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Log New kind of people, kind of, very cheap, made in China updated. [ 2022.02.09 ] New kind of people, kind of, very cheap, made in China
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2022.02.09
A lot of people believe that technology and human intellect can and will save humanity from whatever future holds for us. Others don't think so, but believe drastic changes are far away. Those who believe [and especially act] differently are very rare. I have made a lot of predictions while devising my theories. One of these is periodically accelerated evolution, but even I am sometimes surprised at the speed these predictions are becoming true. One of these are artificial human wombs. This has now become a reality. Sure, the technology has not bet used on human embryos but that's only because the law doesn't allow it. The technology itself is mature for such use and it's only a matter of time before this will be officially allowed. Many people don't realize how significant this is. It's one of the turning points in history that will, being a logical transition due to extreme conditions, probably go unnoticed - but the implications are enormous. If anything can be called a Pandora's box - this is it, a giant one. It opens up a path to complete manipulation and total control of population by industrial governments. Maybe you don't care what happens with these babies, but then you probably don't care about your self, for a couple of reasons:
  • you could become obsolete during your lifetime,
  • when you die, you could reincarnate as one of these babies.
These babies will, inevitably, be different, not only due to epigenetic differences during development but even more due to genetic manipulation which will soon become mandatory. These embryos will effectively be resources just as plants are resources in food industry. So you can expect hybrids too - dogs, for example, are most likely candidates for this, they can be more easily controlled, they don't ask much, etc. In fact, I have predicted these hybrids before (homo.gamma species). Considering how things are progressing, I'd say such hybrids are only a couple of years away (even if they might be hidden from public at first for obvious reasons). You think ethics will prevent this? Right. When pregnancies become illegal, traditional human is becoming extinct and all his ethics with it. But somehow I don't think anyone's gonna wait until you die. Either your dying will be accelerated some way (I've predicted this too before, with no conscious conspiracies) or this will be sold as a necessity, a cure, or something similar. I'd say both is true. This future will be advertised as heaven (it makes it physically easier for mothers, increases equality between men and women directly and indirectly...). Will you buy it? Yes, you probably will. What do you have, or believe, that you didn't buy?
Just like school is used to prepare children to slavery to the system - which somewhere goes to extremes and somewhere more emphasis is put on actual education, the detachment of babies from mothers at such early stage of development won't have equal consequences everywhere, but a question comes to mind - who will the future child eventually consider as its parent? The biological ones or the system? Things are going to become very fucked up...
A connection between a mother and a child in uterus is much deeper than generally thought but this will be ignored, favored connections today are remote. Artificial wombs, just as vaccine subscriptions, are a logical step in the continuous alienation of people from [wild] nature (and physical connection). And I am aware that most of people are actually ok with it (effectively, most people are ok with everything that's served to them, mostly because they don't care about their souls, they care about their bodies), however, to some of us this is a death sentence and I just hope I won't go to Mars to get away from all of this.