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[ 2022.03.09 ] Future ahead
Log entry: Future ahead
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.03.09
The analysis of global seismicity and volcanism revealed interesting correlations. The results suggest that the war in Ukraine is indeed the start of the World War III, but not only that. There is a signal suggesting big stock market crashes (most likely this year or in the year ahead) and collapse of the economy similar to the Great Depression of the last century. Statistically, however, one cannot claim great confidence in this signal - there's simply not enough data (ie. there was only one Great Depression). On the other hand, we probably won't have the time to wait for data to accumulate. The fact is, with the war in Ukraine, the economies have started showing the signs of recession and at least partial collapses - confirming the signal. But not everyone has to wait for statistics to accumulate to increase the confidence in the signal. This is why there is synchronicity. I believe, to all of us who experience it and who have enough experience with it - the signal is clear. This is the start of the World War III and most likely the start of a great, if not greatest, depression. Another question comes to mind - who will China invade and what will North Korea do? Weak signal told me China will invade Pakistan (which might not make sense to many), but it's too early to tell. The US will probably wait until it's economy is hit harder before it engages into war - even though war ain't good for the majority of people and economy in the long-term, it's always good for the top few. How long will all this last? This depends largely on one thing - how big will be the resistance to change [the lifestyle]. Hadn't there been resistance in Ukraine to Russian invasion - there would be no war and probably no World War III (I'm not blaming Ukrainians for the war though) and no depression. It might not seem obvious now, but everything happening now is linked to global changes of climate and environment. And those who whole-heartedly support Ukrainians now will soon be the ones who will blame them for bringing famine to their home. The blame will be shifting then, from the East to the West, and in the end it will end where it was born.