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[ 2021.11.22 ] The bright side of humanity
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.22
Generally, I've been equalizing humanity with human stupidity. That has proven to be the correct interpretation, manymany times. Even so, relativity wouldn't be complete if humanity would be inherently bad, or inherently stupid.
I've been stupid many times and I'm still stupid sometimes. Not because I'm still human, but because life would be impossible without a certain amount of stupidity in it. As much as the cure needs its poison, intelligence needs some stupidity. And vice versa.
It's not inherently or absolutely bad either not to care about long-term consequences of behavior. Animals recognized by man generally don't think long-term, at least not consciously. Some might say that optimization for short-term interests is bad when it negatively affects the long-term ones. Even I might say that - those who affect long-terms in a bad way are short terms in progressive evolution of time. But what's so wrong with being short-term - a pulse of stupidity in evolving greater intelligence? What is so wrong with cancer in man? If you reverse the arrow of time - it is cancer that allowed you to eat, drink, smoke and enjoy life the way you wanted. The cancer was simply bundled with lifestyle of your choice. And no, I'm not changing tune - I still don't like being cancer for the planet nor I could feel comfortable with humanity being cancer for the planet. Why? Because with cancer comes pain. And I'm tired of suffering. Suffering of the planet and its creatures, suffering of humanity and suffering of my own. I'm just saying - it is ok to try suffering. But rather than being addicted to it, I consider it better to devote our time seeking lifestyles that we could enjoy without so much suffering around us and inside us. Because thinking that things cannot get better than this is a delusion - a mental disorder. You're all crazy now. It feels good I know. But do you want to survive crazy and become something more conscious or do you want to decay consciousness? Because you can't stay crazy and enjoy lifestyle of cancer for long. Don't forget that you will reincarnate.
Dogs and apes are both aware and conscious creatures. But they're not aware of their subconsciousness. You are. But if you ignore it, you will loose that awareness.
Think about it. Whatever you choose, even if you choose delusion, it's not absolutely bad - this planet needs less conscious creatures (they are extremely valuable), but it also needs intelligence to fully make use of its extreme potential. If you have tried stupidity, you shouldn't be afraid to try intelligence. I did and I don't think it's better than stupidity, it's just different. Certainly a big burden in the rule of cancer, but, for some reason, I feel I don't want to loose it. Perhaps because I know that, one of these days, cancer will be gone and my intelligence will finally be able to enjoy the presence of stupidity.