16 2021.09.02 2021.09.19 2021.09.19 article Mario Ljubičić (Amenoum)108. brigade ZNG 43, 35252 Sibinj, Croatiamljubicic99{EAT}gmail.com Evidence of precursor events. physics general precursor, neurogenesis, synchronicity, extinction https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5471272 /authors/Amenoum.html#credits 0 Evidence of general precursor events Abstract Future can be predicted with great certainty when it has already happened elsewhere. In example, the events in embryonic development of a human being can very accurately be predicted due to great relative equality in development between individuals of species. Many (or all) cells and events in development (evolution) are preceded by precursor cells and events. I have hypothesized elsewhere that evolution of complex life on the surface of Earth during Phanerozoic is part of Earth's neurogenesis and that this process is qualitatively similar to neurogenesis of standard scale complex life. Major extinction events here mark the events of cell/protein migration to mantle layers. Since major extinction event is currently happening on Earth, a lot of upcoming events can be predicted based on comparison with past such events and standard scale neurogenesis. Predictable (expected) events should thus be asteroid bombardments, earthquakes, volcanism, floods, etc. While all of these events should be global (or have a global effect), each of these should be preceded by smaller scale [precursor] events. If all these events are concentrated in specific space/time, then these could be considered root events, a general precursor frame. Since cells and proteins also exist as precursors, a general precursor frame should be associated with a general precursor cell or a protein. This protein should be significantly more evolved (more neutral) than other proteins at time of precursor events. In the context of Earth, precursor neuron proteins are human beings. Here, I hypothesize that I am one of the general precursors and provide some evidence. Definitions General precursor A general precursor is an individual of population whose current space/time is generally entangled (correlated) with future space/time of general population. This correlation is aligned. Like any entanglement it is not absolutely lossless. Here, correlated phenomena include physical and mental lifestyle, living conditions and, thus, experiences that impact these conditions and states, but more specific details will not be preserved - ie. reason for particular experience or condition will generally be different. Due to difference in karma, not only reasons for change of states may be different, but magnitude of impact. Current space/time of a general precursor is also correlated with current space/time of general population, however, such correlation is generally anti-aligned (ie. lifestyle of general population may be a complete opposite to lifestyle of a general precursor). This will be changing with a pulse of strong evolution, when evolution of general population accelerates while evolution of general precursor decelerates, leading to synchronization. Intro I have previously hypothesized that I am a general precursor and that many events concentrated around me and in me, impacting my life, are precursors to such events on global scale. Here I will present some evidence for that. A general precursor is likely to be experiencing synchronicity events on a regular basis.
A belief of a general precursor is generally a precursor to general knowledge. A belief in general population is generally a postcursor of [corruption of] this knowledge.
The more one is synchronized with its host or god (Earth, in this case), or, the more evolved one is, the less one should be impacted by events of neurogenesis. Such one is thus a good candidate for a general precursor, one who will experience events in smaller scale. Due to low intensity and magnitude, these events may even be beneficial for the habitat and life of such one rather than destructive. Based on my research and experience, due to determinism in physical laws and synchronicity due to entanglement of past and future, even a thought of a general precursor, regarding a specific upcoming event, can be strongly correlated to that event. Effectively, a wish of a general precursor will generally become true, with confidence proportional to the proximity of the upcoming event.
This is natural and unsurprising, if one understands that mental processes are physical on some scale. I am convinced that anyone who sincerely promotes truth and sincerely lives in truth, one who is truly not anthropocentric and doesn't support the cancer of god is one of precursors whose wishes will eventually become true. It's logical - a cancer cannot be a precursor for something other than death.
Seismic anomalies I have predicted that global earthquakes are common during events of neurogenesis and that these should be preceded by localized precursor earthquakes which will then spread globally, increasing in magnitude.
It is also possible that these precursor events are not only separated in time from main events, but generally, in space too - the area of localized precursor events will be less affected by global events they are a precursor of.
These precursor events should however be roughly localized to residence of a general precursor. Perhaps there are more general precursors in this world, but evidence does suggest that I am one.
Note that this does not imply a strong cause-effect relationship between [the location of] a general precursor and precursor events, the correlation is the effect of synchronicity.
For the whole of my life I have lived in the country of Croatia, mostly in Sibinj, but for significant part in Zagreb also. Exactly 1 year after I've left Zagreb and returned to Sibinj, a large earthquake hit Zagreb, in March, 2020. Soon, large earthquakes started happening elsewhere in Croatia and the ground has been shaking ever since (although, not much in Sibinj, suggesting that even if Croatia as a precursor won't be so strongly affected by earthquakes, there is a specific localized area within that area which may be affected even less - the area where general precursor is located or has been located for most of life).
Last earthquake [that was felt by humans] in/around Sibinj occurred in June, 2018, magnitude R4.0. Note that this earthquake was sychronized with, and probably detected by one of my experiments.
I have also predicted increased frequency and magnitude of asteroids, so something should land in Croatia as a precursor. I predicted a meteor will fall north-east from my house precursor and that this will be [at least roughly] synchronized with an earthquake and creation of a spring of fresh water in that area (possibly also hydrothermal). Well, this has now been confirmed to me, as I have noticed surface ruptures started appearing exactly north-east of my house precursor. There were no noticeable earthquakes here since 2018., but these ruptures clearly indicate the presence of a fault below and recent strongly localized activity, boosting the probability that a spring will indeed be created here.
Strongest ruptures are 5 cm wide and localized some 30-40 m north-east of my house precursor. Ruptures continue up to ≈90 m south/south-east and ≈60 m north/north-west from the hotspot but with much lower intensity and magnitude. Outside of that area ruptures are scarce and smaller. The affected north-east area seems somewhat elevated but no noticeable changes in elevation have occurred in this event. While most and greatest ruptures are concentrated along the north/north-west - south/south-east line of a couple of meters in width, they are irregular and there seems to be no preferred direction (ie. north-south) in ruptures themselves. All this suggests a strike-slip earthquake with an epicenter at the north-east hotspot, but with a loose connection of top soil and the source, possibly due to soil liquefaction along the fault. In any case, the epicenter is exactly where I predicted it (to be more precise, in my prediction I did not specify where the epicenter of the earthquake will be, only where the spring will be created with the earthquake, but it makes sense that the creation of a spring has the highest probability at or near the epicenter). I guess it will take one or more earthquakes at the same location to actually create the spring, but I'm not in a hurry. And, of course, it appears that I have noticed these ruptures on my birthday, so it was another synchronicity event.
Ruptures are shown in Fig. 1. Red arrow on the left indicates the location of my house precursor.
Fig. 1: left) Surface ruptures and house precursor, right) Closeup of ruptures
Fig. 2 shows another view on the hotspot (1) ruptures.
Surface ruptures
Fig. 2: Surface ruptures
Land map, showing hotspots
Fig. 3: Land map, showing hotspots
A land map with layout of hotspots is shown in Fig. 3. Green cross is my house precursor, blue is the original hotspot, red are additional hotspots. Updates More ruptures observed. 2021.09.05 Another hotspot (2) appeared 40-50 m north from the original hotspot, with similar configuration and maximum rupture width. More ruptures observed. Added map and abstract. Updated intro, small revisions elsewhere. 2021.09.06 Another hotspot (3) appeared ≈40 m north-west from the original hotspot, with similar configuration. Maximum rupture width here is 4 cm. Additional closer inspection of ruptures at original hotspot (1) has been performed. A couple of ruptures were found with a noticeable difference in elevation between sides. Some may be attributed to erosion, however, some are more likely to have been caused by difference in pressure below. It is unknown if this is a new feature or originally created. More ruptures. More evidence for the hypothesis. 2021.09.15 The ground is still active. I'm noticing new ruptures on a daily basis. Interestingly, ruptures smaller in width seem to be connected by round holes. There are many holes not connected by ruptures, suggesting that these holes precede ruptures. I wonder if these holes could be the smaller scale equivalent of holes appearing recently in Siberia and Arctic permafrost. The ground is becoming increasingly bumpy at ruptures. The weather is calm, sunny, and there is no precipitation. There were no changes in weather since observations began. All of this suggests there is an ongoing vertical creation (or expansion) of veins filled with a fluid mixture of gas and liquid (most likely water). Also, it appears this is not a continuous process, rather pulsed phenomena, such as the phenomena of geysers. While it is probably unlikely that water is coming out of ruptures periodically at this point, periodic degassing might be possible. I may increase the periodicity of inspections to test this hypothesis. More holes. 2021.09.16 More holes observed, greatest concentration more south/south-east of main area. Typical holes 2 cm in width, shallow, different angles, some more horizontal than vertical. 4 cm holes also common. Ruptures and holes typically appear in areas of low vegetation, as shown in Fig. 4. Nice example of how plants protect the soil from erosion.
Fig. 4: Typical smaller ruptures
To see these images in greater contrast and inverted color, try command alienize in the command prompt (or use contrast and invert commands).
Rainwater. 2021.09.17 Some heavy rain today. I've learned from a separate experiment that, without vegetation, most water simply goes down through the soil, taking soil with it if that is possible. In this case, as the water goes down a hill it carries some mud with it. Once it encounters the ruptures it goes down, eroding the northern side of ruptures in the process and depositing all the mud inside. With rain, the southern side of ruptures also gets eroded to some extent. But at some point, space becomes too tight and it becomes impossible for soil to penetrate deeper with water, so it starts accumulating. Generally, this process is smoothing out the landscape - healing the ruptured skin.
Note that rain and wind are slowly eroding mountains and, generally over millions of years, smoothing out the landscape globally. With no vegetation, tectonic processes and changes in pressure below - the smoother the surface the older the body, as long as there is atmosphere. However, this is all correlated. Energy cannot be destroyed. Thus, energy at the surface may only be lost out to space or conserved deeper underground. It also has to oscillate, but it will generally be getting lost outwards or lost inwards - if no additional energy is acquired. Mars, for example, is not dead - it has conserved this energy below the apparent surface, and it periodically returns, when apparent surface becomes real (living) surface again.
But what happens to water? The water goes down (more precisely, it follows the gradient of gravitational potential) as long as it can. Once it encounters denser rock, which it cannot penetrate, it starts accumulating and spreading laterally. But if these ruptures were created with soil liquefaction, additional water could create new ruptures. Rain aftermath. 2021.09.18 Some rupture healing has occurred, as expected. A lot of new holes have appeared south/south-east of the main area. At least some should probably be attributed to rainwater entering ruptures up north. It is unlikely, however, that main ruptures were created by the same process (rain entering ground further up north), as there isn't much ground up north [to the top of the hill] and there was no rain before and during previous observations. The fact that, after heavy rain, only smaller holes appeared and mostly concentrated south/south-east, goes in favor of the hypothesis. Sinkhole updates. 2021.09.19 I have previously considered my sinkholes to be small scale equivalent of Arctic and Siberia sinkholes. However, even if they may be correlated, the mechanism of creation must be different. More precisely, my sinkholes are the equivalent of sinkholes appearing with some earthquakes, such as those that have appeared lately in Croatia. Interestingly, these sinkholes started appearing in north/north-east Croatia, while my sinkholes started appearing north/north-east of my house precursor (interestingly, Arctic and Siberia are north/north-east of Croatia...). All this goes in favor of the general precursor hypothesis, and if these sinkholes are precursor to ruptures, one can expect large scale ruptures there too. The question is how much time will pass before ruptures appear? To answer that question, I have already marked some sinkholes on 2021.09.15. At this point there are no significant changes. The other question is - is the scale difference in time proportional to scale difference in space? Considering that the largest sinkhole was 25-30 m (25 m initially, grew to 30 m), while my largest (pre-rain) sinkhole was 4-4.3 cm in width, that is a spatial difference of ≈666 in magnitude. New large sinkholes were appearing on a weekly basis while my new sinkholes were appearing daily - much lower difference in temporal magnitude (7). Large sinkholes are the aftermath of an M6.2 earthquake occurred on 2020.12.29 in Petrinja, Croatia. These started appearing south of Petrinja (villages Borojevići, Mečenčani). This area is some 120 km west (roughly at the same latitude) from my sinkholes. It is thus entirely possible that these events are more correlated - in an oscillatory fashion.
Petrinja earthquake and faults
Fig. 5: Earthquakes and faults in Petrinja, Markušić et al (2021)
Note that my faults and movements of rock seem to be a smaller scale copy of faults and movements in Petrinja (shown in Fig. 5) - north-south horizontal strike-slip block movement with a transverse component near the epicenter. In that case, compared to Petrinja earthquake, if main ruptures appear at the crossing of faults, the epicenter is near south-west, toward my precursor house. Assuming that my first sinkholes appeared on 2020.12.29, while ruptures appeared 9 months later, large scale ruptures in Petrinja could follow approximately 63 (9*7) months after the sinkholes, 4-5 years from now. Due to accelerated evolution, this interval may be compressed. However, I find it likely that subsequent intervals between new ruptures will be getting more and more compressed, this one may not. In that case, my next ruptures should appear less than 9 months from now (perhaps in 3 months or even less). Considering my largest ruptures are some 4 m in length and 5 cm in width, large scale ruptures in Petrinja should be ≈2.66 km in length and ≈33 m in width.
Note that Petrinja was devastated in a war during 1990s so that war could also be interpreted as a precursor to larger devastation. The war is a product of human stupidity (humanity), but devastation is certainly very relative in case of natural disasters. This is a reaction to human stupidity, in order to restore the balance.