0 21 2020.11.20 2021.04.19 2021.04.20 Amenoum On the nature of extinctions. biology extinction, transformation Extinction or transformation? Intro So far I have hypothesized that major extinctions are imaginary - life does not get extinct, rather transformed and transferred to another place, in the process of neurogenesis. However, in case of cancerous surface life, there is an another possibility. Major extinction = vertical transfer and transformation Previously, I have assumed that cancerous personalities are eliminated, either prior to the transformation or with the transformation. If the transformation has no such capabilities and the cancer remains (unlikely, as cancerous nature should be eliminated with fusion of differently polarized souls, although some possibility exists for fusion of equally polarized souls), it is possible that the transformation would not happen. In that case the extinction would be the solution to cancer elimination, and the surviving individuals would be responsible for rebuilding the population so the transformation and transfer can eventually take place. Without the cancer around, this indeed would be heaven for the non-cancerous survivors.
Fig. 1: Relative prophecy
This might be shown in Fig. 1. I already have one interpretation of Fig. 1 presented in another article. This one would only differ in one detail - instead of population moving to another planet, the population would be rebuilt on the current planet. Which one of these interpretations is true? In case of Earth, perhaps a superposition of both. Horizontal transfer and transformation = extermination Similar to a major extinction being vertical transfer and transformation of life, horizontal transformation and transfer is also possible. Current extermination of wild life on Earth's surface is thus only relative extermination, as souls of these creatures cannot be destroyed, some of these may be transferred to distant worlds, but proportionally to decrease in wildlife population these souls will increasingly be coupling with bodies of humans and other domesticated animals. The probability for expression of wild personality will thus grow in domestic species. This may be interpreted as a self-correcting mechanism, raising intelligence/awareness (wild souls are generally non-polarized) in destructive species to prevent further destruction of wild habitats and generally wild (free) species. However, major extermination is a precursor to major extinction and the rise in awareness among generally cancerous species is likely a precursor to elimination of cancer during events of extinction.