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Intro This is a journal of my works, mainly in the context of Complete Relativity (CR). Although content here is categorized, one should not take this seriously - most articles in here actually span multiple categories. Reality is the same for a mathematician, a physicist and anyone else. Thus, a complete description of reality cannot be categorized, as its understanding requires a mind which is sometimes a mind of a mathematician, sometimes a mind of a physicist, and sometimes of a different sense. Some of the articles may be in Croatian language only. I believe these will be translated later.

I understand that majority of people is still polarized. Many will thus disagree with my views of the world and some may even be angry. For example, many people believe that anarchy is bad. And that is certainly true for polarized people. Polarized people in anarchistic society will quickly turn it into chaos and then either annihilate each other or establish some form of government (which doesn't have to be bad - ie. if it acknowledges non-polarized people and respect their choice if they choose to live in anarchy). I understand that polarized people prefer beliefs rather than knowledge. That is why they are prone to manipulation by nice words. I will not use nice words to deliver my truth, so, if one is polarized, one will likely get offended by some of my words. That, however, should not be my problem. Truth tends to get ugly when systematically ignored, and I believe it's time for polarized to stop considering likes of me as a problem that needs to be dealt with, rather respect my choice and opinion even if they don't agree with it. This world would be a much better place if one would open its mind to view inside as easily as one opens its eyes to exploit outside.
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