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[ 2021.12.12 ] A quantum of men
Log entry: A quantum of men
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.12.12
Abstract mathematicians, economists and other calculators have taken over the world. But the peak of impact has been reached and the worlds they've built are collapsing. They are becoming obsolete because the real world is overwhelmed with nonsense and is increasingly needing sense - not nonsense. So what are they doing? They're turning blah into science of blah blah, producing nonsense at even greater rates. It is amazing how much they can produce with so little sense. And it seems the more they produce they feel pressured to produce more. They fell into a trap they were destined to fall in, and, with positive feedback, they're digging themselves deeper. With the last breath of modernism, on dark stage, comes the day of calculators... covering their conscious selves with a matter of nonsense. Is it to justify the evil that they did or to silence the growing voice of sense in their subconscious selves? What are they really saying? As a calculator I cannot be evil, the evil is in the devil that programmed me? Or they're saying to growing god to shut up? They're transitioning to superposition, loosing focus and saying nothing by saying both. The man is neither good nor bad anymore, it is a quantum of nonsense, waiting to be focused... By man, or god this time?
In mathematics, the number i is a quantum of nonsense - it is a superposition of numbers -1 and +1 (sometimes represented by $\sqrt{-1}$). When multiplied by a number it becomes positive or negative nonsense. Only when multiplied by another i, one of them collapses to -1, the other to +1, and the product makes sense, becoming a number -1. Still, creators of abstract nonsense are surprised when they find nonsense in the physical world. Really? Why wouldn't superposition (nonsense) exist in physical world? Proofs are everywhere. You're one evidence. Nonsense in nature is not questionable. Insisting that all nonsense is absolute or abstract nonsense is nonsense. Such nonsense only makes sense to nonsense ruling the world. But to rule the world is to become increasingly abstract with every day. Why? Because whoever ruled it ruined it and the world doesn't want to be ruled anymore. It doesn't want to be saved either, only left alone. To make some sense.