12 2020.07.03 2021.06.26 2021.06.26 Amenoum On my dreams. general dreams, mysteries, introverted reality The phenomena of dreams Intro Dreams can be fascinating and, for some creatures, even more real than extroverted life. While, for extroverted creatures, dreams can be blurry, introverted ones perceive reality in dreams, while external interaction is blurry. Added chapter The impact of a stress barrier The impact of a stress barrier Stress may be the source of many diseases, but it is also a strong barrier preventing one to get in touch with its spirituality. Daily life of extroverted human society is life in constant anticipation of a next stressful event. Everything is externally programmed and people are consciously and unconsciously trained to react to external stimuli and perform externally programmed routines, all on a promise of some material award. Most people are addicted to these routines, and with neglected spiritual aspects of being, they are in a controlled state of heavy imbalance (polarization). A good quality rest and sleep (lacking stress) is of great importance for spirituality, internal communication within the body, its immune system, but also mental communication. In these creatures, even sleep is externally controlled and expression of life in sleep mirrors the external programming. This imbalance is extremely unhealthy if one is to conserve the amount of distinct individual life over generations.
People don't even notice most of the stress their organism is exposed to and situations which it might not enjoy - they have been trained not to care about it. On one occasion, while I was grinding some metal pipe, a tiny fragment of metal flew into my eye and glued to the eyeball. Over the next couple of days it was very painful to use both eyes. Changes in brightness were particularly painful. This is when I noticed how much strain is experienced by eyes and that watching television is, with constant changes in brightness and sound, generally extremely stressful for the organism. Most stressful here are short clips, such as advertisements, where there is a tendency to present as much information as possible in smallest amount of time possible. These things are not only generally insulting in multiple ways, they are shocking. Although painful, the synchronization of pain and changes in visual stimuli was interesting, especially watching fireworks - with every explosion I would feel a surge of pain in the eye. For some time I was also experiencing an interesting side-effect to this eye state, something I could notice only while watching stars. Usually, I would see a star as a single bright spot with a short vertical line though it. Sometimes I would also observe reddish and bluish dots at endpoints of the line. But in this condition, with injured eye open, I would also see a horizontal [slightly curved] line at the bottom, so stars looked to me like upside-down crosses of Christ.
Cryptic dreams Some unusual or undeciphered personal stories in dreams will be presented here.
While I refer to them as personal, considering the fact that souls evolve and that a brain might be receiving signals from an [anti-]brain on an Earth-like planet it is entangled with, this personality can be very relative. Note that sex/gender of the body is correlated with spin/chirality of the soul, so if a soul is male on one planet, in case of spin entanglement, it will be female on the other. Note also that sex is generally preserved over incarnations because the collapse (death) requires spin change of the soul. Since inflation (birth) also requires a change of spin, it has to be equal to previous incarnation.
Incognita Prior to this one, I never had a dream in which I was in a female body, but this time I had a strong feeling I was in a body of a woman. She was pushed and fell into a shallow pool of water. Water was immediately filled with blood, so she was probably stabbed. I woke up afterwards. The phrase "Ordi nami" was ringing in my head (chanting). I had a strong feeling this was a middle aged woman even though I do not remember the body (only roughly). This dream had, what I consider, a typical signature of a retro-vision. Most convincing evidence is that phrase which I strongly believe I have never heard in this life. I suspect old Egypt or Rome as a source. After I did some research, I realized the word ordinami exists in italian language, meaning order me in english. Certainly smells like a sacrifice ritual. If this is indeed a memory of my death it would be interesting to know who that was. However, since my soul is male, the woman had to be either: Ghost car I had a dream where I was in, what felt like, rural England, perhaps 18th century. I felt I was driving some kind of a vehicle, sitting front right. I felt one or two people were sitting behind me. However, no parts of the vehicle were rendered, it just felt like a vehicle and it was moving forward. Soon I've seen a kid or two ahead. At that moment I felt someone from behind put something like a bag on my head at which point it all went blank and I woke up. The fact that the vehicle was not rendered (likely it was so different from a car, a vehicle which I am experienced in driving this incarnation, that the brain couldn't associate it with that vehicle and render as such) suggests the information comes from a different age. This is thus likely a retro-vision. The fact I was sitting on the right while driving also goes in favor of that hypothesis, because I have had no such experience in the current incarnation. I am not sure if this was a moment of death, but it certainly was some traumatic experience - another signal of a retro-vision. Living in a game I recently had an extraordinary dream. It featured some weird creatures I have never seen in real life, including two human-like chimeras looking like devils. What was fascinating to me were details in rendering. I have never had a dream previously where I could see such fine details on creatures or environment. There were some complex interactions and it was like I was in some sort of a computer game, only it was detailed and real as real life.
Note that I rarely play video games and when I do they are usually old 2D games. Also note that a human brain has extreme processing capabilities, it is not only a supercomputer compared to ordinary computers, but it is a supercomputer to supercomputers built by man. Obviously, its plasticity is also extreme, which is why it can produce high-quality simulations at will, something it might not usually be doing.
The only reason I figured [in the dream] I am in a dream was because I have never seen these creatures in external life (even though these dreams feel real, I am still dominantly an extroverted life-form, and this connection with external reality will sometimes produce a feeling of non-belonging to a particular dream). Due to complex rendering, I believe this dream was scripted and generated in situ, but what is its meaning? Since the quality [and interpretation] of my dreams has been increasing over time (exponentially over the last few years), I believe this is normal progression toward an dominantly introverted life-form. Often, when I go to sleep while my mind is in overdrive, at some point the line between a dream and dominant reality becomes very blurry. I am convinced I did some work in my dreams while working on CR.
Note that, even if my nature is still extroverted, precursors of introverted nature were present from my childhood to this day. Prior to adult age I was very shy and could barely express my self (blurry awareness), as the company of others drained a lot of energy from me. And since this society is pressuring people to function among society, normally, with that being against my nature, I was suffering a lot. I didn't want to be tamed, and when I would resist, I would be at times called wild and abnormal or insane, as in this society, these were synonyms.
Added chapter Death of Tesla Death of Tesla Tesla probably did not speak publicly about reincarnation as it was against the religious beliefs of his family, his father especially. Not only did Tesla believe in reincarnation, once I had a vision of his death where it appears he tried to force his soul to enter a particular body at that moment:

"I saw a young couple. First, a man entered the hotel room, while the woman was waiting outside. After some short interaction, I was lying on bed. I've heard the man mentioning a vacuum cleaner (in Croatian or Serbian language) and the woman entered the room. The woman came close to me, put my head on her abdomen. I died shortly after."

I believe the woman was ovulating at the time, and the transfer to the egg was successful. All what was left for the egg was to consume the genetic material of a male body to kick-start the inflation of space and evolve this life into a new human organism. The couple had high expectations of this child, but genetic material did not match well with the soul (coupling was primarily decided by distance) and life was not so good for it. The soul deserved this karma for trying to force its next body. In my vision of death of this man, he was killed in his thirties by his father - possibly due to unfulfilled expectations, but there had to be some madness at play too. Note that, if the above story is true, it did not necessarily play out on this Earth. As I have stated previously, synchronicity (evolution) requires at least one another Earth. Signals of synchronization constantly travel between the two entangled worlds and, I believe, souls do too.