3 2021.05.01 2021.06.15 2021.06.17 article Mario Ljubičić (Amenoum)108. brigade ZNG 43, 35252 Sibinj, Croatiamljubicic99{EAT}gmail.com On entanglement of souls. physics entanglement 1 On entanglement Intro One of the postulates of Complete Relativity (CR) is that everything is entangled on some scale. Here I hypothesize that this is generally spin entanglement of souls. Soul entanglement = quantum spin entanglement I have previously hypothesized that chirality of particles is a 2nd order spin, or angular momentum contained within its spin momentum. Note that this is also implied with relativity of elementary particles - each spin momentum must contain other momentums of smaller scale.
Spin of a soul has a likely physical interpretation (incarnation) in sex of a body, while chirality in gender.
Since general oscillation in CR is not limited absolutely, but relatively, this enables everything to be entangled with everything over all space/time, although effectively (relatively) this will never be the case. The strength of entanglement is thus inversely proportional to the order of oscillation (magnitude of resonance) - scale of spin momentum. Generally, 1st order entanglement will be entanglement between equal species (at least in body, entangled souls may generally be particle/anti-particle pairs) due to equal scale of major gravitational maximums. While 2nd order entanglement may also exist between equal species (representing a weaker entanglement), a 2nd order scale of one species may be a 1st order (major) maximum of other species, enabling inter-species entanglement.
Note that general oscillation implies relativity of a [scale of] major maximum - thus, souls generally oscillate between different scales (species).