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[ 2021.10.20 ] A matter of time
Log entry: A matter of time
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.10.20
I have hypothesized previously that, during strong evolution, horizontal gene transfer becomes dominant gene transfer method and that this force of evolution is generally mediated by viruses. However, nature generally utilizes multiple pathways to solutions and evolution of homo.beta to homo.gamma, apparently, won't be an exception. Recently, a pig kidney has been successfully transplanted into a human. The key to success here is important - genes of a pig have been altered so its tissue doesn't contain the molecule known to trigger immediate rejection. This is the kind of increase of compatibility between species that is expected to come from a virus responsible for creation of hybrids. As with the works of a silent virus, no one will notice anything unusual here in the short-term too - the kidney works as a human one would. A lot of pig organs are similar, and roughly even equal, to human organs during fetal stage of development and yet, as adults, we hardly look the same. We were much more similar to pigs in the past, but evolution separated us for a reason. If it is now fusing us back together, what does it mean? Well, it means we (most of us) really didn't show we're much different - certainly not different enough to sustain two species on two parallel paths of evolution. We might look different, but for most of us, that's where difference really ends. With no government (or gene) regulation, most of us would be pigs and dogs, and not the overall healthy, or wild, ones - but sick and selfish to the bone. Even that government is sick, selfish and greedy - it wants to regulate everything and everyone. Unlike we do, however, the evolution doesn't fake energy efficiency, fusion, intelligence or difference. Two lanes for stupidity on highways of progressive evolution always merge into one, and often with no apparent force. And there's nothing ahead but dead end. From my experience, general human population still mocks intelligence and difference, it has never truly embraced it and doesn't appreciate it - it fakes that too. Therefore, as such, it is scheduled for downgrade - downgrade of human capabilities, upgrade of pig capabilities. Or is it, upgrade?