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[ 2022.03.13 ] Predictions coming true
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.03.13
My predictions are becoming true fast. Only some 2 weeks after I have predicted the collapse of NATO, an unmanned plane (drone) has fallen in the capital city of the country where I live (Croatia), a NATO member. It was not launched by Russia (they obviously want to avoid conflict with NATO), it was, most likely, launched by Ukrainians - to provoke NATO response to Russian invasion (however, directly, or indirectly, those in US who have an interest in the World War III, might also be behind it). Of course, Ukrainians denied it and blamed Russia, and once it becomes obvious who launched it, they might claim this was an error (as some already do) - which is absurd. These kind of drones might be old, but they are reliable (as older technology generally is), they're not equipped with GPS so this was not a navigational error (as some claim). The drone did not malfunction either - it fell once the fuel was exhausted. Obviously, it was intentionally launched in the direction of NATO countries, it wasn't important where exactly it would fall - although, this could have been calculated, based on the amount of fuel. But the real problem here, for NATO countries, is that there was no response from NATO. No aircraft were launched to intercept, investigate and react to the invasion of airspace (which is a standard procedure in these cases). This suggests that NATO high command knew what this was and where it would fall, it simply chose not to react. Was the reason for this the fact that the drone was expected to fall in an small and insignificant country as Croatia (which, to US NATO, is important when it fights for its interests, but otherwise not) or something else? In any case, this has caused some outrage, and I interpret it as the beginning of the collapse of NATO. It's also interesting that this happened in Croatia, a country I hypothesized to be the precursor for pending global changes - another prediction becoming true. Predictions coming true updated.
I suggest Croatia to stop helping Ukraine and get out of NATO if it wants to avoid war because the next drone launched by the pro-American Ukrainian madman will most likely be armed and will have a specific target (which will likely remain Croatia if it remains in NATO). Even if you believe the Russian madman is launching these, the outcome is the same - none of the madmen would touch neutral Croatia.