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[ 2021.11.03 ] Sacrificing quality of one thing for quantity of the other
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.11.03
Major reason why I'm having trouble earning money is because I don't want to be cancer. But there are other reasons. One of the reasons why I'm having trouble finding work as a software/web developer are ridiculous requirements imposed by those who know nothing about programming (managers). So it doesn't matter if you have years of experience - if you are not familiar with latest technologies you are not qualified. This is absurd because, in most cases, I can code something using old technology better than the average programmer can using new technology (it's really the outcome that should matter, not the tool you use). A lot of these technologies come and go and a lot, if not most, programmers eventually stop adapting to them and seek work outside of coding and even outside of IT. I am becoming one of them. This is obviously affecting the quality of software - the average programmer today does not have a lot of experience, doesn't know a lot about the hardware and is highly specialized. Couple that with pressure from managers and publishers and you get products on the market which would not qualify as alpha or beta version couple of years ago. You also get frequent updates, fixes (patches) for these updates and fixes for fixes for updated fixes. And today, the software doesn't ever get fixed - it gets replaced with another product (that might look better, but it probably functions even worse and is even more short-term optimized). This is common mantra today - insecurity and decrease of quality of solutions is increasing globally because there is less and less concern for the cause of the problem while there is growing concern for sustainability of profit. So there are no solutions today, all are products now. Even the problems are often manufactured or optimized to fit the solution. What's called "progress" would be called "shortening of expiration dates" in healthy society. Here, everything looks peachy and dandy, but it's rotten inside. And this can now be applied to the whole of humanity. But the time is becoming shorter than short. Soon, even peachy and dandy will rot. Perhaps then, instead of new, something better will grow.