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[ 2021.12.24 ] God bless US... with Christmas War, so we can blame it on Santa
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.12.24
When you are taught about evolution, you're taught of the survival of the fit, or fittest. In that context, being fit means - be able to reproduce, which also implies that one is adapted, or best adapted to environment. Like in any theory limited by absolutism, there is a strong cause-effect relationship here - environment is not supposed to adapt to species. But it is clear that every animal is affecting the environment and, adapting it to itself to some degree. The extreme is in human species - we are no longer adapting to environment, we are adapting it to us, and, with modern medicine and sacredness of human life, being fit to survive has nothing to do with adaptation anymore, being fit has been reduced to simply mean - being human. From one perspective, what humans are doing is not natural, from the other, it's perfectly natural - humans are part of nature even when they're redefining it. So humans have, naturally, selected themselves for survival, in the environment they made for themselves. What a nice story. Ho, ho, ho.. Wait? What.. is human environment made of? Why are we becoming infertile? Why is the environment suddenly acting alive? Well, you will probably hate Santa (the head of Department of Consumerism in the Ministry of Human and Unhuman Resources, also, anagram of Satan) for this - but it seems you wished to be the environment yourself. You wished for the, so called, human environment, to become alive so you can play the role of the environment (the resource). Human environment is becoming more organic while you're becoming more mechanic (dead). So, Merry Christmas to all naturally selected CATHOLIC-21 variants and elected Whatnots. You made Satan, pardon my craziness, Santa, very happy and very much alive. Just keep dying inside and...
I could not help but notice that Mr. Grinch is painted ugly green nowadays. That's funny. Of course, it is a greedy, pardon, spooky, coin'cidence, just like the Santa anagram, and the blood red suit... Yeeaaah...
Love this movie... Politically, it's correct, the CGI is unparalleled, the explosions are properly celebrated, everyone acts like they care and worship the tree. So what you're waiting for ??? Go fucking love it. You're the chosen one by naturally elected.. to be selected. Naturally. And don't worry, everything's in control, just don't look up.
It doesn't make me happy to repeat myself and constantly bash polarized human nature. I wish I don't have to but I guess I will have to as long as we share space and time and as long as it violates relativity in that space and time.