26 2021.09.04 2022.04.13 2022.04.13 article Amenoumamenoum.org Evidence of reincarnation events. physics reincarnation, souls, synchronicity, discontinuities, birthdays https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5450813 /authors/Amenoum.html#credits 1 Evidence of reincarnation Abstract Discussion on souls, evidence of reincarnation and connection with synchronicity, with a case study. Intro In my works, I have presented a definition of a soul, a lot of reason (logic) and evidence for its existence. By definition, reincarnation of a soul is implied to exist, as oscillation of mass due to coupling and decoupling of souls with matter. Depending on one's perspective, the evidence for reincarnation may be overwhelming, abundant, scarce or non-existent. However, interesting phenomena that confirm my hypotheses are also hypothesized to be increasing in frequency with accelerated evolution, shifting the perspectives from scepticism to affirmation and acceptance. This includes the evidence for reincarnation, and here I will present one case which certainly qualifies as such. The importance of instinct In modern science, instinct is currently understood as a product of natural selection, coded in, and passed to offspring as, DNA. That does make sense and can explain a lot of instinctive behaviour. But, if souls are real and DNA equivalent in souls is not a perfect mirror of body DNA, some instinctive behaviour can be exclusive to soul.
Souls and bodies co-evolve. If soul DNA and body DNA would be perfect copies of each other, it would be impossible for them to evolve, unless environmental interaction affects both simultaneously and equally. As there is no absolute simultaneity, nor there is absolute equality, this is impossible too. In absolute reality, one of these (soul or body) would be obsolete. Note that, using recursion - now considering environment as the body, and body as the soul, one of these becomes obsolete, etc. In absolute reality, everything is obsolete and there's no evolution. One may then argue that human body, being the environment for smaller bodies (souls), does not need to have a distinct soul. But how would one explain the localized distinct mental individuality of this collective? The only explanation is that this collective represents the physical superposition mirroring (but never perfectly!) the quantum superposition and that mentality must be a quantum phenomena on some scale, but, obviously, not the scale of standard atoms as boson condensation of standard atoms is impossible on room pressure/temperature.
Depending on magnitude and intensity of expression of this behaviour it may then later be embodied in body DNA. If there would be no souls, new behaviour could only be explained by random DNA mutations. But if most behaviour is coded, why assume that this random behaviour is not coded somewhere? The importance of discontinuities While souls and bodies may couple at conception, during growth, soul (more precisely, its constituent particles) will encounter discontinuities in time, while coupled matter encounters discontinuities in space. Each discontinuity is associated with an energy level. Between energy levels, matter generally grows or decays continuously with exponential progression, while soul moves between them instantly relative to matter. Thus, there will be a phase shift between soul and matter and, in case of growth, progression of matter toward a particular state will be preceded by a jump of the soul to that particular state. In case of decay, progression (or regression) of matter may precede the soul jump. In any case, changes in energy level occur when matter and soul become synchronized at the same energy level in space/time. This synchronization is also the moment when risk of death is highest, but it is also the moment one may experience a maximum of synchronicity events. Generally, one such discontinuity in time is the moment of birth, when body leaves the uterus (or egg).
Note that a uterus wall (or egg shell) is a mark of that discontinuity in space. However, discontinuities in space will not necessarily be marked by visible phenomena.
Growth in one space/time is also [relatively] simultaneous with decay in another. This entanglement is synchronized through emission of gravitational waves with changes in energy level of a soul. Thus, synchronization of soul and matter is further synchronized with emission and absorption of gravitational waves. Limitations on growth depend on the size of environment (maximum size of population) and this will be DNA coded. Increase in this limit requires fusion of souls, halving the maximum population. However, according to Complete Relativity (CR), growth in space with a change in energy level, generally slows down speed in time (which is also the limiting speed in space).
Note that, in General Relativity (GR), speed through time is fixed to an absolute constant (c), while speed through space-time slows down with energy in space. A soul is thus fixed to a specific energy level, where its constituent matter is rotating [through time] generally with fixed speed (c). All measurements in context of GR are thus measurements relative to that special reference frame, which also happens to be the local universe (one that observable universe is part of).
Due to limits in growth, souls will generally oscillate between birth (or conception) and death. Although oscillations between energy levels during lifetime (age reversals) are possible, these are likely to be happening during strong changes of environment, when it is unstable. The importance of birthdays Since moment of birth is a discontinuity, it may often be associated with synchronicity. A soul may be stable in a particular energy level, but, according to CR, its radius cannot be constant (all orbits are elliptical), it must oscillate around that level, even if this oscillation is generally negligible. From time to time, however, it will be receiving and emitting pulses of stronger energy, when it will briefly jump (expand or collapse) to another discontinuity. While vacuum of soul's space may be interpreted as time by one, this time is space for the soul's constituent particles (soul is a graviton), but soul can be a composite of particles at different energy levels (orbits). Such is the carbon soul. Since moment of birth is a discontinuity in time, if one or more of these particles are entangled with angular momentum of the Earth's soul, these may be encountering this discontinuity in time every year.
Note how, for trees and many other organisms (likely all carbon souls), such encounters are also marked in space.
This explains why birth dates are common in events of synchronicity. Note that some particles may be entangled with Earth's spin momentum - this is why one goes to sleep daily. Some are entangled with the Moon, while some with other bodies of the Solar System. This is why not all parts of a body age the same.
From my experience, birthdays do seem to be common markers of important synchronicity events. This could be the reason why people started celebrating birthdays. I suspect fading of synchronicity events was synchronized with increase in consumerism, turning even birthdays into a celebration of consumerism. This is why one is more likely to experience synchronicity on a birthday when one is not celebrating it. Note, however, due to the fact that number of days in a year according to our calendars is variable, events of synchronicity may not occur exactly on one's birthday, rather a day before or after.
Added chapter Astronomical blunders of astrology Astronomical blunders of astrology Obviously, entanglements between a human soul and close celestial bodies do exist, and these are mirrored in body function (although, here, some phase shifts can exist). With discontinuities in souls and synchronicity, even birthdays become meaningful.
Once one stops celebrating birthdays and starts experiencing synchronicity, with each birthday, one will be looking forward to his next birthday, rather than remain meaninglessly counting the meaningless past ones.
Therefore, astrology may have some source in this knowledge. However, like everything else in the hands of western society, it has been corrupted to serve the needs of needy. Western astrology, as it doesn't care for astronomy, is completely fake. However, old Vedic astrology might not be meaningless, but even if it is not, I find it likely to be misinterpreted today. Evidence If an animal in the wild starts expressing behaviour that was not previously observed in the wild, but was observed in captivity, then such behaviour becomes the evidence for the existence of souls and soul oscillation (reincarnation), assuming, of course, that this animal is not the descendant of an animal that was in captivity. A humpback whale showing such behaviour, for instance, would be a strong evidence for soul reincarnation, considering the fact that no humpback whales where ever in captivity, but other whales (and a lot of other animals) did. Not only has this been observed recently, the phenomena was even more interesting because it was recorded by a drone camera by chance and the person interacting with the whale had a birthday the same day.
To be precise, observed whales were not humpback whales, rather Southern Right whales, although these are similar, particularly in behaviour.
Now, what are the odds of never-observed whale-human interaction happening on a birthday of interacting human, all at the same time being recorded by camera of a photographer who was there by chance?
After closer inspection, it turns out this was recorded on my birthday too (2021.09.01), so this becomes even more remarkable.
Obviously, this is an event of synchronicity - it thus has a deeper meaning. And deeper meaning I see here is the evidence of reincarnation. Whales in the wild don't generally approach humans looking for interaction, it is the other way around. While humpback whales are known to be gentle and compassionate giants (they are known to help individuals of other species in trouble), no one was in trouble here. Here, a Southern Right whale is giving a gentle nudge with its flipper to paddle boarder. Where did that come from?
Traits commonly associated with humans are increasingly being observed in wild animals. Some might argue that these existed before in the wild and that we are only noticing it now, but is it so? Weren't our excuses for extermination of wild animals based on differences and non-existence of such traits? Did we lie ourselves or are we witnessing lateral transfer of genetic code on massive scale. Isn't this too fast to be a product of random mutation of body DNA and natural selection? There is no doubt we lied ourselves to some degree regarding these phenomena, but obviously, something else is going on here too.
Sure, these may not be adult whales and this can be interpreted as action out of curiosity, but why this particular action and why it hasn't been observed before? Sure, one can interpret it as a product of random mutation, but does one honestly believe in it? If so, I'd like to hear how is "random" a better explanation than relatively random or logic? If my logic is flawed, I'd like to be fed with some arguments. A soul that was previously in a whale that died in captivity reincarnated in a Southern Right whale expressing previously common and trained behaviour compressed as an instinct and stored in soul, is my interpretation. The fact that this was not an adult whale, goes in favour of the hypothesis, as children are more likely to act based on instinct, and I think we can all agree - if this is instinct, it didn't come from body DNA, because that one would tell this animal to stay the fuck away from humans. Conclusion This is just a beginning. More and more surprises from wild life will emerge. Some of you will refer to them as miracles. Some of you will be stubborn and deny evidence. But that's the expected consequence of increasing relativity of reality. Added chapters The importance of discontinuities and The importance of birthdays. Small updates in Evidence.