2022.01.15 article Amenoum How to earn money. general money, income /authors/Amenoum.html#credits How to earn personal money Intro Sure, there are jobs out there, but anything you earn doing a conventional job is actually owned and controlled by someone else. Money that you [are forced to] pay for insurance (health, pension) is never residing on your own account and is at any time borrowed or invested, generally supporting the growth of the cancer of the planet. However, things can be different, and here some options for earning YOUR money online will, hopefully, be presented. Earning your money: Doing useful work Currently very limited to impossible? Earning your money: Doing useless work In a healthy economy, no one would pay for spam and constant inflation. In current global economy, it's all about spam and inflation. So, here some platforms enabling you to earn money doing meaningless work will be reviewed, but NOT recommended. SocialEarn I was looking for a way to earn crypto by coding but didn't have any luck with that (there are options but very limited).
If anyone knows where one can earn crypto doing coding non-related to crypto, please, let us know.
However, apparently there is a way now to earn crypto, not by coding, but by doing surveys and testing apps - which anyone can do. One such platform is SocialEarn, or at least that's what they claim. You can earn money by inviting friends, doing surveys, testing apps and promoting the service on social networks. There are also some bonus offers - ie. you currently get $25 simply by joining. If you want to try it, here's the link: https://share.socialearn.co/u/amenoum
NOTE: The above is a referral link. If you follow it I will be credited. If you don't want me to get any credit, you can follow this link: https://socialearn.co
Review Unfortunately, I don't see SocialEarn as a good platform to earn money. I have managed to earn $92 within an hour of sign-up but it's useless since I cannot cash out. To cash out for the 1st time one is required to get 15 clicks (on the invite link), 5 sign-ups, do 1 post on social media and complete 6 offers (surveys). However, it's impossible for me to satisfy these requirements as I'm only offered 3 surveys. And since there are 0 apps to test for me (and app testing is the only thing that sounds like useful work here), the earning potential reduces to common spam. So, unless you are actually offered 6 surveys (probably depends on country) and you are willing to spam your friends on social media and elsewhere you won't earn any money with this. On top of that, contacting SocialEarn seems impossible - the email address they provide for support is not even set up. What attracted me was the app testing feature, without it, I see this as a common spamming platform and, therefore, cannot recommend it. Conclusion At this point, I am not aware of many options to earn personal money. So, please, let us know if you are aware of anything fair and good.