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[ 2021.10.24 ] Intro to Dark Ages
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.10.24
One might think that the amount of misinformation, pressure and manipulation spread throughout media, orchestrated and regulated by industrialized governments today is unprecedented. But it's not, it has happened before. At the time guy called Jesus walketh the Earth, the Roman Republic was transitioning to Roman Empire. Globally, the equivalent to this Roman Republic today, constantly fighting wars everywhere but not at home is, of course, the USA. But that's not where equivalence ends. Let me quote Wikipedia, quoting others: "Harper has summed up new evidence and modern discourse to interpret disease and climate change as important drivers of political collapse, in addition to the traditional discourse about political decisions, social weakness, and barbarian pressure. He describes a Roman climatic optimum from about 200 BCE to 150 CE, when lands around the Mediterranean were generally warm and well-watered. This made agriculture prosperous, army recruitment easy, and the collection of taxes straightforward. From 150 to 450, the climate entered a transitional period, in which taxes were less easy to collect and bore more heavily on the working population. After about 450, the climate worsened further in the Late Antique Little Ice Age that may have directly contributed to the variety of factors that brought Rome down. The ever-expanding Roman Empire was built on the fringes of the tropics. Its roads and its pirate-free seas, which produced an abundance of trade, also unknowingly created an interconnected disease ecology that unleashed the evolution and spread of pathogens. Pandemics contributed to massive demographic changes, economic crises, and food shortages in the crisis of the third century." ... That is the intro to Dark Age. The barbarians here are today called immigrants but they are often, due to induced fear of collapse, treated as barbarians and invaders, climate change is climate change and pandemics is madness. Now you can understand all that misinformation, pressure and manipulation - it's not just for profit, the governments know that their fall is imminent so they're manufacturing panic and distraction. Hell, they even started admitting that UFO's are real and possibly extraterrestrial, surely soon they'll be 100% sure they are extraterrestrial. Even if all this is perhaps still unconscious at individual level, they do fear the dark, and they're reacting to that future. The Rome of today may be US, but it's clones are everywhere, some are republics some empires, some big some small, but all are destined to fall. And what took centuries before will take years today, before the years turn into day and the day goes away. So welcome to Dark Ages. You might want to grab some light to avoid nasty surprises.