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[ 2021.12.13 ] Of mice and men
Log entry: Of mice and men
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.12.13
According to some studies, birds prefer to defecate on dark red surfaces much more than on green ones. In my own experiment, birds preferred to defecate on infertile ground (ground with no vegetation) rather than on concrete. It's obvious why. You can call that instinct, you can say birds are not doing it consciously, but can you be sure their psyche won't be affected if you remove that element (greater purpose) from their lives? In that very interesting experiment with mice done quite some time ago, the mouse population went extinct soon after they were given everything they need (or so it is commonly thought). The mice lived in a plague-free (sterile) environment, with a plenitude of comforts, a lack of predation and an unlimited supply of consumables - all the luxuries equivalent to modern human life. Comparisons with human population are also interesting, but they all conclude that humans are different and can avoid disaster (extinction). Yes, that's true, but only if human sanity is preserved. In the experiment, mice were isolated from nature, they were given everything their body needs in nature but, with that, they have stopped doing what nature needs them to do - they've lost their greater purpose. Nature does not need all of mice doing what's needed but if significant percent of population doesn't participate and give back, just take (like mice in the experiment), their nature will mess up their psyche. Perhaps you believe that nature does not need you so you won't go crazy, start killing your children, attacking your mates in bursts of aggression and practice cannibalism, like the mice did. But that is exactly what you will do - unless you belong to that small percentage that always remains. A bunch with non-controllable (neutral) psyche. And it is not wild nature that will affect the psyche of polarized people - it is the collective psyche of people that affects the psyche of individuals just like the psyche of individuals affects the psyche of the population. You might say you don't care what other people do or say but that's irrelevant - you will descend into madness, this is simply how things work in nature, it's a mechanism embedded in life operation. In any population, it is not only the individuals that are evolving minds, the population is evolving a mind of its own - just look at all the conspiracy theories. A lot of bad things are going on that some often try but fail to pin to conscious action of individuals or groups of individuals. This is obviously generally not conscious on individual human level. Souls and bodies co-evolve (one does not emerge from the other) so you cannot expect that it is only the individuals of the body that affect the mind of population - influence goes in both directions. After all, it is well known that mind can influence individual cells of the body, even consciously (ie. raising temperature of the body through g-Tummo meditation), you just have to admit that population of humans can be mapped to discrete mind just like the population of neurons in your head can.
In nature, everything has multiple roles (interpretations) - everything is relative. The root reason why populations self-destruct is the violation of conservation of relativity through reduction of possible interpretations, loss of diversity and isolation from nature.
Therefore, if you are polarized and want to avoid self-destructive strong and sick polarization you should separate from general population and settle in neutral environment where you will have a purpose for everything else rather than exist solely for the sake of humanity. The sooner the better, as the collapse of civilization has already started. If you don't notice it, that's only because your psyche has already been altered in order to ignore it. But you have probably noticed the surge of irrationality with the pandemics. That was just the intro. Think I don't know what I'm saying? You're already insane. I have already been near self-destruction but I have survived insanity. I was spared of death because I still have greater purposes. One of them was to tell the tale.
To be fit for evolution is not to be fit for reproduction and adopted to environment - it is to have a greater purpose. Without it you will not only loose the ability to reproduce but you will loose your self. When hierarchy starts collapsing, the last to survive are those fit for anarchy. Others have no choice but to annihilate, obeying, now, the laws of master Chaos. But this god is not a curse, and it is not summoned by anarchists, it is summoned by the annihilators themselves, with annihilation of gods good (wild) nature.