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[ 2022.02.11 ] First human on Mars won't be so human
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.02.11
In 1783 the Mongolfier brothers sent a sheep, a duck and a rooster aloft in a hot air balloon to see if ground-dwelling animals can survive the trip high above ground (the duck serving as the experimental control). In 1957 a dog called Laika became the first living being in orbital spaceflight. In 1968 tortoises were orbiting Moon, as first inhabitants of Earth to do so. These are examples, but animals preceded brave human explorers in exploration many times in history. Mars' surface is harsh for humans and exposure to radiation during the trip could leave serious consequences. Add to all that the modern obsession with preservation of human life and you know that first animal on Mars is unlikely to be a modern human. But it won't be just any animal. Most likely, this will be a hybrid, most likely a hybrid of a dog and man. I call it homo.gamma.anubis. Sounds familiar? Yes, I am convinced that Egyptians didn't build the two largest pyramids and I now believe what they found in the sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid in Giza was a fossil of homo.gamma. It explains everything. Still, these hybrids are unlikely to be resistant to radiation, so they will probably be wearing something like a coat of fungi on their trip to Mars. When will this happen? E. Musk said SpaceX could send humans to Mars as early as 2024, assuming they send some cargo in 2022 (hm.. that's this year... he's crazier than I am). I'd say 2029 is more realistic, it will take some time for hybrids to get public approval, if nothing else... First human on Mars won't be so human updated.
Hm, after I've posted this, Elon Musk has revised his estimate - to 2029. I knew someone other than me is reading my blog... Nah, it's just reality aligning with my predictions.
So keep watching movies, soon homo.gamma will be added to the bag of the holy political correctness, now it's still under-represented or over-represented. Oh yeah, don't worry, the second trip to Mars will be politically correct, it will include some of the brave humans too... or all of them assembled into one rambo, called Rainbow.