19 2020.11.16 2021.08.07 2021.08.09 article Mario Ljubičić (Amenoum)108. brigade ZNG 43, 35252 Sibinj, Croatiamljubicic99{EAT}gmail.com On synchronicity. computer science synchronicity, synchronization Complete Relativity https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4958278 /authors/Amenoum.html#credits Understanding synchronicity Abstract At the time of this writing, synchronicity is still not recognized as real phenomena by mainstream science. However, theory of Complete Relativity, together with evidence provided in the analysis of the Solar System shows that synchronicity is not only real, but a phenomena essential for evolution of energy (life). Here, synchronicity is defined and discussed in light of personally and globally experienced, but unrecognized, events of synchronicity. Definitions Synchronization Synchronization of events is a strong relative simultaneity of events. The events may be synchronized in space and/or time. By default, synchronization refers to synchronization in time. Synchronization of events can be intentional (locally programmed) or apparently non-intentional (non-locally programmed, pseudo-random), where the events may be relatively strongly or weakly correlated. In most local cases, intentional synchronization is a special case or a consequence of action and reaction impulses where both occur simultaneously enough to make it impossible to differentiate between action and reaction. Actions and reactions may be chained, synchronizing more than two events, but may also be entangled in a positive feedback system, synchronizing each other. Synchronization may evolve from action and reaction impulses. Consider a person waking up daily to an alarm from a clock at specific time. At first, the awakening is the reaction to alarm, but with time the body may start anticipating the alarm and the awakening may at times happen even moments before the alarm - when, effectively, the alarm becomes a reaction to anticipation. On average though, the awakening would be simultaneous (synchronized) with the alarm.
It might seem that once the body becomes synchronized with the alarm, the alarm becomes unnecessary, but that is only true if the biological clock with time becomes adjusted to the alarm clock, otherwise the awakening time will converge to the biological alarm time.
Synchronicity Synchronicity is any apparently non-intentional synchronization of strongly related events, in space (time). It may be locally genetic or non-genetic, physical on large scale (materialistic) or small scale (mental) and, generally, converges to intentional synchronization after reaching divergent maximum in entangled systems. Consider two entangled systems with equal mechanics but with a phase shift in time (space). Effectively, this is entanglement of past and future. Here, synchronicity is a physical manifestation of synchronization signals between past and future, at its minimum acting as subtle suggestive guidance but evolving in strength toward the maximum. Such entanglement is common between particles of equal species of different scale (vertical energy level) and matter/anti-matter pairs. Generally, phase shift will be annihilating with decreasing (annihilating) distance in space (time) between entangled systems, increasing synchronicity.
Note that, considering energy footprint, distance in space is generally equivalent to distance in scale.
Synchronicities conform to general oscillation and thus differ in frequency, intensity and magnitude. Non-genetic synchronicity has no apparent significant effects on local evolution and may be considered pseudo-random, similarly to non-intentional synchronization of weakly related events. Genetic synchronicity has a strong physical effect - even though non-locally programmed, it strongly affects local programming, acting as guidance to evolution and transforming local genetic code. However, genetic influence of sinchronicity is highly relative so even apparently non-genetic synchronicity is genetic on some (smaller) scale - in example, it may genetically affect an individual (even if that change would be short-lived) but without significant effects on population. In any case, non-genetic synchronicity with increasing frequency, intensity and magnitude is, generally, a precursor to genetic synchronicity. Growth and development of a local body is usually guided by execution of genetic code, but evolution of that code is driven by synchronicity, whether through materialistic synchronization in space (ie. evolution of matter through fusion of bodies in strong evolution events) or mental synchronization in time (leading to transformation of consciousness - evolution of the soul).
One example of non-genetic synchronicity relative to species (and thus relative also to the host - which might be interpreted as god to these species) are genetic mutations of an individual (whether due to interaction with disease or soul/body incompatibility). Although these mutations affect genetic code, they are highly localized and short-lived. Only when they become global, they become a precursor to genetic synchronicity.
Genetic synchronicity on one scale is intentional synchronization on a larger scale.
Note that cause and effect (or action an reaction) are not only relative, since every evolution is programmed and has a relative goal, they are fictional. One might observe that an effect must necessarily be preceded by another effect (cause) in order to occur, but in reality, this is not one effect causing the other, it is a synchronization of effects (events). Effectively, there is an attractive force between causes and effects (past and future). All events of synchronicity are thus events of information (energy) exchange at some level (scale), even if the observer might not be [physically] aware or conscious (mentally aware) of energy at that scale, and for which reason (lack of experience) it may interpret the correlation as coincidence.
Intensity of synchronicity The intensitiy of synchronicity is proportional to number of events synchronized in a particular synchronicity. Magnitude of synchronicity The magnitude of synchronicity is a measure of its effect on local universe (population/environment).
Suggested evolution There are no events in a universe which are not more or less synchronized with other events. Consider synchronization between human species and machines. When entering search terms (or searching) in a search engine one may be guided by the suggestions of the machine. These suggestions may be based on the search history of the individual or global search history of the whole population. That is an example of chained synchronization (on highest level, person - local machine - remote machine) and guidance through synchronization. In an anthropocentric view on a universe, synchronizations of this kind are a pinnacle of evolution and any other synchronization which would indicate higher intelligence at work or decrease human significance must be absolutely random. Therefor, one anthropocentric mind will never accept genetic synchronicity as a real phenomenon, before it is forced to abandon the anthropocentric view. However, synchronicity is a real phenomenon. While asking myself questions about the universes, I am often guided in my searches for answers through synchronicity. These suggestions are based on the search history of the individual soul in its effective future or global search history of the whole population in its effective future.
As I have stated elsewhere, the effective future of an individual/species is not the actual future of that individual/species. In progressive evolution, it is the past of more evolved individual/species, yet to occur locally. Suggestive events of synchronicity are thus echoes of distant (remote) reactions, locally absorbed and interpreted as action.
Although, evolutions of souls and bodies are synchronized, on local scale evolution of one may noticeably precede evolution of the other. As I have abandoned the anthropocentric view, experiencing synchronicity, my soul has evolved tremendously, enabling the construction of Complete Relativity (CR) and follow-up works such as the analysis of the Solar System in CR context. I believe works of intelligence have the potential as sparks triggering global abandonment of anthropocentric views. Although this may be a fake abandonment, until synchronicity becomes experienced globally, with greater frequency, intensity and magnitude.
In fact, synchronicity is not the only thing I believe will be experienced globally. I consider the lives of all neutralums as possible precursors of global future, so certain things (those of greater impact on life) that have been happening to me will be happening to people in [near] future on a global scale, albeit not always for the same reasons, nor with equal magnitude. It appears as though synchronicity itself has evolved to target individuals with strong [intelligence] capacity to influence others and act themselves as agents (or carrier particles) of synchronization. Note that triggers [or sparks] of change are relative - no one can change the world directly, if not forced, it must be truly willing to change, not fake that will, in order to act and change itself. At this point, most abandonment of anthropocentric perspectives is fake, because most people still support the anthropocentric systems - simply by paying taxes and using products of anthropocentric industry. Industries and government do not change unless pressured to change, simply due to the fact that they strongly feel their existence is secured - former have evolved to have great control of people's desires while latter rule by force (at this point, no one can still choose not to pay taxes). All apparent changes are thus weak (cosmetic), while, to break the vicious cycles of business as usual, required changes are fundamental. The problem is, [polarized] people too generally don't change unless pressured (forced) to change. They simply mirror government and industry on local scale - they rule their own dogs, they fake their concern for environment and future by talking about it instead of acting on it, they are concerned about their image in the community and short-term profits enabling survival and pleasures of the day, not on their long term well-being. It's ironic of course - it's the people who are supposed to put pressure on government and industry to force people to change themselves. Sure, apparently there are people who are trying to put pressure, perhaps even governments and industries showing will to change, but this is generally sourced in [neutralum or future neutralum] individuals (influencers) whose polarized followers are generally faking their concern for one or the other short-term interest (although fake can be a precursor to real, especially when desire for real exists and is not fake). Nonetheless, even fake concern can manufacture pressure. But is it moral to fight for better future of those who obviously are not interested in it? Is it a better future at all for them and is better future possible and sustainable for anyone if such people survive? As a neutralum, I do not want to manipulate people by telling them what they want and then capitalize on it. I belive it is best for all if neutralums would simply separate and perhaps concentrate in their own communities where they could live their philosophy. One does not have to compete and fight for future, one can just isolate from unsustainable business of today and one will have future. At this point, one might not even get mocked or forced back into polarized normalcy because polarized people will be more and more busy trying to maintain that normalcy. If we [the neutralums] would isolate ourselves from humanity (human stupidity), all our problems would be solved, we could thrive in healthy relation[ship]s instead of trying to survive plagued by them diseases. They love [to fight] their diseases so let them do what they [are trained to] want, and let us be what we are.
I believe all three (frequency, intensity and magnitude) should be increasing exponentially with the pulse of strong evolution (6th major extinction). First signs of increase in global synchronicity.
UPDATE: It seems global synchronicity is progressing, as expected. Recently, in South African national lottery, the winning sequence of numbers was: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Now, the probability of drawing this combination of numbers is the same as for any other combination of numbers, but the probability that such combination will be a sequence of numbers ordered by value we give to each number is extremely low. For that reason, there is speculation of fraud. But if one wants to cheat, I assume one would fix a non-suspicious combination of numbers, paradoxically then, this suspicious combination suggests a lower chance of cheating than usual. Thus, I believe there was no cheating, but it's not a coincidence either. Note that, by my definition of synchronicity, each win on lottery is an event of synchronicity, but this particular synchronicity is much stronger in intensity (20 people won) and magnitude. But if it is not random, what could possibly be the significance of this event for global evolution? I interpret it as a signal announcing global redistribution of wealth, but perhaps it is [also] a sign of annihilation of general [pseudo-]randomness within a pulse of accelerated (strong) evolution.
Small updates, added chapter Interpretation. Interpretation Up to this point in human evolution, signals of synchronicity were generally either misinterpreted, not recognized as such, or not acknowledged as real at all. However, proper interpretation of signals of synchronicity is possible and it is not generally hard, rather, like everything else, it evolves from experience and understanding of its logic - both currently lacking globally. History of synchronicity The Complete Relativity theory couldn't be developed without the spiritual guidance through sign[al]s. My life is full of signals of synhronicity. Everything or almost everything I can remember from my past were clear signals intended to be interpreted in the future for the purpose of theory development. Not only that, but it turns out that history of mankind is full of signs for the [theory] developer. Global signals Here are some examples of global signs. The geocentric system Solar System might have not been geocentric at the time it was assumed to be but it was a sign that this can be, due to mass oscillation, a possibility at certain time. In fact, I have previously hypothesized cyclic collapse of Sun's outer gravitational maximum. If total mass after collapse is near the calculated initial core mass, which I consider most likely, the Earth will be at the gravitational barycenter of the Solar System. Thus, the Solar System will indeed be geocentric, at least for a moment. Number 666 The number 666 signifies the infinite array of number 6, which is the result of division of number 2 with number 3, as it turns out possibly the most important ratio in the observable universe. Genesis, 7 days of creation Given the fact that the Solar System was inflated, it turns out that initial planetary formation could have took 7 days as inflated naked gravitational maximums can acquire mass very quickly. Rotation period of the Sun's core is also equal to 7 days and is related to transfer of planetary precursor neuron cells with proteins (incl. humans) to mantle layers during [neuro]genesis of Earth, which I have calculated to also last 7 days. Sirius colour controversy Like geocentric Earth, the "Sirius" changes might have not been happening at the time, but the theory predicts this with cyclic nature of star systems. Flat Earth Earth was initially in a charged 2-dimensional flat form. The theory also predicts cycling, so Earth's gravitational maximum (soul) periodically becomes flat although the body of Earth does not. 5000 years old Earth A hint of oscillation. Current 3rd order period of general oscillation of the Solar System is 1.512 million years, if higher cycles scale like 3rd does relative to 2nd, 5th order period is 5233 years. Nothing cataclysmic should be happening at the beginning or end of a 5th order cycle though. However, if Earth's soul was previously a part of 14C-N-O atomic configuration (currently, it is 10C-B-Be), the 3rd order cycle was 5730 years. Gods As a child I was religious (I was raised as a catholic, effectively, I had no choice) and I believed in God, but eventually I started questioning the religion and I have never grown into a religious man, rather a seeker of truth. Thus, prior to CR, I never dreamed a development of scientific theory could prove or disprove the existence of gods. However, as the theory developed it became clear to me that Earth is alive and, with further development, a definition of a god came naturally. This god may not be almighty, at least not absolutely, but it is a god I know exists as a living being in reality, not a god who I believe exists somewhere knowing it cannot ever exist in reality, as shown by CR. The fact the planets are named after Greek/Roman gods is another signal and such naming now seems very appropriate. Mythical creatures As habitats and life forms on the surface of Earth are cells and proteins relative to Earth, it must be possible for these cells and proteins to fuse or split. I have previously hypothesized such events of strong evolution to happen at the end of 1st and 2nd order cycles of the Solar System (and possibly at the end of 3rd order cycles to some extent). There are clear signals for this in mythology (ie. Greek, Egyptian). In fact, if the end of the 2nd cycle is to occur this century, as hypothesized, some of these creatures (chimeras) will soon be a part of reality. Modern science is already creating precursors. Face on Mars Even though face on Mars turned out to be just another pile of sand and rock (although something interesting could still be buried there), in its initial blurry form it was a clear signal of homo life on Mars and its connection to Giza plateau on Earth. Near-death experiences At least two near death experiences can be interpreted as a signal that reincarnation is real - the tunnel and light, replay of high impact events in past life. We all come out from a tunnel into the light when we are born but it is impossible for us to visually record and remember this activity. While it is unclear how is the near death experience of tunnel and light produced, the fact that it is experienced at death is a clear signal that reincarnation is real. During embryonic growth, the evolution of our bodies over millions of years is replayed in compressed form (this is why for many different species embryonic growth is roughly the same up to a particular point), while as children, and even as adults, we will be, at times, reliving recent past lives of our bodies (ie. behaving as one of the parents) and souls (behaving as one of past incarnations of the soul) in compressed form. Thus, the replay of past life at death is another signal of reincarnation.
Note that a tunnel and light might be what is experienced by the soul as it is leaving the body, but it is also possible that it is not - memory of the experience as it is stored and reproduced by the brain might have blank areas (hence the tunnel) due to inability of a brain to interpret and render the information properly (correlate it with something it has experienced during its own lifetime).
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