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[ 2021.06.05 ] Any work out there?
Log author: by Amenoum
Log date: 2021.06.05
A couple of years ago I quitted all my jobs so I could fully dedicate myself to work on Complete Relativity, this website and everything else on it. While what I've learned and accomplished is priceless and completely satisfies my soul, my body still seems addicted to food. A problem, because apparently, so far, no one else has found any value in this work and I'm not yet growing my own food. For that reason, I'm open to do other work. I'm not interested in health/pension insurance, I'm not interested in big money and I'm not interested in slavery. Most experience and expertise I have is in coding applications but one shouldn't expect me to use the latest technologies (I prefer quality and usability over modernism). I'm no stranger to physical work either and any environmentally friendly work is welcome too (especially permaculture). Contact here.