planet needs less conscious creatures (they are extremely valuable), but it also needs intelligence to fully make use of its extreme potential. If you have tried stupidity, you shouldn't be afraid to try intelligence. I did and I don't think it's better than stupidity, it's just different. Certainly a big burden in the rule of cancer, but, for some reason, I feel I don't want to loose it. Perhaps because I know that, one of these days, cancer will be gone and my intelligence will finally be able to enjoy the presence of stupidity.
[ 2021.11.21 ] Doing nothing is building new life
Log entry: Doing nothing is building new life
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.21
Modern science and technology are in the age of stagnation. Mouths are full of progress, but many things have already reached the peak and any real progress is incremental or superficial. Here, I'm not talking about economy and its fast, unsustainable, progress. I'm not talking about progress in production of more of the same. I'm talking about progress in creation of things that have a larger expiration date, those that would stimulate creation of new practices rather than ensure survivability of old ones. Such progress does exist though but it is marginalized and facing extinction. Take a look at science and technology. The same experiments are being run, only with a bit fancier machines. And, for decades, progress in these machines was basically the decreasing size of transistors - there were no fundamental changes in [computer] architecture, and the size limit has been reached recently (5-7 nm). There are patches (ie. nanosheets) that may further extend the lifetime of this technology, but these have other problems (the biggest one, in my opinion, is the discussed susceptibility to bit-flips due to cosmic radiation, currently effectively limited to supercomputers, but probably not for long) and are just delaying the inevitable. Sure, there are promising new technologies, but these will most likely remain promises. Just consider the technology behind electric batteries - new and better ones are promised on a weekly basis for quite some time now, but none of it ever materializes. Consider now tests of General Relativity - Schwarzschild precession has been confirmed in Mercury 100 years ago. Today it's still being confirmed, albeit in distant stars orbiting black holes. It is claimed that Einstein's theory aced yet another test - it's a lie. This is the same test, simply run on a different scale. Did anyone seriously expect that Schwarzschild (or even Kerr) precession of Mercury wouldn't exist if a bit more mass is added to Sun and Mercury? Now, let's talk about life. What's not new there? The Miller experiment first done 70 years ago is still performed regularly. Yes, today more amino-acids are created in the experiment, but how does that explain the origin of life? Just like the original Miller experiment, this one didn't create life and no one involved can explain why. Brute force can reveal new stuff but cannot ever explain the phenomena, in this case, the phenomenon of life - it's like adding more Lego cubes to a Lego set, hoping it would self-assemble into a dragon. And we all know that assembling a dragon from Lego cubes won't create a living dragon, yet, we insist that amino-acids and proteins - the building blocks of life, are dead matter (including atoms and molecules that build them). Life cannot be created - one can stimulate particles of life to assemble structures of larger scale. And while the distinct amount of life in such compositions is relative, they won't spontaneously assemble into larger structures of life. Are humans spontaneously organizing? No. The assembly of any organization is synchronized with something else. A bit of logic can be more powerful than billions of bytes of information. Nuclear fusion, quantum computers, new transistors, new batteries, new Einstein's, new reforms, new life... All of this has been promised decades ago and it is still being promised. Reality of life operating on promises is a sign that its peak has been reached. Operation on promises, incremental and superficial progress may have been previously limited to politics, but now it is everywhere. And when a peak is reached in progressive evolution, to continue that evolution, transformation is required - transformation of life. The promised transformation of technology simply can't and won't happen without transformation of life. And if the environment has also reached its peak potential, transformation will include migration. Creation should be easy. Creation (inflation) of life itself generally is very easy. When creation of new becomes impossible but you still force the creation of new, its time for transmigration.
[ 2021.11.20 ] Don't think Earth is alive? Think again
Log entry: Don't think Earth is alive? Think again
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.20
Everyone will agree that Earth behaves like a living being to some extent, but most people still don't accept it as being alive because their definition of life is biased - for cancer to thrive, it must treat living beings as resources. However, whatever the Earth has shown us so far, it's just the beginning. I think we can all agree that one defining characteristic of a living being is its immune system. Thus, if Earth is alive it should react to diseases. It can't and won't react immediately (if time is measured in our units) for various reasons, in this case, largely perhaps due to devious nature of the disease. I have already hypothesized what will be the reactions of Earth's immune system, which is in good part outsourced to the Solar System, but I didn't go into details regarding targeting. The logic of progressive evolution dictates that, initially, precision of targeting will be low and it will be the response of the Solar System.
Some might find it hard to accept that the Sun and Earth are communicating, but effectively they are. This might be plain synchronicity, but if the effect is there, is it logical to consider it less real than other types of communication (ie. verbal)? If you think about it, all events of communication are events of synchronicity until one identifies the channel and deciphers the language of communication. Considering then how many channels and languages we have identified so far - would it not be logical to assume that there are channels and languages behind most of synchronicity events, rather than assuming these are all coincidences, just because our imagination is too limited?
But even if precision is initially low, due to centralizing nature of cancer, major (or root), sources of cancer can be identified and these sources are likely to be hit first. Thus, the first target should be USA, then its allies.
Perhaps you think that Earth's immune system is responding already, but this is not the case - all the flooding and other extreme weather events are responses of the surface ecosystem. These are just precursors of responses from the deep. Similarly, recent Solar flares targeting Earth (including the Carrington Event) were just precursors of the immune response from above.
Evidence for that already exists and is mounting up. Take a look at Earth's magnetic field - since 1900 (or industrial revolution?) the two magnetic dip poles are converging to the same longitude (≈ 135° E). This has rapidly accelerated recently. Evidently, the dominant magnetic field [source] has moved away significantly from America and is concentrating on one side of the planet. It has not only moved away, it is decreasing in strength (likely due to increasing strength of a source with reversed polarity), resulting in the creation of the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) - originally centred in South America, but expanding northwards and apparently splitting (assuming main part goes to USA, the other part will probably go close to Britain/Germany - both parts are at the right longitude, just need to go north and settle somewhere centred at 23° - 43° N and 43° - 53° N, respectively). Log Don't think Earth is alive? Think again updated.
UPDATE 2021.11.22: I originally wrote "equator" instead of "right longitude" above. It was a mistake, but from my experience, when I do make such mistake - the reality soon converges to such outcome, even if for a moment. It is thus possible that SAA or its smaller part will briefly move to equator. Other possibility is that the "equator" has a different meaning. I have hypothesized below that MF dipole may split into 4 parts, in that case, perhaps the SAA won't move northwards but the second anomaly pair will be created north of equator mirroring the SAA relative to equator. But, superposition of these solutions may be most likely - the SAA moves to equator and then splits into two pairs, one heading north, other south.
Field strength of Earth's magnetic field as of 2020, as measured by ESA's SWARM satellite constellation
South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) I am aware that meaningful mistakes and coincidences sound crazy to polarized people, but, with time, everyone will understand. This mistake came from my subconsciousness - which I stopped ignoring long time ago, when I became aware of its importance and realized it effectively has the ability to sense future. The ability to predict future with great accuracy should be a common feature of any general precursor - a messenger particle in god's organism (Earth's organism, in this case). Of course, there's some probability that my subconsciousness is wrong in this case. I don't think so, but time will tell.
Eventually, the field will collapse (I'd say in a decade at most but I don't know really at this point) and major source of cancer will remain unprotected. The north/south dip poles will also probably split into two or four pairs - concentrating 45° degrees left, other 45° degrees right from 135° E (in the end, protecting non-cancerous people, of Arctic/Antarctica mainly I guess). If this is, among other things (neurogenesis, geomagnetic reversal), the immune system response, and I'm convinced it is, this will likely be synchronized with eruption of flares and coronal mass ejections from the Sun specifically targeting Earth (just like announced by the most recent eruption). With the collapse of the magnetic field you will not have to worry about global warming (as proper cancer, effectively, you never did anyway) but extreme radiation during daylight and extreme cold during moonlight. Similar collapse, a global warning, happened some 42000 years ago (Laschamps Excursion), but Earth's population at the time wasn't so big and it didn't rely on computers for energy, meaning - they were more resilient. Nevertheless, some human species (Neanderthals) went extinct during the event. Cancerous people have been known to mock people living in the wild (I've been mocked too) but, obviously, it is them who crave the return to caves. I have seen the man comparing himself with god. I've seen the man supposedly playing god. All, without even knowing how to define god. Well, it is a play, but one of satire. Nothing but a passing thought of a true god in development. All it takes for this man to return to the cave from which it crawled to life is for this god to depolarize a little. By the amount so small it wouldn't even feel the change at all.
I can see them clearly - stripping their savage nature from modernity and fake love for humanity, killing each other, because they vastly outnumber the caves and caves made by both unfree and wild, for wild.
[ 2021.11.17 ] Hello me, meet the real me... changing course
Log entry: Hello me, meet the real me... changing course
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.17
This website started as a personal website, but like its content, it has been evolving into something more. The Log and CRC Log have become public journals, while the web platform (MATERRA) evolved user comments and messaging. I am slowly transforming this into a community website and more features confirming that direction should be coming up. Apparently, the community it is intended for hasn't yet discovered it... but I am still here, I love it and will probably continue working on it as long as possible. So me, stay tuned.. to real me... and don't go sweating bullets on me. You love being alone, remember?
[ 2021.11.07 ] Bloody taxation
Log entry: Bloody taxation
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.07
Just like an optimist solves his problems with optimism, taxpayers solve their problems paying taxes. And just like the optimism, taxation is often bloody (delusional), the question is only how much. How much you loose and how much you gain, if anything? Provided you know how to add and subtract numbers it shouldn't be hard to calculate how much but the result will depend on how much you are honest to your self and how much your approach is holistic over space and time. If the system would be genuinely transparent you would know where every single coin you gave has gone. If you don't know that, most likely it didn't go there where you'd want it to go and you won't make a mistake putting a minus sign in front of that sum. Bloody taxation is often bundled with bloody democracy supported by bloody economists and supporters of bloody economy. Consider the recent example - the US wants more taxes from billionaires.
You might say - who doesn't? Well, I don't - if you take delusion into account, the money can be better in the hand of a billionaire than in the hand of a government. A person is not bad for having a lot of money - especially in a society with inverted values, rewarding inequality. If you support inequality (and you generally do, if you support government) you don't have the right to be angry at those who have more than you do, nor you have the right to demand that they share their wealth with you (again, taking into account delusion - is it gonna benefit you at all?).
The reaction of one billionaire was to ask people what he should do. The reaction of an economist to that was - "Looking forward to the day when the richest person in the world paying some tax does not depend on a Twitter poll". There you have it - a billionaire who is more democratic than any one in any "democratic" government, opposed to a tax lover labeled as economist, hating genuine democracy. In the background, vultures betting on the outcome. In the foreground - the story. In reality, where are you?
[ 2021.11.04 ] Bloody optimism and hopeless pessimism
Log entry: Bloody optimism and hopeless pessimism
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.04
One of the things that characterize cancer are its bloody (delusional) optimism and hopeless pessimism. Many people probably consider me pessimistic. But I'm not a pessimist, I am a realist. I speak truth or what I consider the most probable truth - and I rarely joke about it. If you don't like the truth that does not make me a pessimist, it makes you a delusional (bloody) optimist - someone who jokes about the truth between jobs and someone who doesn't ever make significant lifestyle changes, with the excuse that its life is governed by authority implying that it's authority that's responsible for regulating it in a sustainable way. But at the same time they claim they do not support authority and what's going on in the world (it's a lie, conscious or unconscious), so what are they optimistic about? That this illusion that they're not responsible will save them from trouble? Or the illusion that troubles are far away? And what can be said of hopeless pessimists? Unlike the delusional optimists, they do not pretend everything will be fixed somehow, but like them, they don't effectively see themselves as part of the problem and do not contribute to the solution. This world has an abundance of optimists and pessimists but it lacks living realism. Both, optimists and pessimists don't seek and don't offer solutions to problems - the former hope someone will find the solution, the latter consider it useless. The realists are those who seek and offer solutions. And I don't think there is a lack of realists in this world, they are probably even increasing in numbers. It's just that the machine has become too big to stop or even to slow down - solutions are not wanted because any solution today would hurt the economy. The world wants "solutions" that would, not only not hurt the economy, but even make it grow more. So, even the realists, who may often speak the truth, don't live it. However, a world that became addicted to delusion and self-destruction is not a world for a realist. So what are we, realists, still doing here? Are we afraid that, if we abandon optimism and pessimism, we will run out of problems to deal with? I don't think that's possible. But even so, isn't it better to have a solution practiced by a couple of people, or even your self alone, than to have your solution, at best, formally applauded, but effectively ignored by millions of people? If we separate we might be initially confused, but soon we will learn to appreciate each kind more and, even if we're not going to live together again, we will eventually become healthy to ourselves. Separation will give one chance to evolve logic and other to be happy. For logic... is in the blood of a realist, and it makes one unhappy when ignored.
[ 2021.11.03 ] Sacrificing quality of one thing for quantity of the other
Log entry: Sacrificing quality of one thing for quantity of the other
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.03
Major reason why I'm having trouble earning money is because I don't want to be cancer. But there are other reasons. One of the reasons why I'm having trouble finding work as a software/web developer are ridiculous requirements imposed by those who know nothing about programming (managers). So it doesn't matter if you have years of experience - if you are not familiar with latest technologies you are not qualified. This is absurd because, in most cases, I can code something using old technology better than the average programmer can using new technology (it's really the outcome that should matter, not the tool you use). A lot of these technologies come and go and a lot, if not most, programmers eventually stop adopting to them and seek work outside of coding and even outside of IT. I am becoming one of them. This is obviously affecting the quality of software - the average programmer today does not have a lot of experience, doesn't know a lot about the hardware and is highly specialized. Couple that with pressure from managers and publishers and you get products on the market which would not qualify as alpha or beta version couple of years ago. You also get frequent updates, fixes (patches) for these updates and fixes for fixes for updated fixes. And today, the software doesn't ever get fixed - it gets replaced with another product (that might look better, but it probably functions even worse and is even more short-term optimized). This is common mantra today - insecurity and decrease of quality of solutions is increasing globally because there is less and less concern for the cause of the problem while there is growing concern for sustainability of profit. So there are no solutions today, all are products now. Even the problems are often manufactured or optimized to fit the solution. What's called "progress" would be called "shortening of expiration dates" in healthy society. Here, everything looks peachy and dandy, but it's rotten inside. And this can now be applied to the whole of humanity. But the time is becoming shorter than short. Soon, even peachy and dandy will rot. Perhaps then, instead of new, something better will grow.
[ 2021.10.28 ] Requiem for electronic devices
Log entry: Requiem for electronic devices
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.10.28
According to postulates of Complete Relativity (CR), all energy must oscillate. Therefore, evolution of the Solar System too must have periods of weak evolution and strong evolution. Studies do show that evolution of species can indeed accelerate with accelerated changes in environment. Our environment is changing and we are changing at an accelerated pace. Perhaps significant changes in evolution of the Solar System and Earth [in whole] are not yet evident, but we are, obviously, at the end of a period of long weak evolution and at the start of a pulse of strong evolution on the surface of Earth. We are in the middle of a 6th major extinction and my works show there's plenty of reason to believe such events are synchronized with cataclysmic changes in the Solar System. One part of these events is a temporary collapse of planetary magnetic fields (at least some). Signs of imminent collapse include dipole fragmentation, decreasing strength and instability of magnetic dip poles. All of these are currently present on Earth (ie. South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly - which appears to be splitting into two further confirming the hypothesis, decreasing dipole strength, rapid pole movements). The theory of planetary neurogenesis predicts this collapse to be synchronized with the collapse of Sun's outer gravitational maximum which will result in a burst of high energy cosmic rays (ions) a good portion of which will be absorbed by Earth. While full collapse should be a couple of decades away (if accelerated evolution does follow the derived equation), smaller precursor collapses and magnetic excursions are expected too. For quite some time now, computers on satellites experience problems when passing through the South Atlantic Anomaly (which has increased 5 times since 1850.). Passing through Anomaly initiated a chain of events which even led to destruction of JAXA Hitomi satellite. Assuming linear progression it could take hundreds of years before magnetic strength on the surface decreases to that of the Anomaly at the height of satellites, but at some point the progression must become exponential and cosmic rays will start making our electronics useless much sooner than expected with linear progression. The effect, however, will not be the same everywhere, a likely scenario are temporary contractions of magnetic field lines with no large changes in field shape during contractions.
While I don't like to mix Bible with science, there's obvious logic in some stories once one accepts the theory of planetary neurogenesis as a real possibility. One of these is the story of Moses. No one is mentioning computers in that story and it is a common belief that, if the story happened, it happened on Earth thousands of years ago - but, if the theory on planetary neurogenesis is correct, the original story likely happened on Mars after the collapse of civilization which had to include the collapse of technology.
How will this affect your computer? Once the cosmic ray particle (anti-proton, neutron, ...) hits your memory (RAM, ROM, SSD, CPU buffers, anything that includes transistors) the stored bits can get flipped (from 0 to 1 and vice versa). One particular pathway for disruption I find interesting is the induced fission of 10B (10-Boron isotope) which is often present in semiconductors (I have hypothesized local enrichment in 10B during strong evolution in case of selective decay, cosmic rays might act to restore the balance). This is already happening with your memory, but not so often and, in most cases, you won't notice anything if you have ECC memory (memory with error-correction mechanisms), which you might have on your desktop computer but most likely not on your cellphone. Transistors on cellphones are also generally smaller and more tightly packed, which makes them even more vulnerable (multiple bits can get flipped at once, in which case even ECC wouldn't help). In any case, the problems will eventually start happening even with ECC memory. This will cause corruption of data, BSOD (blue screens of death), reboots and failure. Of course, that's not where the problems end - everything today relies on computers so there will be problems with networks, electricity, cars, etc. We can see precursors to this already (perhaps the collapse of your favorite social network was not caused by cosmic rays but you can interpret it as a demo of things to come).
UPDATE 2021.10.29: Interestingly, just as I wrote this, the Sun fired a major solar flare from Earth-facing sunspot. Cosmic rays (charged particles) from the eruption should reach Earth by Saturday/Sunday. Talking about precursors and synchronicity...
In nature, there are generally many equally valid interpretations of certain developments. The collapse of the magnetic field has its reasons, but I find one appropriate reason for the collapse of technology - it will make people appreciate nature more. And I think anyone sane will agree that greater appreciation of nature is what we all need at this moment of time.
[ 2021.10.24 ] Intro to Dark Ages
Log entry: Intro to Dark Ages
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.10.24
One might think that the amount of misinformation, pressure and manipulation spread throughout media, orchestrated and regulated by industrialized governments today is unprecedented. But it's not, it has happened before. At the time guy called Jesus walketh the Earth, the Roman Republic was transitioning to Roman Empire. Globally, the equivalent to this Roman Republic today, constantly fighting wars everywhere but not at home is, of course, the USA. But that's not where equivalence ends. Let me quote Wikipedia, quoting others: "Harper has summed up new evidence and modern discourse to interpret disease and climate change as important drivers of political collapse, in addition to the traditional discourse about political decisions, social weakness, and barbarian pressure. He describes a Roman climatic optimum from about 200 BCE to 150 CE, when lands around the Mediterranean were generally warm and well-watered. This made agriculture prosperous, army recruitment easy, and the collection of taxes straightforward. From 150 to 450, the climate entered a transitional period, in which taxes were less easy to collect and bore more heavily on the working population. After about 450, the climate worsened further in the Late Antique Little Ice Age that may have directly contributed to the variety of factors that brought Rome down. The ever-expanding Roman Empire was built on the fringes of the tropics. Its roads and its pirate-free seas, which produced an abundance of trade, also unknowingly created an interconnected disease ecology that unleashed the evolution and spread of pathogens. Pandemics contributed to massive demographic changes, economic crises, and food shortages in the crisis of the third century." ... That is the intro to Dark Age. The barbarians here are today called immigrants but they are often, due to induced fear of collapse, treated as barbarians and invaders, climate change is climate change and pandemics is madness. Now you can understand all that misinformation, pressure and manipulation - it's not just for profit, the governments know that their fall is imminent so they're manufacturing panic and distraction. They fear the dark. The Romes of today are many, some are republics some empires, some big some small, but all will fall. And what took centuries before will take years today, before the years turn into day and the day goes away. So welcome to Dark Ages. Grab some light and push that pedal to that heavy metal, this will be one hell of a ride.
[ 2021.10.20 ] A matter of time
Log entry: A matter of time
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.10.20
I have hypothesized previously that, during strong evolution, horizontal gene transfer becomes dominant gene transfer method and that this force of evolution is generally mediated by viruses. However, nature generally utilizes multiple pathways to solutions and evolution of homo.beta to homo.gamma, apparently, won't be an exception. Recently, a pig kidney has been successfully transplanted into a human. The key to success here is important - genes of a pig have been altered so its tissue doesn't contain the molecule known to trigger immediate rejection. This is the kind of increase of compatibility between species that is expected to come from a virus responsible for creation of hybrids. As with the works of a silent virus, no one will notice anything unusual here in the short-term too - the kidney works as a human one would. A lot of pig organs are similar, and roughly even equal, to human organs during fetal stage of development and yet, as adults, we hardly look the same. We were much more similar to pigs in the past, but evolution separated us for a reason. If it is now fusing us back together, what does it mean? Well, it means we (most of us) really didn't show we're much different - certainly not different enough to sustain two species on two parallel paths of evolution. We might look different, but for most of us, that's where difference really ends. With no government (or gene) regulation, most of us would be pigs and dogs, and not the overall healthy, or wild, ones - but sick and selfish to the bone. Even that government is sick, selfish and greedy - it wants to regulate everything and everyone. Unlike we do, however, the evolution doesn't fake energy efficiency, fusion, intelligence or difference. Two lanes for stupidity on highways of progressive evolution always merge into one, and often with no apparent force. And there's nothing ahead but dead end. From my experience, general human population still mocks intelligence and difference, it has never truly embraced it and doesn't appreciate it - it fakes that too. Therefore, as such, it is scheduled for downgrade - downgrade of human capabilities, upgrade of pig capabilities. Or is it, upgrade?
[ 2021.09.28 ] Colossal mistakes
Log entry: Colossal mistakes
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.09.28
This world still has much to learn. It appears some people want to bring back mammoths, apparently to save the planet (!). So, let's get some things straight... Genome (DNA) and gene expression (regulation) are two different things. DNA is a library of code, a set of routines. Almost identical set is shared among many animals, but what makes us different from monkeys is not much in the routines, rather in programming which determines what routines to run, when and for how long to run them (epigenome). While a lot of this also comes with execution of DNA, it is influenced by environment and other factors, especially beyond the embryonic stage. One such environment is uterus, which in this case will be the uterus of an elephant. With current technology one can alter the genome. And that is what this company is advertising - selecting traits (like resistance to cold) of a mammoth and making them part of elephant DNA. The plan is thus to make an elephant that should look like a mammoth. That has problems (likely premature birth due to inadequate environment - elephant uterus), but it is doable. However, the company claims that this hybrid will also behave like a mammoth - live in cold areas in the north, positively affect the climate with its mammoth habits, and consequently, save the planet. That cannot be guaranteed, and is, unlikely. Even if we disregard the soul (the existence of which is not yet acknowledged by modern science) and its influence on epigenome, behaviour of this animal is uncertain. Who will teach it to behave like a mammoth, if it does not get mammoth instincts? If we do put the soul into equation, its behaviour becomes more predictable. The body of this mammoth can not couple with a soul of another mammoth (there are no dying mammoths), so it will couple with a soul of another elephant at best. The elephant instinct will at some point resurface and, with no guidance of a mammoth parent, this hybrid will end up in Africa - where it will be dying of heat due to all that extra fur. Then what? We're gonna put it in a zoo as an attraction and claim how we saved it? In that case, it would be better to kill the animal, but then this would not be a success story for us - if it is in a zoo, we can earn money on it and claim that the project is not a complete failure. I have nothing against mammoths, in fact, more mammoths and less such people is better for the planet, but this is not a mammoth, this is a project someone expects to earn a lot of money on. This company is not much different from a bunch of other startups delivering rendered future to attract investors. It is a model politicians are very familiar with - promise a lot of stuff and convince a lot of people (including yourself) that you can deliver them so you get their support (money). When you fail, you blame someone or something else, ask for more support or promise something else. Whatever. Fake western care... as usual.
[ 2021.09.13 ] Recent updates
Log entry: Recent updates
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.09.13
It has come to my attention that mass of a standard graviton has been calculated previously, based on experimental data. It is completely in agreement with mass predicted by CR. Thus, evidence exists for all three discrete vertical energy levels predicted by CR.
[ 2021.09.09 ] Recent updates
Log entry: Recent updates
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.09.09
Complete Relativity theory has been heavily revised and updated. It should be much more readable (understandable) now.
[ 2021.09.02 ] Recent updates
Log entry: Recent updates
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.09.02
Small but important revisions/updates in CR. Some articles in LOG updated/revised. New article Evidence of precursor events in LOG. More music added.
[ 2021.08.23 ] Update
Log entry: Update
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.08.23
Article No origin has been rewritten. It's actually good now.
[ 2021.08.18 ] Update
Log entry: Update
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.08.18
Finally recorded some music. New article, Optimizing life is available in CRC Log.
[ 2021.08.14 ] Update
Log entry: Update
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.08.14
Several articles in the Log have been updated recently, but also Solar system. New article, Claws of the system is available in the Log.
[ 2021.07.11 ] Update
Log entry: Update
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.07.11
Several articles have been updated recently, including Stvarnost simulacije i sloboda volje, Species of homo, Evolution of life.
[ 2021.06.26 ] Update
Log entry: Update
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.06.26
Article On reincarnation and karma has been rewritten.
[ 2021.06.23 ] Games
Log entry: Games
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.06.23
The Games section has been added recently. It contains browser games I have developed. Only one game so far, but more may be added later.
[ 2021.06.15 ] Experimental confirmation
Log entry: Experimental confirmation
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.06.15
A small but important update has been made to the Solar System article. I have previously calculated that photon rest mass is on the order of 10-72 kg, while recent experiments show that mass to be on the order of 10-54 kg. The apparent discrepancy, however, is the result of usage of absolute reference frame (where photon is limited to standard speed of light = 2.99792458 * 108 m/s), and is easily resolved through momentum conservation, as now shown in updated Solar System article. This is important, because I have obtained the photon mass analyzing the Solar System as a quantum system, and the same photon mass has been predicted in CR through discrete states of invariance.
[ 2021.06.14 ] New website features
Log entry: New website features
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.06.14
It is now possible to register an account and post comments on articles.
[ 2021.06.07 ] New opportunity
Log entry: New opportunity
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.06.07
The article Judgment day 6 has been updated. Watched a fine new documentary recently - Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet. If people wouldn't seriously be ready for surface extinction, this documentary would be airing instead of news on every channel every day until you'd become sure that you're far enough from the point of no return.
[ 2021.06.06 ] Recent updates
Log entry: Recent updates
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.06.06
Some articles have been updated, notably Synchronized bias, where I have added a chapter about my experiences with mainstream academy. Good stuff.
[ 2021.06.05 ] Work needed
Log entry: Work needed
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.06.05
A couple of years ago I have left all my jobs so I could fully dedicate myself to work on Complete Relativity and this website. This has not yet started to pay off and it is hard to tell when it will. I have bills to pay and a child to support, so if someone has some work to be done I am available. I prefer coding back-end applications and work from home. Here are my conditions:
  • payment should go on one of my crypto accounts;
  • monthly payment of $250 - 600, not more than that;
  • max. 30±3 hours per month.
Contact here.
[ 2021.05.19 ] Recent updates
Log entry: Recent updates
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.05.19
Some of the Log articles and other pages have been updated recently. Generally, one can see what has been updated in the Change Log at the bottom of an updated page. By default, MATERRA also notifies of updated pages in the system window with each visit to the site (or reboot). Upon another inspection, the article Sigurnost u slobodi was found to be of low quality. This article has been rewritten, rather than updated with new content.
[ 2021.05.02 ] System operational
Log entry: System operational
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.05.02 website launched. New era begins. Well, at least for some.