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[ 2021.11.20 ] Don't think Earth is alive? Think again
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.20
Everyone will agree that Earth behaves like a living being to some extent, but most people still don't accept it as being alive because their definition of life is biased - for cancer to thrive, it must treat living beings as resources. However, whatever the Earth has shown us so far, it's just the beginning. I think we can all agree that one defining characteristic of a living being is its immune system. Thus, if Earth is alive it should react to diseases. It can't and won't react immediately (if time is measured in our units) for various reasons, in this case, largely perhaps due to devious nature of the disease. I have already hypothesized what will be the reactions of Earth's immune system, which is in good part outsourced to the Solar System, but I didn't go into details regarding targeting. The logic of progressive evolution dictates that, initially, precision of targeting will be low and it will be the response of the Solar System.
Some might find it hard to accept that the Sun and Earth are communicating, but effectively they are. This might be plain synchronicity, but if the effect is there, is it logical to consider it less real than other types of communication (ie. verbal)? If you think about it, all events of communication are events of synchronicity until one identifies the channel and deciphers the language of communication. Considering then how many channels and languages we have identified so far - would it not be logical to assume that there are channels and languages behind most of synchronicity events, rather than assuming these are all coincidences, just because our imagination is too limited?
But even if precision is initially low, due to centralizing nature of cancer, major (or root), sources of cancer can be identified and these sources are likely to be hit first. Thus, the first target should be USA, then its allies.
Perhaps you think that Earth's immune system is responding already, but this is not the case - all the flooding and other extreme weather events are responses of the surface ecosystem. These are just precursors of responses from the deep. Similarly, recent Solar flares targeting Earth (including the Carrington Event) were just precursors of the immune response from above.
Evidence for that already exists and is mounting up. Take a look at Earth's magnetic field - since 1900 (or industrial revolution?) the two magnetic dip poles are converging to the same longitude (≈ 135° E). This has rapidly accelerated recently. Evidently, the dominant magnetic field [source] has moved away significantly from America and is concentrating on one side of the planet. It has not only moved away, it is decreasing in strength (likely due to increasing strength of a source with reversed polarity), resulting in the creation of the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) - originally centred in South America, but expanding northwards and apparently splitting (assuming main part goes to USA, the other part will probably go close to Britain/Germany - both parts are at the right longitude, just need to go north and settle somewhere centred at 23° - 43° N and 43° - 53° N, respectively). Log Don't think Earth is alive? Think again updated.
UPDATE 2021.11.22: I originally wrote "equator" instead of "right longitude" above. It was a mistake, but from my experience, when I do make such mistake - the reality soon converges to such outcome, even if for a moment. It is thus possible that SAA or its smaller part will briefly move to equator. Other possibility is that the "equator" has a different meaning. I have hypothesized below that MF dipole may split into 4 parts, in that case, perhaps the SAA won't move northwards but the second anomaly pair will be created north of equator mirroring the SAA relative to equator. But, superposition of these solutions may be most likely - the SAA moves to equator and then splits into two pairs, one heading north, other south.
Field strength of Earth's magnetic field as of 2020, as measured by ESA's SWARM satellite constellation
South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) I am aware that meaningful mistakes and coincidences sound crazy to polarized people, but, with time, everyone will understand. This mistake came from my subconsciousness - which I stopped ignoring long time ago, when I became aware of its importance and realized it effectively has the ability to sense future. The ability to predict future with great accuracy should be a common feature of any general precursor - a messenger particle in god's organism (Earth's organism, in this case). Of course, there's some probability that my subconsciousness is wrong in this case. I don't think so, but time will tell.
Eventually, the field will collapse (I'd say in a decade at most but I don't know really at this point) and major source of cancer will remain unprotected. The north/south dip poles will also probably split into two or four pairs - concentrating 45° degrees left, other 45° degrees right from 135° E (in the end, protecting non-cancerous people, of Arctic/Antarctica mainly I guess). If this is, among other things (neurogenesis, geomagnetic reversal), the immune system response, and I'm convinced it is, this will likely be synchronized with eruption of flares and coronal mass ejections from the Sun specifically targeting Earth (just like announced by the most recent eruption). With the collapse of the magnetic field you will not have to worry about global warming (as proper cancer, effectively, you never did anyway) but extreme radiation during daylight and extreme cold during moonlight. Similar collapse, a global warning, happened some 42000 years ago (Laschamps Excursion), but Earth's population at the time wasn't so big and it didn't rely on computers for energy, meaning - they were more resilient. Nevertheless, some human species (Neanderthals) went extinct during the event. Cancerous people have been known to mock people living in the wild (I've been mocked too) but, obviously, it is them who crave the return to caves. I have seen the man comparing himself with god. I've seen the man supposedly playing god. All, without even knowing how to define god. Well, it is a play, but one of satire. Nothing but a passing thought of a true god in development. All it takes for this man to return to the cave from which it crawled to life is for this god to depolarize a little. By the amount so small it wouldn't even feel the change at all.
I can see them clearly - stripping their savage nature from modernity and fake love for humanity, killing each other, because they vastly outnumber the caves and caves made by both unfree and wild, for wild.