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Help MATERRA Editor is a text/html editor with support for MATERRA tags. For a list and description of MATERRA tags check documentation.
NOTE: The content of the editor is auto-saved to local browser storage so you can resume work even if you close the browser or restart your computer. However, if you clear site data or update your browser, this may be deleted. Clearing browser cache should not affect this data, but the option which includes clearing cookies might. If you clear browser cookies regularly and want to avoid this, don't use the option to clear all cookies, rather selected ones (ie. option Manage Data in Firefox). MATERRA does not use cookies, but browsers (still?) generally do not differentiate between cookies and other site data, unless you manage settings for a website you're currently browsing (accessed by F12 in Firefox/Chrome).
Templates Default template is standard log web page. To load blog template, hold shift key while pressing New document. Creating lists and tables To create a list, just enter each item on a separate line, then select all items and click on the icon to generate the list. For a table, enter each row on a separate line, separate columns by | or ; then select all rows and click on the icon to generate the table. In case rows have different number of columns, row with a maximum number of columns determines the number of columns in the generated table. In example, the following will generate a table with 3 rows and 5 columns:
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Notes on tagging Tables, figures and equations can be tagged (as documented). The list of tagged objects will be shown in the system window on the left, making referencing easier. Tagged tables and figures will be auto-numbered when the webpage is rendered, so if you tag a table or a figure, make sure to refer to it always with the complete tag, not just the number. Some useful shortcuts
Ctrl-F / Cmd-FStart searching
Ctrl-G / Cmd-GFind next
Shift-Ctrl-G / Shift-Cmd-GFind previous
Shift-Ctrl-F / Cmd-Option-FReplace
Shift-Ctrl-R / Shift-Cmd-Option-FReplace all
Ctrl-JGo to matching tag