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[ 2021.10.28 ] Requiem for electronic devices
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.10.28
According to postulates of Complete Relativity (CR), all energy must oscillate. Therefore, evolution of the Solar System too must have periods of weak evolution and strong evolution. Studies do show that evolution of species can indeed accelerate with accelerated changes in environment. Our environment is changing and we are changing at an accelerated pace. Perhaps significant changes in evolution of the Solar System and Earth [in whole] are not yet evident, but we are, obviously, at the end of a period of long weak evolution and at the start of a pulse of strong evolution on the surface of Earth. We are in the middle of a 6th major extinction and my works show there's plenty of reason to believe such events are synchronized with cataclysmic changes in the Solar System. One part of these events is a temporary collapse of planetary magnetic fields (at least some). Signs of imminent collapse include dipole fragmentation, decreasing strength and instability of magnetic dip poles. All of these are currently present on Earth (ie. South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly - which appears to be splitting into two further confirming the hypothesis, decreasing dipole strength, rapid pole movements). The theory of planetary neurogenesis predicts this collapse to be synchronized with the collapse of Sun's outer gravitational maximum which will result in a burst of high energy cosmic rays (ions) a good portion of which will be absorbed by Earth. While full collapse should be a couple of decades away (if accelerated evolution does follow the derived equation), smaller precursor collapses and magnetic excursions are expected too. For quite some time now, computers on satellites experience problems when passing through the South Atlantic Anomaly (which has increased 5 times since 1850.). Passing through Anomaly initiated a chain of events which even led to destruction of JAXA Hitomi satellite. Assuming linear progression it could take hundreds of years before magnetic strength on the surface decreases to that of the Anomaly at the height of satellites, but at some point the progression must become exponential and cosmic rays will start making our electronics useless much sooner than expected with linear progression. The effect, however, will not be the same everywhere, a likely scenario are temporary contractions of magnetic field lines with no large changes in field shape during contractions.
While I don't like to mix Bible with science, there's obvious logic in some stories once one accepts the theory of planetary neurogenesis as a real possibility. One of these is the story of Moses. No one is mentioning computers in that story and it is a common belief that, if the story happened, it happened on Earth thousands of years ago - but, if the theory on planetary neurogenesis is correct, the original story likely happened on Mars after the collapse of civilization which had to include the collapse of technology.
How will this affect your computer? Once the cosmic ray particle (anti-proton, neutron, ...) hits your memory (RAM, ROM, SSD, CPU buffers, anything that includes transistors) the stored bits can get flipped (from 0 to 1 and vice versa). One particular pathway for disruption I find interesting is the induced fission of 10B (10-Boron isotope) which is often present in semiconductors (I have hypothesized local enrichment in 10B during strong evolution in case of selective decay, cosmic rays might act to restore the balance). This is already happening with your memory, but not so often and, in most cases, you won't notice anything if you have ECC memory (memory with error-correction mechanisms), which you might have on your desktop computer but most likely not on your cellphone. Transistors on cellphones are also generally smaller and more tightly packed, which makes them even more vulnerable (multiple bits can get flipped at once, in which case even ECC wouldn't help). In any case, the problems will eventually start happening even with ECC memory. This will cause corruption of data, BSOD (blue screens of death), reboots and failure. Of course, that's not where the problems end - everything today relies on computers so there will be problems with networks, electricity, cars, etc. We can see precursors to this already (perhaps the collapse of your favorite social network was not caused by cosmic rays but you can interpret it as a demo of things to come).
UPDATE 2021.10.29: Interestingly, just as I wrote this, the Sun fired a major solar flare from Earth-facing sunspot. Cosmic rays (charged particles) from the eruption should reach Earth by Saturday/Sunday. Talking about precursors and synchronicity...
In nature, there are generally many equally valid interpretations of certain developments. The collapse of the magnetic field has its reasons, but I find one appropriate reason for the collapse of technology - it will make people appreciate nature more. And I think anyone sane will agree that greater appreciation of nature is what we all need at this moment of time.