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Intro This is a journal of my works, mainly in context of Complete Relativity (CR) and with an aim to understand universes. Although content here is categorized, this should not be taken seriously - most articles span multiple categories. Complete description of reality cannot be categorized, as its understanding requires a holistic approach of a non-conservative mind. Few articles may be in Croatian language only. I believe these will be translated later.

I understand that most of people are still polarized. Many may thus disagree with my views of the world and some may even be angry. For example, many people believe that anarchy is bad. By its definition, anarchy cannot be bad. But some, if not most, people are certainly bad for anarchy. Strongly polarized people in anarchistic society will quickly turn it into chaos and then either annihilate each other or establish some form of government (which doesn't have to be bad though - ie. if it acknowledges non-polarized people and respect their choice if they choose to live in anarchy). I also understand that polarized people prefer beliefs rather than knowledge. That is why they are prone to manipulation by nice words. I will not use nice words to deliver my truth, so, if one is polarized, one might get offended by some of my words. Such people, who do not understand my work and find it against their religious beliefs, may want to proceed straight to a page about me (Credits) - there's plenty of material there for you to mock me.
As for others... I really wish you would concentrate on my work, because my work is not here to promote my self, but to promote truth and knowledge. If one is not familiar with and does not understand CR and my Solar System analysis, one might interpret some articles below as metaphysics - in that case, it would be good to try with these two again, if one really does want to understand this.
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