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[ 2021.11.26 ] Chaos in time
Log entry: Chaos in time
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.26
The Dark Ages are also the ages of misinformation and this misinformation may generally be time relative. Due to relativity in cause and effect, sometimes what would usually be considered the effect will precede the cause. Effectively, just as the order of phenomena in space can be disturbed, the order of events in time can be too. In example, nowadays, some people claim there are computer chips in vaccines and that electro-magnetic signals of 5G networks are harmful and cause diseases. I don't think that any of this is true (although 5G might cause some issues at extremely low distance from the transmitter, depending on signal strength, but this is on the order of cm or less). However, what about future? Could this be a reaction preceding the action? Certainly. Both government and industry have strong interest in planting chips into their users, and, considering the increasing tyranny and truth bending of both, it would not be surprising that this reaction is valid, only misplaced in time. Similar could be said for 5G networks - I have hypothesized that is sensitive to specific electro-magnetic radiation. Due, to imminent surface extinction, I find it likely that 5G will be the last globally widespread and used communication technology, making sensitive most strongly to 5G frequencies. Since homo.beta species (current human inhabitants of the Earth's surface) should be evolving into, it would not be surprising that even homo.beta, at some point, with accelerated evolution, becomes sensitive too to 5G, to some extent. Can ongoing protests prevent such future? Highly unlikely. Paradoxically [for absolutism], it is the lack of such protests that would indicate a different future. Think about it - chips inside human bodies communicating on 5G frequencies would be a natural precursor to natural ability (telepathy) of to communicate on these frequencies, especially if these chips are organic. Some people have already implanted chips into their bodies (RFID), and it seems we have already produced biosynthetic dual-core CPU's so precursors are here. I have previously concluded that we are in the age of stagnation and that current generations of transistors are likely the last [commercially available] transistors developed by man. However, what will prevent the man to use transistors already existing in nature? This is the technology of future. Organic computers might be marketed as great new human invention but there's nothing new and original there. The idea already exists to use living neurons as components in organic computers (see reference above), but why even bother to exploit natural transistors if it becomes easier to exploit whole organic computers built by nature - living brains? For now, there might be ethical and moral issues, but once people transform into homo.gamma, this becomes a matter of time.