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[ 2022.02.24 ] 3rd Act
Log entry: 3rd Act
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.02.24
So it has begun. While good part of the world will blame Russia for invasion, it is the US that made it happen. The US knew very well what will happen if Ukraine starts the process of joining NATO. Yet, they've broken the promise and started expansion toward Russia. The expansion of NATO is bad for a couple of reasons, even for its members, but, to US NATO, Russian demands were non-starters.
Let's not fool ourselves, the NATO is led by US, it follows its foreign policy and it is, effectively, the expansion of its military power.
How can diplomacy be a non-starter to an organization supposed to ensure peace? This is similar to non-starters regarding climate change, where the US has shown it is determined not to change its lifestyle at home. It's obviously determined not to change its lifestyle in the rest of the world - the NATO, just like the economy, must keep growing indefinitely. Wars and economies are tightly entangled and sometimes conservation of lifestyle will require war. The Russia clearly did not want this war, the US clearly did, as did the president of Ukraine, who openly called for military action against Russia even before the war. This is also the guy who stated the exact time the war will start and when it didn't start at that time, he claimed he was joking (!). Wow, who wants this joker for a president? US? Croatia? Nah... we already had one as a prime minister, who, somehow, ended up in jail (we are still surprised, he had good jokes). 3rd Act updated.
Perhaps not all politicians are puppets, but if any politician is a marionette, this one is the most obvious one. Consider this, Mr. Zelenskyy (Ukrainian president):
  • did not have a career in politics previously, he was an actor prior to his presidency,
  • he had a lot of experience acting the president,
  • his campaign was sponsored by a billionaire who's a former banker, who was likely stealing money from Ukrainians and transferring it to US and Switzerland and who also kept a live 5-meter long shark in his office (!),
  • during his campaign, Mr. Zelenskyy was avoiding journalists, leading the campaign mostly through social media (= his campaign was completely scripted).
On top of that, after he was elected, Mr. Zelenskyy appointed the lawyer of the same billionaire as his chief advisor (head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine). Clearly, Mr. Zelenskyy was chosen as a puppet, he never stopped acting the president, he just replaced one script with the other. Per the deal, he likely has no choice but to act the hero in this war, just like he had no choice but to insist on NATO membership and just like he has no choice but to have a role in fake news and misinformation orchestrated by media in Ukraine (again, controlled by his master). This war was started by two men - pro-US billionaire supporting American export democracy (promising people everything they could possibly want, even a war-free country, then sucking everything they have into the mouth of the elite - after the war), and the Russian president who became allergic to promises. So no, the real Ukrainian president and his mouths and selfies are not fighting for interests of the people of Ukraine, certainly not more than mr. Trump is fighting for truth with a product called Truth Social.
I do not consider Russia white and US black (far from that), but it's not Russia that's disrupting balance in the world, it wants to restore some balance and ensure it is not consumed by US. The Ukraine was divided between east and west before the war, now it will be formally divided and devastated (which was even announced with the last message from god). That is also, statistically, most probable scenario. But will it end there? There are still more countries to divide and conquer. Even the divided ones are not off the table when you're greedy. But the question now might be how angered Russia is, not how greedy US is. Will it now start reflecting US behaviour and try destabilizing democratic states as US did with communist ones? Or has that started already?
As the war started (almost on schedule), now the US and their European corrupt puppets are trying to portray Putin as a madman. Sounds familiar? The same rhetoric (or recipe) was used against Saddam Hussein (perhaps even for the same reason - oil). This is done for two purposes:
  • to provoke the guy even more,
  • to have an excuse to kill him and take over his homeland.
The US wants Putin angry, and if he does get angry, the 14 countries that joined NATO after 1997 should become a bit worried. Some are even comparing Putin with Milošević and his invasion of Bosnia and Croatia. Well, that is insane. Milošević wasn't interested in saving Yugoslavia, he was interested in expansion of Serbia. That's why he was targeting civilians, that's why there was genocide and ethnic cleansing. Putin is choosing his targets carefully and he isn't interested in the expansion of Russia, he wants to subdue the expansion of America - because the expansion of American democracy, culture, military presence/power (through NATO) and American lifestyle (which is, basically, the expansion of cancer) - is the expansion of America.
Russia was trying to use diplomacy to stop NATO expansion since the 90's but it was ignored. As Putin said, the US created the enemy in Russia. Now, it's manufacturing insanity in Putin. Although he sometimes says non-sense about his enemies, unlike some other presidents, he's generally acting very intelligently. All politicians are prone to saying non-sense and lies as part of their propaganda. One should be looking at what politicians [do not] do, not much what they say, otherwise one would conclude that all of them are mad and insane. 3rd Act updated.
In reality, Russian invasion of Ukraine is not different from US invasion of Iraq. Yet, no one in Europe portrayed Bush as a madman, no one imposed sanctions on US and no one blamed US for deaths of about 1 million Iraqis and destabilisation of the region that followed. Obviously, there exists a strong bias in politics and media regarding geopolitics. The biased narrative, employing filtering and oversimplification, in reality translates to arming and other help to a favoured party - fuelling confrontation, prolonging conflicts and increasing casualties while manufacturing public consent to polarised action.
However, thanks to whistle-blowers, nowadays dirty laundry has a tendency to get exposed. Corruption often lurks behind the comedy in politics. NATO is too big for itself and some, long overdue, exposure could be a trigger of collapse. It would save many countries from this war and could shift the battleground from the cursed to the sacred grounds. Be there conscious conspiracies here or not, I'm sure karma will eventually make it right. The 3rd World War might have started on neutral ground but I see it ending far away, not necessarily with weapons it has started with.