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[ 2021.07.11 ] Update Several articles have been updated recently, including Stvarnost simulacije i sloboda volje, Species of homo, Evolution of life.
Amenoum[ 2021.06.26 ] Update Article On reincarnation and karma has been rewritten.
Amenoum[ 2021.06.23 ] Games The Games section has been added recently. It contains browser games I have developed. Only one game so far, but more may be added later.
Amenoum[ 2021.06.22 ] Interesting sightings Today around 01:05 UTC I went outside for a couple of minutes [to take a leak]. While looking at the sky up north, suddenly the brightness of one star increased rapidly by multiple orders of magnitude and then it quickly disappeared (with no visible remnant material, at least to naked eye). I have ruled out atmospheric effects and human aircraft. If this was a supernova, then it would be a record setter, because, as far as I know, even the Fast-Evolving Luminous Transients (FELTs) have not been observed to burst and decay in less than few days. This one exploded and was extinguished in a matter of seconds. Many of observed supernovas defy explanation by established theories on supernova power sources and formation and this one would be even harder to explain. However, such scenarios are not uncommon in CR - I have previously hypothesized that the Solar System [space] was inflated [faster than light] from smaller scale to large scale (far beyond the Kuiper belt) before being deflated to current scale. The observed event seems like the inverse of this process - rapid expansion and absence of remnant material should indicate inflation and deflation of a gravitational maximum. In supernovas, according to CR, material from a star is ejected with the collapse of a maximum to polarized two-dimensional form of a smaller scale, however, if maximum instead expands and then rapidly contracts to neutral form, the material may not have enough time to escape and all of it will, with maximum collapse, condense into a dwarf - a dead dark dwarf, if maximum leaves afterwards (otherwise, this should be interpreted as a loss of consciousness where the same or another maximum would eventually restore the star to initial state). All ejected/emitted material would be in the form of photons and neutrinos and possibly cosmic rays, with probability for heavier and slower products decreasing rapidly with rest mass (note that a maximum may also pick up surrounding interstellar material with collapse so there would be no shocked (bright) interstellar material afterwards either). It is also possible that this wasn't a star at all, rather a meteor, but with no tail observed, this would imply it was heading straight toward me. Third possibility is an UFO, but this also implies its trajectory crossed my location, unless brightness was not correlated with distance - less likely, as the object brightness did not return to constant brightness it had initially (at least for a few seconds I was focused on it) after it exploded. According to my theories, if this was an UFO, most likely it was homo.sapiens. I wouldn't be surprised if it was homo.sapiens, but I have also predicted a precursor to asteroids of 6th major extinction would land near my house so this could be a meteor precursor to that meteorite. All things considered, from my perspective, all these events have equal probability.
Amenoum[ 2021.06.15 ] Experimental confirmation A small but important update has been made to the Solar System article. I have previously calculated that photon rest mass is on the order of 10-72 kg, while recent experiments show that mass to be on the order of 10-54 kg. The apparent discrepancy, however, is the result of usage of absolute reference frame (where photon is limited to standard speed of light = 2.99792458 * 108 m/s), and is easily resolved through momentum conservation, as now shown in updated Solar System article. This is important, because I have obtained the photon mass analyzing the Solar System as a quantum system, and the same photon mass has been predicted in CR through discrete states of invariance.
Amenoum[ 2021.06.14 ] New website features It is now possible to register an account and post comments on articles.
Amenoum[ 2021.06.07 ] New opportunity The article Judgment day 6 has been updated. If you're not aware, there is a great new documentary out - Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet. If people wouldn't seriously be ready for surface extinction, this documentary would be at this point airing instead of news on every channel every day until you'd become sure that you're far enough from the point of no return. Instead, most of people are still worried about the unsustainable maintenance of status quo - what stupid thing to do next.
Amenoum[ 2021.06.06 ] Recent updates Some articles have been updated, notably Synchronized bias, where I have added a chapter about my experiences with mainstream academy. Good stuff.
Amenoum[ 2021.06.05 ] Work needed A couple of years ago I have left all my jobs so I could fully dedicate myself to work on Complete Relativity and this website. This has not yet started to pay off and it is hard to tell when it will. I have bills to pay and a child to support, so if someone has some work to be done I am available. I prefer coding back-end applications and work from home. Here are my conditions: Contact here.
Amenoum[ 2021.05.19 ] Recent updates Some of the Log articles and other pages have been updated recently. Generally, one can see what has been updated in the Change Log at the bottom of an updated page. By default, MATERRA also notifies of updated pages in the system window with each visit to the site (or reboot). Upon another inspection, the article Sigurnost u slobodi was found to be of low quality. This article has been rewritten, rather than updated with new content.
Amenoum[ 2021.05.02 ] System operational website launched. New era begins. Well, at least for me.